BiggBoss Tamil Season4 spoiler of Day 58: Call centre task part 2

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BiggBoss show is very famous inbetween the fans. This show launched in Tamil and three seasons were completed successfully. Now the Third season kick started from October 4 hosted by Kamal Hasan. About this show 16 contestant were locked in the house for 106 days without contacting their family and friends. They must played with those housemates and win the title tackling all situation inside the house.

In the first promo Bala calling to Aari in call centre task. He saying to him that he is a fan of him outside. He is asking to him he never think to finish anyone in this house? Aari nods. Bala asking to him he wanna see everyone playing together but his intention is to finish them. He saying to him that we can believe who is saying bad but not the one saying who is good.

In the second. promo Aari saying to Aajeedh and Sanam that he don’t want him to speak. Only his view is right here he is trying to prove it. He is asking to Sanam did she also think he was wrong? She nods. He replies to her he too thought she was wrong. Bala saying to Nisha audience have clear view about all. He don’t wanna raise his voice over to anyone hereafter.

In the third Promo Aajeedh calling to Archana. He asking to her that she said in Kamal sir show still she didn’t reveal her teasing face. He saw that in her in the begining but now it’s nowhere to seen. She used to say she wanna go home but she is doing all the task well so which is her real one. She wanna win the title or go to home?

What’s the new game and strategy is waiting for us in the BiggBoss today episode. Stay tune with our space for more upadate and information about the task and game play inside the house.