Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 11th July 2022 Written Update: Sunita helps Indu to take care of the baby

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 11th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the Raina’s sleeping peacefully. The baby starts crying. Indu wakes up and tries to calm down the baby but baby cries non stop. She then wakes up Anjali and takes her help to make the baby sleep but fails. Anjali pleads the baby to sleep as she have school next day. Indu tells Anjali that they have tried feeding milk but the baby isn’t having it now she dont know what else to do. Sunita comes there and asks Indu from outside is she checked the diaper of the baby. Indu and Anjali looks at each other and tells no to their mother.

Sunita comes inside the room and tells taking care of a baby is not that easy. She then jokes at Anjali when the latter tells her no one instructed this. Sunita scolds Indu for bringing a baby without even knowing how to take care of it and asks her who is going to teach her all this is her mother? Indu says yes then tells that she want her mother to teach her. Sunita takes the baby in her arms. She checks the diaper and tells it’s full and asks Indu and Anjali to bring a new diaper. Indu tells they dont have one so Sunita asks Anjali to bring a cotton cloth to it as of now. She then exchanges the diaper of the baby.

Rajender comes to that room and witnesses this. Both Rajender and Indu looks at each other and smiles. Sunita takes the baby in her arms and takes it near the window where she asks the baby to look at the moon. She then sings lullaby. The baby falls asleep. She asks the family members to look at the baby who fall asleep but turns around and gets shocked seeing all three of them had fallen asleep. She smiles to herself and tells there are four babies including the one she holding it in her arms. She then puts the baby in the bed and decides to leave the room.

Sunita looks back at the baby and goes to it. She tells the baby that she need a family a mother who can love her and take care of her and her every need but she don’t think Indu is ready to become her mother because she herself is broken also too young. She then tells the baby that she has to leave their house and find her own family because if she holds Indu’s hand and consider her as her mother then her daughter Indu will not get someone who can love and take care of her so the baby has no other option than to leave their life and apologises to the baby for everything. Sunita leaves the place.

The next day Vivek comes to the house and gives the sugar to Sunita and the latter asks what’s the need because he already brought aloo paratha earlier. Vivek jokes that he bought here because too much of parathas made in his house. Sunita glares at him but the latter apologises to her and tells Indu will go crazy if he takes time to get ready but now she herself is not ready yet and calls out Indu. He then hears the doorbell so he opens it and receives the parcel on behalf of Indu then give it to Indu.

Indu opens the box and finds a chain with pendant in which her photo and Mahesh’s photo is attached. Her brother Prasanth who sent this from Canada asks her to fix the marriage date in November so that he can able to attend it. Indu gets emotional and gets teary eyed. Sunita and Vivek looks speechless.

Neelam enters the house with her friends and thinks the marriage of Indu is fixed with Mahesh and the chain in her hand is given by her soon to be in law’s house so she congratulates Indu and then tells Sunita to tell her first about Indu’s marriage date so that they can go for a shopping. Vivek sends Indu to her room. Indu breaksdown. She then hears the baby is crying so she goes to the baby and calms down. She then tells the baby both of their life has turned upside down in one night yet she looks calm and composed but she is breaking down all the time but she is going to become strong. She then asks the baby why life’s every decision they took feels so hard though. She also makes a promise to the baby to be her choti maa.

Vivek scolds Neelam and tells wedding is not taking place shocking Neelam. Later Indu thanks and praises Vivek for helping her out. In the hospital she waits in the line to get the baby vaccinated. The one who sits near her holding a baby asks Indu about the baby and tells their baby’s are stronger also gives them strength. She further adds that the baby looks like her. The nurse calls her inside the doctor room. Both Indu and Vivek goes inside. Indu tells that she wants the baby to get vaccinated. The doctor tells she will schedule it and asks the baby’s name. Indu tells they didnt named her yet so the doctor asks her about the baby’s mother’s name.

Indu gives her name after she sees the baby is holding her finger. She also asks the doctor is it necessary to provide father’s name. The doctor says no then asks the nurse to take the baby to get vaccinated. Ritesh and Rahul comes to the hospital to treat Ritesh’s injured hand who performed the stunt by himself. Rahul scolds him then goes to find the ddoctor..Ritesh looks inside the doctor’s office and he gets mesmerised seeing Indu there. He recalls his encounter with her and smiles looking at her.

Precap: Mahesh snatches the baby from Indu’s hand and runs upstairs holding a knife in his hand and threatening to kill the baby if anyone comes near him. Ritesh follows him but stops when Mahesh threatens him with the baby. Ritesh questions why he is doing all this to which Mahesh tells to take revenge from Indu. Indu Vivek and the hospital staffs plead Mahesh to give the baby to them. Mahesh drops the baby from upstairs shocking everyone.

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