Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 16th August 2022 Written Update: Ritesh upsets Kadambari for Zoon

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 16th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anjali tying Rakhi on Indu’s hand and performing the ritual. Indu gives gift to Anjali. Asha performs the Rakhi ritual with Indu. Sunita tells it’s not necessary to celebrate Rakshabandan with their siblings. It can be celebrated with the one who always protect them like their own brother and sister. Rajender agrees and they both goes inside the kitchen.

Zoon brings Vivek to their house. She then performs the ritual with Vivek by tying Rakhi around his wrist. Vivek gives a chocolate box as a gift to Zoon and the latter gets happy. Vivek gives another gift to Indu saying that this is for Zoon and tells her he opened a account for Zoon in which he will put money every month after Zoon turns eighteen they dont have to be worried about her higher studies. Indu Anjali and Asha gets emotional. Vivek teases them. Zoon tells Vivek one Rakhi doesn’t look good in his hand so asks Asha to tie Rakhi on Vivek. Vivek shouts no and Asha also looks uncomfortable.

Indu notices their uneasiness so she sends Zoon inside asking her to get ready for school. She also suggests Vivek to drop Asha to her office which is her first day. Vivek agrees happily. In the school Zoon gets into a fight with her classmate Aryan. Her other classmates surrounds both Zoon and Aryan and supports their favorite. A group of teacher comes there. One of them goes and separates both Aryan and Zoon. She scolds both of them and asks them what happened.

Aryan tells the teacher Zoon pour water in his drawing book. Zoon tells by mistake she pour water in it. Aryans friend tells the teacher Zoon did that deliberately. Zoon’s friend tells the teacher its Aryan who picked up the fight by calling Ritesh a bad boy. Aryan tells Zoon’s friend is lying and its Zoon who pour water on his drawing book first. Zoon gets angry so she throws water at Aryan which shocks the teacher. She scolds both the kids and says she will call both of their parents.

Indu comes out of her house and receives a call from Satish. She looks at her phone. Satish comes behind her and Indu gets shocked seeing him. Satish reminds her the loan she has taken from him for Zoon’s treatment two years back and she didn’t repay him yet. He also threatens make her handicap if she fails to repay him saying he is giving her a week time then leaves the place. In the school the teacher tells Zoon that she is going to call her mother. Zoon gets worried. She recalls Ritesh giving her his number so she gives the teacher Ritesh’s number lying its her mother’s new number. Rahul informs Ritesh about his work today. He then receives a call from Zoon’s teacher who tells him that she wants to talk to Indu.

Ritesh gets confused but understands Zoon is in trouble so he asks the teacher to tell him because her mother is busy now. The teacher informs the fight that has taken place and tells she wants Zoon’s mother to be in the school then cuts the call. Ritesh asks the driver to take u turn and go to Zoon’s school. Rahul scolds him and reminds him about his meetings including the interview which is with Kadambari. Ritesh tells Rahul he will handle this matter and calls Kadambari. Kadambari asks him sweetly where he is. Ritesh asks her to postpone the interview some other day because he has some important work.

Kadambari gets furious and tells Ritesh that he can’t make them wait like this only to cancel it and asks him to act professional. Ritesh taunts her by asking her not to talk to him about professionalism which she lacks off and the proof is without permission posting Zoon’s face in the newspaper and asks her to postpone it. Kadambari tells him she is busy the entire week. Ritesh tells her it’s not his problem then cuts the call. Kadambari feels insulted so she determines to teach a lesson to Ritesh.

In Indu’s office her boss learns through Payal that Indu knows Ritesh well so he plans to invite Ritesh for Independence Day celebration. He refuses to listen to Indu’s words which upsets her. She goes to her place and receives a call from Anjali and learns Anjali has extra classes so decides to pick up Zoon. In the school Ritesh comes to meet the teacher. The teacher tells him that she wants to meet Indu not him. Ritesh tells the teacher Sunita fell down in the bathroom so Indu went to take care of her mother. The teacher gets shocked and enquires him about her health. Ritesh then tells the teacher he and Indu are friends so she can tell him what happened that lead her to call them like this.

The teacher tells Zoon is always the sweet kind hearted also a disciplined girl but don’t know what happened to her today she get into a fight with one of her classmates which is not right. She then asks Ritesh to inform Indu the same. Ritesh lies to the teacher that Indu has anger issues also Zoon’s grandparents are also not in a right state to take care of Zoon. The teacher gets emotional and asks Ritesh to take Zoon with him to let her meet Sunita. Zoon gets happy and goes with Ritesh. Later Indu comes to pick up Zoon from her school but gets shocked learning that Zoon left with Ritesh during the school hour itself.

Precap: Indu questions Ritesh about his upbringing. Ritesh gets furious and warns Indu to not to bring his mother in this. He also asks her why she didnt tell Zoon she is a divorcee. They both gets into a huge argument. Indu warns Ritesh to not to come near Zoon hereafter but Ritesh tells her he will meet Zoon whenever he wants and she has no say in it.

The episode starts with Zoon tells Ritesh about Nikhil and other classmates teasing and troubling her a lot that’s the reason she wanted to meet him. Ritesh tells Zoon it’s okay because he was bullied in his childhood during his school days because he was a tall one but his father adviced him to not to pay any attention to them. He also gives her his number and tells her to call him if she feels their classmates are bothering her so much. He will come and teach them a lesson. Zoon gets happy and agrees. Ritesh feeds sweet to Zoon then goes to wash his hands. The pipe gets opened and the water starts pouring out everywhere.

Zoon calls Indu for her help. Indu comes there and gets shocked seeing the scene infront of her. She hurries to help Ritesh. Both Indu and Ritesh gets drenched in the water. Finally they both closes the tap. Indu tells that she called the plumber after she learnt that the tap is malfunctioned but he didn’t arrived this is what a middle class family goes through on their day today life. Ritesh asks again middle class family topic? He then asks her why she didnt kept a note beside the pipe so that the one who wants to use it learn about its malfunction though. Indu apologises to him. She then sees his drenched and sneezing so tells him that he will dry his hoodie in few minutes.

Ritesh tells her its not necessary. Indu insists again so Ritesh gives in to her request. Indu send Zoon out saying they will be out in few minutes. Indu gives a towel to Ritesh and the latter thanks her for it and uses the towel to dry his hair. Indu asks him to give his hoodie she will iron it. Ritesh once again says its not needed. He then sneezes. Indu points out at him and tells him she dont want him to once again

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