Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 17th August 2022 Written Update: Zoon and Ritesh spends quality time together again

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 17th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Indu asks the teacher how could she send Zoon even after knowing she has a test. The teacher recalls Ritesh’s words about Indu’s anger. She takes the things to her side which is in the table and asks Indu to calm down also asks Indu is she had taken her medicines or not. Indu gets confused. She ignores teacher’s words and asks her how come they can be irresponsible like this by sending Zoon out of the school even after they know she have an exam. What will happen if they send her out and later complains that Zoon failed in her exams.

She also adds that they are getting paid to teach kids their lesson not to send them out like this especially when they have an exam. The teacher once again asks Indu to calm down and tells her that they will manage the situation because as a woman Indu is going through as much also she understands while having medicines she has take care of everything which must be real hard from her end. Indu loses her cool and asks the teacher what nonsense is she saying.

The teacher tells her that Ritesh told her about her temperament issues. She also adds that she knows her mother is now hospitalized also her father fractured his hand. Indu gets angry and thinks to herself what is wrong with Ritesh why he is involving in all this. Other side Ritesh and Zoon decides to spend a day together. Zoon enjoys her day out with Ritesh. Ritesh buys her lots of gifts.

In Malhotra’s mansion Vivaan tells Sameer about Kadambari’s recent achievement. Deep hears this and after seeing Kadambari’s photo he tells the brother’s Kadambari is his junior during his college days and she is more popular. Sameer makes Deep sit on his chair and pries more information from him about Kadambari.

Deep tells that Kadambari and another guy had a liking towards each other which everyone in the college knows. He also tells later heard both of them are planning to elope because the guy family refused to accept Kadambari as they belong to a particular community. Sameer tells Deep as long as he knows Kadambari is single only. Deep tells he doesn’t know anything other than this and leaves the place saying he is getting late for his office.

Sameer laughs and tells Vivaan that he wanted a scrap but learnt so much from Deep which will help him control Kadambari after learning the actual truth that will help him build his career and smirks. Kaamna gets upset seeing the message received on Pankaj’s mobile. She gets determined to stop Pankaj from going to Bangkok. Zoon tells Ritesh that she enjoyed her day out with him so much and suggests to do the same every day. Ritesh advices her it’s not a right thing and she should focus on her studies. Indu calls Ritesh and asks him to drop Zoon in her house immediately. Ritesh obliges.

Zoon jokes that Indu isn’t going to spare Ritesh. Kaamna learns through Rahul that Ritesh cancelled the interview for Zoon. She then enquires about the model who send message to Pankaj sharing her excitement to spend days with him in Bangkok. She also learns for Ritesh’s new film a cameo is needed that too in two days. Kaamna smirks and says to herself this time Pankaj have no other option but to cancel his plan.

Indu tells her parents that Zoon was an obedient kid till date but dont know what happened to her all of sudden that she started fighting with her classmates also bunked her classes. Zoon comes to the house carrying the gifts which she get it from Ritesh.

Indu learns Ritesh is outside taking selfies with the securities. She goes outside and gets angry seeing Ritesh. She thinks that she has to teach a lesson and approaches him with determination but ended up missing her balance which lead her to fall on Ritesh who catches her. They both stares at each other. Security makes them both break their eye lock. Indu tells Ritesh that she wants to talk to him alone. Ritesh follows her. Indu asks him who is he to take Zoon out without her permission. Ritesh justifies his actions that Zoon was scared so she let the teacher call him. Indu tells him Zoon had an exam today.

Ritesh tells her that he isn’t aware but he will talk to the principal. Indu tells that she dont want any special treatment for her child also she don’t care if he thinks she is a bad mother. She then pleads him to stay away from Zoon. Sunita and Rajender watches this and Sunita worries seeing the argument. Ritesh insults Indu by saying she isn’t a good mother. Indu warns Ritesh to not to point at her upbringing but the latter refuses which leads Indu to bring Shakuntala and tells Ritesh he failed as a son because she can able to see the pain and loneliness in his mother’s eyes.

Ritesh warns Indu to not to bring his mother in between also tells her how Anjali misbehaved with Sunita the other day and she didn’t asked her to not to behave like this that too infront of Zoon also she hide the truth of her being a divorcee from Zoon. Indu gets furious and asks Ritesh to not to say anything about her ability to take care of her kid. She then warns Ritesh to not to meet Zoon hereafter but Ritesh tells her he will meet Zoon and asks Indu to do whatever she wants then leaves the place.

Precap: Payal pleads Indu to say sorry to Ritesh for the sake of their boss. Other side Ritesh tells Rahul he will say sorry after Indu apologises to him. Indu tells that its Ritesh who has to say sorry to her. Later Ritesh’s househelp tells him Indu is here to meet him. Both Ritesh and Indu looks at each other.

The episode starts with Anjali tying Rakhi on Indu’s hand and performing the ritual. Indu gives gift to Anjali. Asha performs the Rakhi ritual with Indu. Sunita tells it’s not necessary to celebrate Rakshabandan with their siblings. It can be celebrated with the one who always protect them like their own brother and sister. Rajender agrees and they both goes inside the kitchen.

Zoon brings Vivek to their house. She then performs the ritual with Vivek by tying Rakhi around his wrist. Vivek gives a chocolate box as a gift to Zoon and the latter gets happy. Vivek gives another gift to Indu saying that this is for Zoon and tells her he opened a account for Zoon in which he will put money every month after Zoon turns eighteen they dont have to be worried about her higher studies. Indu Anjali and Asha gets emotional. Vivek teases them. Zoon tells Vivek one Rakhi doesn’t look good in his hand so asks Asha to tie Rakhi on Vivek. Vivek shouts no and Asha also looks uncomfortable.

Indu notices their uneasiness so she sends Zoon inside asking her to get ready for school. She also suggests Vivek to drop Asha to her office which is her first day. Vivek agrees happily. In the school Zoon gets into a fight with her classmate Aryan. Her other classmates surrounds both Zoon and Aryan and supports their favorite. A group of teacher comes there. One of them goes and separates both Aryan and Zoon. She scolds both of them and asks them what happened.

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