Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 18th November 2022 Written Update: Indu misses Zoon

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 18th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vivek tells Ritesh that Meghna is readying all the papers to submit it in the court for stay order. Ritesh tells that he is going to see what Kadambari will do after the stay order comes. Vivek tells that Kadambari will go crazy after she learns about the stay order of her property.

Ritesh tells they have to be more careful and asks to take care of the family members. Vivek obliges and asks to take care of him and Indu. Ritesh agrees. He then sees Indu is crying so goes towards her. Indu cries bad hugging Zoon’s dress. She tells Ritesh that she gifted this dress to Zoon on her fifth birthday and it’s her favorite one. She chose the dress on her own since then it was her favorite dress. She also expresses her worry about Zoon and her well being. She further says that she thought she is strong and do anything to get back Zoon but now she don’t think she is strong enough to do all this.

Ritesh tells Indu that she is one of the strong women he met in his life and people those who thinks crying is a weakness also women are emotional fool is wrong. He further reminds Indu how everyone lost all their hope after the court order was not in favor of them that time it was Indu who showed her strength to them and made them strong also its completely normal to cry. He also tells Indu that they have to endure this for few more days. Indu cries and tells that she wants to stay strong but she is scared of Sameer’s threat and tells Ritesh about her conversation with Sameer.

Ritesh laughs and says to Indu that Sameer won’t do anything such as he is a puppet of Kadambari whose orders he follows nothing else so asks her not to worry. He then plays Zoon’s recording to Indu to lift up her mood. Indu gets happy hearing her voice. In Raina’s house Asha recalls everything that happened after her identity revelation. She gets sad that she has to break the promise she made to her mother and apologises to her mother for doing it.

Vivek comes to the Raina’s house. He thanks Asha for helping Indu eventhough it’s tough for her. Asha tells him that Indu is her best friend so she would do anything for her. She further expresses her worry about Kadambari who can do anything after she learns about their property. Vivek and Asha decides to be more careful. The next day Indu learns through a worker that Sameer is going out of station. She stops Sameer and warns him not to do anything to Zoon. Sameer mocks at her reminds her about the court order and asks her not to interrupt him in his whatever plans. Indu gets worried thinking how to stop Sameer from leaving the house as Ritesh is also not in the house.

She then apologises to Sameer for her behavior the previous day and pleads with him to bring back Zoon from her school trip. Sameer insults her and decides to walk away but gets stopped seeing Ritesh. Ritesh gives Sameer the court stay order and tells him it’s a gift from his side for him. Sameer gets confused and opens the stay order. He gets shocked learning that Asha Bakshi challenged Kadambari’s property. Sameer gets furious and asks who is Asha Bakshi. Ritesh tells she is Kadambari’s step sister. Indu tells she is now her sister in law.

Ritesh tells Asha has the rights to claim Kadambari’s half of the property. Sameer gets shocked but tells Ritesh and Indu that he isn’t going to fall into their trap and he don’t accept this stay order. He also blames them for trapping him and Kadambari like this. Ritesh laughs at him in a mocking way and says that they didn’t done anything but it’s a court order which he and Kadambari has to follow so asks him to drop his plan to go out of station and stay in the house then leaves the place with Indu.

Sameer gets furious and goes to his room. He then lashes out at Kalpana over a phone call when she tells him that she didn’t noticed the clause in the property papers also asks her to find a solution. Kaamna also gets shocked learning about the stay order but refuses to believe that Asha is Kadambari’s step sister. Sameer expresses his hatred for Ritesh and Indu. Kaamna advices Sameer to calm down and find the root of the problem and tackle it that’s the only solution then leaves the place. Sameer looks on.

Indu enters the room but gets shocked seeing Ritesh is shirtless so she turns around. Ritesh goes near her and taunts her for not knocking the door. Indu reminds him that now he is sharing the room with her so it’s his responsibility to close the door before changing clothes. They both gets into an argument when Ritesh calls himself a desirable man. Indu expresses her distaste of that topic. She then expresses her joy that Rahul is with Zoon now and she talked to Zoon and thanks Ritesh but the latter refuses to accept her thanks saying he won’t accept thanks from those who not consider him as a desirable man which annoys Indu so she leaves the place.

Asha gets happy when Indu informs her about the stay order. She thanks God also prays God to help them get succeed in this plan of them. Vivek comes to meet Asha and the latter expresses her joy of getting stay order and hopes everything goes according to their plan. Vivek leaves. Asha then receives a call from Deep and tells him to call her Asha only and she belongs to Raina’s also she is doing all this to bring back Zoon in their life when Deep reveals that he knows she is Kadambari’s step sister.

Sameer overhears the conversation and learns Asha is going to meet the client as per Deep’s instructions so he notes down the address which Deep gave it to Asha and thinks himself that Kaamna is right about removing the root cause of the problem. He then calls his man and instructs him to kidnap Asha. Vivaan gets upset that he didn’t heard Sameer’s conversation with his man. Anjali comes to the Malhotra’s with her luggage. She asks Indu to act like a rich people. They both also shares the current process in their plan and Anjali assures Indu that she is not doing anything wrong when the latter worries.

Precap: Asha is in a dark place tied in a chair. Sameer splashes water on her face. Asha opens her eyes and says that she knows he is behind her kidnapping. Sameer asks her what’s the need to come between his fight with Ritesh. Asha tells him that she is doing this for Zoon.

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