Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st August 2022 Written Update: Sameer provokes Ritesh

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pankaj telling the family that for the last few days so much has happened with them so they have to be careful and behave with the journalists properly to save the reputation and career of Ritesh. He also asks them to behave accordingly how the lawyer asked them to behave. Kaamna also warns the family members saying she will keep an eye on them and asks them not to make any mistakes and they have to stand by Ritesh’s side as a family. Deep asks whether he can go to his work place today because it’s been three days he went there. Kaamna scolds him and tells him that Pankaj told they have to be here. She then asks Dolly to cook food for the journalists also asks her to take proper care of them.

Kaamna sees Ritesh. She asks him is he is ready to do this press conference and tell them about his story to prove his innocence. Ritesh tells there is no use because he himself doesn’t know what happened to him in the party and how his drug report come out positive. Sameer tells Ritesh it’s okay to have drug once in a while but Ritesh tells he don’t take drugs. Sameer provokes him by asking him to not to pretend infront of his family members especially to his brother. Kaamna warns Sameer and tells him that Ritesh told that he didnt take the drugs means he didnt. Ritesh mocks at himself saying he fails to prove himself innocent then how its possible for him to prove or make other’s believe he is innocent and leaves the place sadly. Kaamna asks Sameer to behave infront of the media.

Sameer acts and says that he will lie to the media for the sake of her request but he cant promise more than that. Sunita receives a call from marriage bureau who tells one of the family liked Indu’s profile and they wanted to see immediately. Sunita tells them to come in the evening. She then searches for Indu. Anjali tells that she went out for some important work so she goes to Rajender and tells him everything. Rajender tells her that Zoon is recovering now so is this a right time for all this. Sunita says for the past five years this is the same reason whenever talked about Indu’s marriage but she dont want the same to continue. Rajender tells her to talk to Indu as he have no say in this to with Sunita agrees.

Indu scolds Vivek by asking him to drive fast because if they goes in this speed then the press meet will end even before they reach. Vivek complains about his car. In Malhotra’s house the journalists comes. Three actresses who was in the party also arrives there. Pankaj and Kaamna comes downstairs. Kaamna asks who called the actresses. Pankaj tells its him because they are also in that video which went viral. The journalists asks the reason behind this press meet. Rahul tells them that he will let them know and requests to have patience. Ritesh comes there. Rahul tells the journalists that Ritesh wants to share his side of the story to the press for whatever happening around them for the last few days and requests them not to question him.

Other side Indu receives a call from Sunita who requests her to come to home within an hour because a guy family liked her profile and they wanted to see her. Indu agrees and assures her she will be there in an hour. Ritesh thanks the journalists for coming to his house. He tells that he saw the articles written by them about him. He further asks them to believe him that he didnt used drugs and there is no involvement of drugs in the party. He also says someone is behind all this to ruin his reputation and career. He then asks them to give him and his family the space they needed the most nowadays and the truth will definitely come out because truth always win and he is waiting for the investigation to come to an end and he is sure it will come in favor of him. He then thanks the journalist and decides to leave.

One of the journalists asks Ritesh is he is afraid that his truth will come out if he has to answer their questions that’s the reason he isn’t allowing them to ask questions. Ritesh stops in his track. Pankaj tells Kaamna that Ritesh made a mistake by reacting like this and looks on worried.

Ritesh looks at the journalists and asks who asked him such ridiculous question. The journalist raises his hand and says its him. Ritesh gets more angry when one of the journalists asks him is he afraid to face the truth. Ritesh mocks at them by asking do they even know what the truth is though. He also tells them that for the sake viewership they made his life miserable for the past few days. Do they have any idea how does it feel to be accused falsely. He also asks them have they ever heard about his co workers are any other producers he worked with passing statement against him.

The journalist points out at the drug test report and tells he may be a good person it doesn’t mean he won’t use drugs. Another journalist accuses Ritesh for breaking the hope of the youngsters who considered him as their idol. One of the politician enters the house followed by few people and chants against Ritesh. Ritesh and the family members asks what’s happening here. Other side Vivek gets a call from his work place. Indu asks him to go there and she will go to the Malhotra mansion. The political party member tells Ritesh that he used the people’s innocence a lot but his true face revealed so he needs to be punished at any cost. He will color his face with black paint shocking everyone.

Kaamna defends Ritesh and asks them to leave. The ladies who come there with the politician takes Kaamna away from there. Huge fight erupts when Ritesh sees the way the politician men and and woman are behaving with his family. He warns them not to do anything to his family. One of the goon put a knife under the actress. Everyone gets shocked. The politician brings the blank paint near Ritesh’s face. Indu comes there and asks them to stop it saying she has a proof to prove Ritesh is innocent. Sameer gets shocked. Indu pleads to give her five minutes as she needs to talk to Ritesh first. The politician agrees. Ritesh Indu and Kaamna goes inside and Sameer looks scared.

Precap: Indu plays the video infront of everyone where she assures the waiter she will help him to ger away from the punishment and asks him to tell who gave him money to frame Ritesh. Everyone looks on shocked. Sunita cries and asks Indu to choose atleast once her over Zoon. Indu looks on worried.

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