Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Zoon goes missing from CAA center

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kaamna makes Tushar confirm that the clowns are none other than Vivek and Indu. Tushar tells Ritesh that Vivek manipulated him and get all the information about the party and he isn’t aware about this so pleads with him to not to complaint against him. He then leaves the place.

Kaamna instigates Ritesh against Indu. Ritesh gets angry. He tells Kaamna that he tried hard to bring a smile on Zoon but Indu ruined it and she crossed all the limits so Indu has to answer for this. Zoon looks at him. Ritesh forces a smile then leaves the place. Indu in her house cries and tells that she is supposed to be with Zoon now. She is too young to handle this truth but she was forced to leave Zoon which isn’t right and she wants to go to Zoon and pleads with Vivek to help her.

Vivek tells her that he will talk to Atul. Indu cries and tells then it will be too late and she wants to be with her right now. She then gets worried that Zoon may start hurting her for hiding the truth from her all this while though. Asha assures her that nothing such wont happen. Vivek hears someone is knocking the door. He asks the person to wait then opens the door.

Ritesh enters the house furiously. He holds Vivek’s shirt and shouts at him how dare he enter the party to meet Zoon with Indu. The Raina’s tries to separate them but fails. After so much difficulties Indu separates them both and shouts at Ritesh. She warns him about the consequences. Ritesh asks her to shut up and tells her that Zoon is crying and upset now it’s all happening because of her only. Indu getd shocked and asks Ritesh how is she now. Ritesh asks her to stop the drama and reminds her what she told in the court about Zoon.

Indu tells it’s a lie but Ritesh Ritesh interrupts her and shouts at her. He then tells her and the Raina’s his plan to adopt Zoon legally which shocks everyone. Ritesh threatens Indu to not to try to meet Zoon again. Rahul takes Ritesh with him. Indu shouts at her family members who consoled her all this while Zoon will return to them but now Ritesh is planning to adopt her and tells she is Zoon’s mother and she wants to meet Zoon now and asks Vivek to take her. They both leaves the place.

Zoon is in CAA center. She hears Bhavna is praising Indu for taking care of Zoon all this while like her own daughter and now suffering so much because of that only. Gayatri agrees with her and tells her Indu is such a brave woman also tells Indu is too young but sacrificed her whole life for Zoon.

At her age everyone either like to party or have a family of their own but here she creates Zoon a beautiful life by destroying her own. Bhavna tells it would have been better if Indu didn’t bring Zoon with her to her house years back. Gayatri tells her there are things that happen as per God’s wish and they have no say in it. She then asks her to go and clean the hall where the party happened. Zoon goes back to her room.

Sameer enters Kadambari’s office and reads her father’s will for her without her knowledge. He gets shocked reading her father named the will on her child name. He then hears footsteps so he keeps the file in its place and acts like waiting for Kadambari in one of the chair. Kadambari and Mr.Kapadiya comes there. Kadambari gets shocked and confused seeing Sameer there. She questions him and the latter tells her she left the lunch midway so he came here to check up on her. Kadambari assures she is fine also tells him she has an important meeting so she will talk to him later and asks him to close the door while leaving.

Sameer obliges but keeps the door a little open to overhear Kadambari’s conversation with Mr.Kapadiya. Kadambari tells Mr.Kapadiya that she was scared and not ready to reveal the truth to him that she has kid of her own but now she is ready and asks him to start the next process. Mr.Kapadiya tells her that the child has to be her’s only. Kadambari tells it’s hers only and asks him to note down the name its Zoon Patel. Sameer gets shocked hearing it. He then smirks happily.

Zoon recalls the moments she shared with Indu also Kaamna and Indu’s truth revelation. She also recalls Bhavna and Gayatri’s conversation. She cries hard and says that she is really a bad person and apologises to Indu for putting her in trouble and then tears the sketch she made for Indu. She tells herafter she wont be the reason behind Indu’s sufferings and takes the bag in her hand and leaves the CAA center without anyone’s knowledge. She comes to the road. Indu and Vivek are in their car in the same road but fails to see Zoon.

One transgender lady comes there and blesses Indu who gave her money. She then questions Indu the reason behind her cries. Indu tells she get separated from her daughter. The lady assures her she will get her daughter back also she will be in her prayers then leaves the place. Bhavna informs Gayatri that Zoon is not in the centre so Gayatri orders her to check Zoon and find her. She then informs the same to Kaamna the same time Ritesh and Indu comes there and gets shocked hearing it. They both shouts at Gayatri for her carelessness. Indu urges Vivek that they should find out about Zoon’s whereabouts.

Ritesh asks her to stop her drama which makes Indu to lose her cool. She shouts at Ritesh that he is the reason behind whatever happening now. She also tells him that she tolerated all his insults only because she thought he will keep Zoon happy and safe but nothing such happened so she had enough of his nonsense. She then insults him and warns him about the consequences if Zoon gets hurt and leaves the place to search for Zoon asking Vivek to follow her. Ritesh remains silent.

Precap: Indu asks the people on the road whether they have seen Zoon or not by showing the photo of her. Everyone says no. Ritesh also searches Zoon. Bhavna sees Zoon and calls out her. Zoon goes and hides herself. The lorry loaded with full of woods move backwards where Zoon is hiding. Indu looks on shocked.

The episode starts with Indu looks at Zoon who is enjoying the party. She gets emotional. Zoon gets paint in her hand with a smile on her face. Ritesh looks happy seeing Zoon’s happy face. Rahul tells he is happy to see him happy. Ritesh tells him that he is happy that Zoon is happy and decides to thank Kaamna for giving him such a good idea. Rahul leaves the place when he recalls some important instructions given to him by Kaamna. Indu looks at Zoon and thinks to herself eventhough Zoon is nearby her she can’t able to reach her. She then wipes her tears.

Just then two kids comes there and fights for the juice box which spills on Zoon. Both Ritesh and Indu rushes to Zoon. Before Indu could say something Ritesh asks Zoon is she fine now. Zoon tells him her dress get spoiled. Ritesh tells her to not to worry saying they can buy her new dress if she wants. He then decides to take her to clean her dress. The kids comes there and demands Ritesh to take a photos with them right away. Ritesh looks helpless. Indu signs at him that she will take care of Zoon. Ritesh tells her that he isn’t sure about it. Zoon assures Ritesh that she is fine and willing to go with the clown.

Indu brings Zoon to her room and helps her clean her dress. Zoon tells the disguised Indu that she is reminds me of her mother and she wants to meet her mother. She further asks she is clown that means she must know magic right? And pleads with her to do magic so that she can meet her mother. Indu signs at her to close her eyes. Zoon obliges and tells she will count till five and starts counting it. She then opens her eyes and gets shocked finding no one there. Indu then appears infront of her. Zoon gets happy and hugs her. Indu gets emotional and hugs her back.

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