Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 24th November 2022 Written Update: Ritesh Dolly gets upset with Indu

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 24th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kaamna packs her things. Vivaan enters the room and asks her what is she doing. Kaamna tells that she is leaving the house which shocks Vivaan. She also accuses Vivaan for supporting Sameer’s decision to kidnap Asha. Vivaan swears he doesn’t know any of this plan of Sameer and says since then Sameer get married to Kadambari he doesn’t say many things to him. Kaamna tells because of both Indu and Kadambari all of this happening in this house. They all are happy and content before they both arrived in this house as a daughter in law also blames Zoon.

She further tells Vivaan that Ritesh refuses to help her bail out Sameer. She then says that Sameer is doing all the stupid acts under the influence of Kadambari also refusing to listen to her or any of their words which worries her the most. She then breaksdown in tears recalling the promise she made to her late sister who is Sameer and Vivaan’s biological mother. Kaamna calls herself as a bad mother. Vivaan pleads with her not to say anything such against her and tells her he was too young when his mother died. He dont even remember her face right now. For him Kaamna is his mother infact she is more than a mother to him.

Kaamna gets emotional. She then shares her worry about Sameer’s well being in the prison also how she feels helpless by not able to get help to bail out Sameer which is the sole reason she decides to leave the house. She then takes Vivaan’s hand in her’s and asks her if he will help her but the latter remains silent and looks down so Kaamna removes her hold on Vivaan’s hand and says that she don’t want to stay in a house where she gets no support. Other side Indu pleads with Ritesh to listen to her once and says him to stop Kaamna from leaving the house. Ritesh tells her he wont able to fulfill Kaamna’s wish to bail out Sameer as he has done many crimes which should have been avoided in the first place when he first done similar acts.

Indu reminds Ritesh the importance of Kaamna’s role in his life also the love care and respect he have for her. If she leaves the house then she will never forgive herself though so pleads him to stop Kaamna. Ritesh says in order to stop her from leaving the house he can’t able to bail out Sameer. Indu tells him that she didn’t asked him to agree to Kaamna’s request all she wants from him is to stop Kaamna from leaving the house. Ritesh tells Indu that he doesn’t asked Kaamna to leave the house it’s her decision so he won’t do anything to stop her. Indu feels helpless.

Dolly enters Ritesh and Indu’s room. She informs them Kaamna is about to leave the house. Indu rushes out to stop her. Ritesh tells that he wont stop her but gets shocked when Dolly informs him that she is taking Zoon with her so he rushes out.

Zoon refuses to go with Kaamna and calls Indu and Ritesh for her rescue. Kaamna tells her her mother and father isn’t in this house so they should also leave. Indu arrives there and pleads with Kaamna to not to leave the house because she wanted the family to stay united. Ritesh and Dolly comes there. Kaamna says Indu that she dont want to stay in a house where her own people are refuses to help her though.

Dolly also asks Kaamna to not to leave the house but Kaamna shouts at her to stop her acting and reminds her about the earlier days of her marriage life how she helped her. Indu asks Kaamna to not to leave also not to take Zoon with her. Kaamna tells if she makes Asha back away from the case she filed against Sameer then she wont leave the house. Ritesh tells nothing such won’t happen and Sameer deserves to get punished. Indu tells Kaamna she will try her best to help bailing Sameer. Kaamna asks her to promise on Zoon which shocks everyone. Indu hesitates. Ritesh gets angry and asks her to not to bring Zoon in between any of this.

Kaamna mocks at Indu then decides to leave the house but Indu stops her and swears on Zoon shocking Ritesh and Dolly. Ritesh angrily leaves the place. Kaamna smirks then thanks Indu then goes inside with Zoon. Dolly expresses her disappointment towards Indu for taking such decision but Indu tells her that she dont have any other option left than this to stop Kaamna from taking Zoon with her. In Kaamna’s room Zoon asks Kaamna why did she scold Indu. Kaamna acts and says she doesn’t. Zoon refuses to believe. She then decides to go to Indu but Kaamna locks the door and threatens Zoon which scares Zoon so she agrees to oblige Kaamna’s words.

Indu goes to Ritesh and the latter lashes out at her for swearing on Zoon and mocks at her for being a mahaan and reminds her about the sufferings Asha gone through because of Sameer. Indu pleads with Ritesh to listen to her once and says that she don’t want Kaamna to take Zoon away from them so she does this. She wants Zoon to be with them.

Ritesh tells her Kaamna fooled her emotionally also tells her that he could have found a way to stop Kaamna from leaving the house with Zoon Zoon though but Indu’s decision ruined all of their efforts and refuses to talk to her anymore. Dolly prays God to make Kaamna realise her mistakes. Indu comes there ans cries hugging Dolly that Ritesh isn’t listening to her. Dolly pacifies her also shows her support to Indu.

Later Indu calls Meghna to get another lawyer number. She then calls Vivek and the latter informs her about the documents he is sending her house also talks about Sameer who deserves to rot in jail. Indu tells him everything that happened in the house also the swear she made on Zoon which shocks and upsets Vivek. Indu asks his help but Vivek Vivek supports Ritesh and then excuses saying he has to go to office and cuts the call. Indu feels helpless and looks on.

Precap: Kaamna and Ritesh gets into an argument over Sameer’s actions. Other side Asha is on a call with someone hears the door bell so she goes and opens it and gets shocked seeing Sameer at the doorstep.

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