Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 26th July 2022 Written Update: Pankaj gets a warning from Ritesh

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 26th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ritesh pushes Sameer away from Indu and asks him to leave the room. Sameer asks if he did what he is doing with Indu then he is called as a characterless person but he is also a Malhotra and now he wants Indu and tries to approach her but the latter pushes him. Sameer approaches Ritesh furiously but Pankaj comes there and stops him. He then slaps at him and asks him how dare he tried to slap Ritesh who is his elder brother. Kaamna comes there and Pankaj asks her to take Sameer away from there.

Kaamna obliges and takes him with her. Pankaj apologises to Ritesh and Indu for Sameer’s behavior. Ritesh tells Pankaj that Sameer is his cousin it doesn’t mean he will tolerate his behavior towards someone. He also threatens to throw Sameer out of the house if he repeats the same. Pankaj gets shocked and assures Ritesh that Sameer won’t repeat this. He then tells Indu whatever happened inside she shouldn’t tells this to anyone because their reputation will get ruined. Indu nods okay. Pankaj leaves the place.

Other side Kaamna pushes Sameer and asks what’s wrong with him though. She also tells him that this party is about Ritesh’s success also why he tried to misbehave with Indu who is a journalist. Sameer shouts at her to shut her mouth by praising Ritesh. He also asks her to stop being a puppet of Ritesh which shocks Kaamna. Ritesh apologises to Indu on behalf of Sameer. Indu decides to leave but stops when Ritesh thanks her and tells her that he enjoyed her company. They both stares at each other.

Kaamna asks Sameer to listen to her fully and tries to tell him the reason behind her arranging an interview for Ritesg but the latter refuses to listen to her. He then tells her that he thought she will act like his mother and treat him like her son after his mother passed away and she married to his father but he is wrong because all she does is becoming a puppet of Ritesh. Kaamna gets hurt. Vivaan comes there and Kaamna asks him to give Sameer a black coffee it will help him to get rid off his hangover and asks him to advice his brother not to repeat this because if he repeats it then she can’t able to stop Pankaj then leaves the room.

Kaamna goes to Pankaj and tells him to not to worry about Sameer because she adviced him and Vivaan is there to take care of him. Pankaj tells Kaamna about Ritesh’s warning to throw Sameer out of the house if he repeats this again and asks her to be grateful that he is here to control everything at the same time if Sameer repeats this then they can’t do anything. He then tells her that he married her after her sister passed away to take care of Sameer and Vivaan but she failed to teach them good values and asks her to make sure this dont happen again and leaves the place. Kaamna gets teary eye and tells she married Pankaj because he loves him and his son’s to take care of them.

Dolly gets upset seeing Kaamna’s state so she tries to cheer her up by asking her to have Kachori. Kaamna insults her and leaves the place. In Raina’s house Sunita sees her neighbor is coming out of her house. She asks them why they didnt call her for their baptism of their baby. The neighbor tells that she called only close family members. Sunita tells her that she isn’t aware from when did Neelam become their closed family member. She then tells her granddaughter always comes to Zoon’s birthday party and takes cakes with her then why they are having problem inviting them.

The neighbor tells Sunita if she invites them then everyone questions about Indu so she don’t want to go through this. Asha comes there and defends Indu’s decision to give a family to someone like Zoon when the neighbors insults Sunita by questioning Indu’s reason behind keeping Zoon with them. They also insults Asha for being a widow. Sunita gets furious hearing it so she takes a stand for Indu and Asha then both Asha and Sunita goes inside their house.

Indu tells Vivek that she can’t believe someone like Sameer is cousin of Ritesh. Vivek apologises to Indu for putting her into trouble like this. Indu asks him not to feel guilty because it’s his mistake. She then decides to leave but Zoon insists to stay until the couple dance is over. Indu looks helplessly at Vivek. The host announces the couple dance and tells the rule then calls one by one on stage. She then calls number seven Ritesh tells its him and goes to the stage. They all looks for the one who have number seven.

Zoon gives the number card to Indu and tells her that they have number seven and requests her to dance with Ritesh. Indu scolds her and decides to leave the party after she gives the number card and goes to the stage but the guests cheers up and leaves Indu with Ritesh. Indu looks helpless. The song starts playing and both Ritesh and Indu dances together. Kaamna decides to keep an eye on Indu. Zoon enjoys the dance.

Sameer watches this from far and tells himself that Ritesh can enjoy as much as he can but what he is going to do next day will bring him only humiliation and smirks. Indu and Ritesh’s dance comes to an end. Indu leaves the place. She and Zoon leaves the party with Vivek. Sameer sees the waiter is taking drinks for Ritesh. He puts the tablet in one of the drink and asks the waiter to make sure Ritesh have this then gives him money. The waiter looks nervous and Sameer happily smirks.

Precap: The Malhotra’s gets shocked watching a news in which its told in Ritesh’s success party drug consumptions happened. They also gets shocked seeing Ritesh’s intoxicated state video and the reporter tells Ritesh Malhotra can only answer these all. Sameer smiles happily whereas the entire family looks on stunned.

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