Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 27th July 2022 Written Update: Sunita lashes out at Indu

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 27th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the server serving the drink to Ritesh and leaves the place. Ritesh have the spiked drink. Indu opens the house door and the light gets switched on. Indu sees the family members are waiting for her in the living room. Rajender and Asha signs at Indu so the latter asks what happened to everyone. Sunita goes to Indu and asks Anjali to take Zoon inside her room and put her into sleep. Anjali obliges and takes Zoon inside the room.

Indu goes to Rajender and asks him what happened why they all are not went to bed. Rajender tells her that Sunita wants to talk to her about something. Indu asks her what happened. Sunita asks Indu when she is getting married. Indu asks Sunita why she is bringing up this topic and torturing her for the last five years. Sunita tells its because she also warns to see her daughter’s life get settled. She then tells she is tired of hearing the society people’s false allegations about Zoon and her relationship. Indu asks Sunita to calm down. She then tells what will happen to Zoon if she gets married to someone.

Sunita tells her that she don’t care also tells Indu she should have thought about it before she bought the orphan to their house. Indu gets angry and tells her mother to not to call Zoon as an orphan because she is her mother. She also tells that she dont want Zoon to learn through someone that she isn’t Zoon’s real mother. Sunita tells her that she dont care what she is going to do with Zoon she isn’t against the idea of her adopting Zoon but she wants her to get married. Indu tells Sunita that she will get married under one condition and that is the guy who marry her has to accept Zoon too.

Sunita asks her who will accept Zoon and how they are going to find him. Indu asks her to find it on her own then goes to her room. Sunita gets worried. In the party Sameer calls the waiter and asks him where the family members are. The waiter tells him that everyone went to their room. He also tells Ritesh is in his room with his friends. Sameer asks him to bring a tray with drinks. He then takes a spy camera and puts it in the tray and asks the waiter to take this to Ritesh’s room. The waiter obliges.

The waiter enters the room of Ritesh and in the spy camera it captures that everyone is in their drunken state. Some of them take the drinks and some doesn’t. Ritesh takes a drink tosses one for his late father. Other side Asha wakes up and sees Indu is awake. She asks Indu to come to her and asks her why she isn’t sleeping yet. Indu tells her that she is worried about Zoon if she gets married to someone.

Asha tells her that she understands what she is going through at the same time Sunita isn’t wrong in her place to and asks Indu why cant she give a chance about the marriage thought instead of ruining it before it gets started. Indu tells Asha even she can think about second marriage because her life is also not started yet. Asha tells Indu the love Prashant showered on her is more than enough for this life time.

Indu tells Mahesh’s betrayal is more than enough for her this lifetime. She also tells that she don’t have strength to think about falling in love with someone who in the end will only break her heart which she isn’t ready about it. Asha advices Indu to marry a guy who she finds perfect for her and if there is any complications arises because of Zoon then she is willing to adopt Zoon and try to love her the way she is loving her. She then pleads her to give second chance to love. Indu asks her to do the same. Asha tells that her second chance is taking care of them just like she promised to Prashant.

Indu tells her her second chance is Zoon and she also made a promise to take care of her. She then tells that she will get married that too give Zoon a father and says that she is tired of talking about this. Asha thinks to herself that Indu made a decision like this unaware about the consequences. She then tells Indu she will go and bring water and leave the place. Indu searches for her inhaler and finds Ritesh photo with his sign in it. She tells herself Ritesh is a nice person. She also decides to take Vivek’s help to get one photo of Ritesh with his signature in it for Zoon and smiles.

Sameer sees the videos of Ritesh’s room in his phone then he calls Rocky and asks him to make sure the video goes viral. He then tells himself that he can’t wait to see Ritesh’s reputation getting ruined. Kaamna comes there and asks him what he just said. Sameer changes the topic by asking Kaamna to forgive him for his behavior towards her earlier. Kaamna expresses the love she has for him also tells him about his photoshoot. Sameer gets happy and hugs Kaamna. The next day Ritesh gets a call from Rahul who asks him is he the one who shared the video.

Ritesh gets confused and tells him it’s not him. Rahul asks him to not to worry he will manage everything. Kaamna enters the room reading the comments against Ritesh also accusing him of using drugs in his party. One of the political party leader accuses Ritesh and provokes everyone against Ritesh. Ritesh gets upset and tells his family members that he dont do drugs and these people are unnecessarily making this as a huge issue. Other side Indu learns about Ritesh getting accuses of using drugs through Vivek. Vivek worries that Kaamna may snatch his job. Indu jokes then tells him that she will pray for Ritesh because it will definitely affect her Zoon.

Here in Ritesh’s house Kaamna tells that she won’t spare the person who leaked this video and asks Ritesh do he have any idea who came to his room. Ritesh tells no. Pankaj informs Ritesh the writer Reddy cancelled his meeting with them because of this allegations. Rahul tells the party leaders secretary isn’t answering the calls. They all then watches the video of the politician asking the people to punish Ritesh. Rahul tells everyone in social media the hashtag against Ritesh is also started trrening. Sameer smirks happily hearing it.

Precap: Rahul tells the family members over the phone call his drug test report come negative and tells now Ritesh is giving blood sample and hope his drug report also come negative but gets shocked when the doctor comes to Rahul and says Ritesh’s report is positive. Other side Indu grows suspicious that someone is framing Ritesh in all this. She worries about Zoon who may get upset. Zoon walks on the road alone. She says that she will meet Ritesh and tell him he is a good boy.

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