Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29th November 2022 Written Update: Sameer and Kaamna insults Anjali

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ritesh asks Indu is she sure that someone pushed her from behind. Indu says yes. Ritesh asks is she has seen that person? Indu says no. Rahul enters the room. He greets both Ritesh and Indu. He then asks Ritesh why he didn’t tell anything that’s happening now here.

Ritesh says Rahul that now he is here so everything will be fine. He then goes inside. Rahul inquires Indu about her health. Indu assures him she is fine now. Rahul supports Indu her decision to bail out Sameer saying he knows well there must be some valid reason. Indu thanks him. Ritesh comes there with Zoon’s custody papers which they are planning to submit it in the court again and asks Rahul to keep those safe. Rahul assures him the same. Vivek Asha and Anjali comes there to meet Indu. Indu asks Asha is she still upset with her. Asha says yes and expresses her worry for her.

Indu assures her that she is fine now. Vivek asks how did Indu fell from the staircase. Indu tells someone pushed her from behind shocking everyone. They all suspects it must be Sameer who done this. Ritesh expresses his helpless state to unable to throw him out because if he done it then Sameer will take Zoon with him. They all decides to make sure to expose Sameer’s true face in the court also he is not an ideal father for Zoon also prove Ritesh’s innocence about the false allegations previously made by Kadambari and Sameer.

Asha then informs Indu that Sunita wants to talk to her and gives her phone. Sunita asks Indu about her health also expresses her worry about her. She also asks Indu how did she fell from the staircase. Indu decides not to tell the truth to Sunita hence she diverts the topic which Sunita senses it so asks Indu is she hiding truth from her also asks her is Sameer is behind this attack. Indu lies no and asks her not to worry as she is fine now also once she recovers she will comes to meet her. Sunita hears a doorbell so she cuts the call and goes to see who it is.

Rajender returns home. He asks Sunita is everything fine. Sunita cries hard hugging him. Rajender gets worried and asks her what happened. Sunita informs him about Indu’s attack also Indu dodged her question how it happened so she suspects it must Sameer who is behind all this. Rajender curses Sameer. He then decides to lift up Sunita’s mood by cooking food for her and goes inside. Here in Malhotra’s house Vivaan comes there and says to everyone they has to be more cautious about each and every steps and smartly defeat Sameer like Ritesh told. He further adds that they have to collect every evidence against Sameer to expose him. Anjali suggests to either push Sameer from staircase or else they have to kidnap him. Ritesh smiles.

Vivek tells Anjali it’s illegal. Indu tells they don’t have much time so whatever they are planning to do they have to do it soon. Everyone agrees with her. Anjali decides to go and meet Zoon. Vivaan follows her. Anjali thanks him for his help. Vivaan talks to her lovingly. Sameer comes there and insults Anjali saying they didn’t call any new nanny for Zoon then asks Vivaan to bring his bike keys and leaves the place. Anjali gets furious but Vivaan calms her down saying they have to be more cautious around Sameer and leaves from there.

Anjali enters Zoon’s room while calling out Zoon’s name. She sees Kaamna there. Kaamna asks her why she is often visiting the Malhotra’s. Anjali tells her that she is here for Indu and Zoon. Kaamna insults her by telling that she knows she is here to trap Vivaan just like her sister Indu who used Zoon and married to Ritesh. Anjali gets shocked and hurt. Kaamna warns her to stay away from Vivaan. Anjali leaves the place. Sameer thinks that he can’t trust Vivaan anymore so decides to use him to pass his message through him to Ritesh and Indu without his knowledge.

Vivaan comes there with the keys. Sameer asks him about Anjali. He further tells him that he submitted papers in the court to send Zoon to foster care if in case he and Kadambari gets into trouble. Vivaan gets shocked. He then acts and praises his idea then leaves the place. Sameer smirks. Vivek and Asha leaves home. Anjali tells Indu even she is returning to home. Indu gets confused but then asks her to do as per her wish. Anjali hugs Indu and gets emotional recalling Kaamna’s insults then leaves the place.

Vivaan informs Rahul about Sameer’s plan and the latter gets shocked. Rahul then stops Anjali to tell her about Sameer’s plan but Vivaan notices Anjali is upset so asks her about it. Anjali tells she is returning home and leaves. Vivaan gets determined to know the reason behind Anjali is upset do he goes to Zoon. He asks her why did she troubled Anjali but Zoon confirms him nothing such happened. Kaamna enters the room and insults Anjali also asks Vivaan to not to fall into Anjali’s trap. Vivaan gets furious and asks Kaamna to not to interfere in his life then leaves. Kaamna gets shocked and furious.

Precap: Ritesh tells Indu about Sameer’s plan to send Zoon to foster care also Rahul’s conversation with Shivangi who agrees to help them. Indu and Ritesh gets hopeful to get Zoon’s custody this time.

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