Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 3rd December 2022 Written Update: Kaamna gets a warning from Indu

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 3rd December 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vivaan goes to Sameer and asks him what is he doing. Sameer mocks and says why people in this house starts advising him for no reason. Vivaan shows him a spy camera and asks him do he remember this? Anjali comes there but hides herself and overhears the conversation. Sameer tells Vivaan this is the camera they used to trap Ritesh in drug case. Now why he is showing this to him? Is he snooping around his room?

He further adds that he knows about Vivaan’s intentions towards Anjali and asks him to concentrate on his mission to trap Anjali. Anjali gets hurt hearing it so she leaves the place. Vivaan gets furious. He asks Sameer to not to bring Anjali in-between this. He may have some other motive behind in the beginning with Anjali. But now he has true feelings for her so asks Sameer to talk about Anjali also talk to her respectfully. He also shows the camera to Sameer and says that he has supported him a lot but not anymore as he is crossing all the limits. Sameer mocks at him for lecturing him eventhough he told he isn’t here for that. He then reminds him about those days he have supported in his deeds. He also demands to return the camera to him. Vivaan refuses then leaves the place. Indu in her room wonders why Kaamna did such thing?

Should she asks this to Kaamna or else say this to Ritesh first? She then thinks if Ritesh learns this he will surely throw Kaamna and Sameer out of this house. They both will take Zoon with them which she can’t risk it. Anjali arrives there and hugs Indu then cries hard. Indu gets worried so asks her what happened. Anjali says that she is missing their parents. Indu asks is that all or is she is hurt by something else. She can tell her anything though. Anjali recalls Sameer’s words and says nothing that she misses their parents. Indu tells her to promise her once she calms down she will tell her everything. Anjali promises the same.

Ritesh and Rahul enters the room discussing about the upcoming film of his. Ritesh asks Anjali what happened. Indu tells she is missing their parents. Ritesh asks her to visit their parents then. He also tells Rahul will drop her but Anjali refuses to take help. But both Ritesh and Anjali insists then Anjali gives in and leaves the place. Ritesh then asks Indu what happened to Anjali. Indu says Anjali will tell once she becomes stable. Ritesh mocks at Indu for not being like Anjali and Indu tells him it’s because of him only. Ritesh scolds Indu and goes to bring medicine for her.

In Raina’s house Sunita brings food to the dining table. She asks Vivek to join them. Vivek tells he will join in two minutes. They hears the door bell so goes to open the door. Anjali enters the house without saying anything to anyone. Sunita wonders what happened to her. She then asks Rahul to join them in their dinner. Rahul says he will join next time but Sunita insists so Rahul gives in to her request. In Malhotra’s house Dolly pleads with Zoon to have food. Zoon refuses. Kaamna arrives there and asks is Zoon again started her drama. Sameer asks Kaamna why she is shouting. Kaamna tells its because of his daughter. Sameer tells it’s his wife’s daughter. Kaamna tells but court made him Zoon’s father. Kaamna asks Zoon why she is refusing to have food.

Zoon tells that she wants to have food with Indu and Ritesh. Kaamna refuses. Sameer also agrees with her. Dolly calls herself as Zoon’s grandmother and asks Zoon to let her feed her. Kaamna scolds Dolly and sends her away. Both Kaamna and Sameer rudely behaves with Zoon. Indu comes there and questions them both. They both defends themselves saying they are teaching Zoon good values. Indu tells Kaamna that she wants to talk to her and takes her inside. Indu asks Kaamna is she cares for her Ritesh and Zoon? Kaamna acts and says yes. Indu asks her to stop her drama.

Kaamna gets shocked and angry. They both gets into a verbal spat. Kaamna raises her hand on Indu but the latter stops her. Indu then confronts her about exchanging Zoon’s medicine. Kaamna asks what proof she has. Indu says her eyes. She further tells Kaamna here after both herself and Ritesh will have breakfast with Zoon then leaves the place. Kaamna tells herself it’s her game so in the end she is the one who will win.

Dolly sees Sameer is filling his plate without paying attention to Zoon. She scolds him for his behavior. Sameer says its not his problem if Zoon refuses to have food. Indu arrives there and sits next to Zoon and says she will feed Zoon. Ritesh and Kaamna arrives there. Sameer asks her is she forget about the court order. Kaamna asks Sameer to let Indu feed Zoon or else Zoon may fall sick. Sameer gets shocked and says he thinks everyone forget about the court order. Kaamna drags him away from there. Ritesh praises Indu. Indu asks him to feed Zoon. Zoon gets happy. In Raina’s house Anjali cries recalling her moments with Vivaan.

Asha arrives there and asks her what happened. Anjali asks what will happen when a person broke their trust and prove they are same as before. Asha says she knows she is talking about Vivaan and tells Vivaan is a good guy. Vivaan arrives there and gets upset with Anjali for not trusting him enough hearing Sameer’s words. Anjali asks him to give him time. Vivaan leaves. Sameer asks Kaamna why she is supporting Indu. Kaamna acts and says that Indu requested her. Sameer scolds her and leaves. Kaamna gets angry and says it’s all happening because of Indu so she wont spare her for sure.

Precap: Dolly tells Zoon that both Indu and Ritesh is her uncle and aunt. Zoon tells but they are here mouj and genie papa. Indu explains Zoon. Ritesh says to Indu atleast they both have agreed and have similar thoughts in one matter. Indu tells they have similar thoughts before too that is giving Zoon a happy family. Ritesh smiles.

In today’s episode, Sunita worries for a scared Diya that she has lit for Indu and Ritesh. Vivek asks her to not worry as they will win the battle this time, Zoon and Indu will reunite soon. Sunita praises Vivek. Vivek says that he is son of Sunita. Ritesh informs Indu and others that Zoon is fine and she will be better soon. Dolly wonders about the medicine that was given to Zoon. Indu says that she has given the medicine which Zoon only brought with her. Ritesh asks them to not stress about all these.

Kamna also asks Indu to not stress and leaves. Dolly prays to God. Indu asks Dolly and Anjali to leave as she is there with Zoon. Ritesh asks Indu to take care of herself. Indu says that she planned many things but all are in vain. Ritesh asks her to see the bright side as they are spending a lot of time with Zoon after long. Both Indu, Ritesh say that they would not get sleep. Later, Indu falls asleep. Ritesh keeps pillow at her back. Sameer criticizes Kaamna for giving full medicine to Zoon. They have an argument. They keep blaming each other. She asks him to keep some faith in her as she will take advantage of the guilt Indu and Ritesh are having.

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