Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 4th August 2022 Written Update: Indu creates a scene infront of media

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 4th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the reporter’s takes picture of the car. Dolly tells Indu the car looks wonderful. The reporter’s question Indu about how she is feeling receiving a gift car from Ritesh. Kaamna asks Indu to not to worry about the media’s behavior and keep smiling because Ritesh is here to handle everything. Indu gets worried. The reporter keeps asking her questions. Ritesh notices Indu is uncomfortable and sad so he asks her what happened. Indu tells that she dont want his gift. Ritesh gets shocked and asks her what is she saying he dont understand it.

Indu tells loudly that she dont want this car. The media hears it and asks her the reason behind her rejecting it. Kaamna gets angry and asks Indu why did she said this loud when she clearly asked her to pose for the media and keep her mouth shut. Indu excuses herself and goes inside. Ritesh signs at Kaamna and they both asks the media to have lunch they will return and goes inside the house.

Sameer assures someone to make sure to give him a payment and he is ready to do this work and sees Indu entering the place and taking her bag to leave. The family members also comes there. Kaamna asks Indu what is the need to react like this even after she asked her not to say or do anything. Indu apologises and tells that she was nervous. Vivaan asks her she is a reporter right then why she is nervous infront of the media. Indu tells them that she wanted to tell this to them before that she isn’t a reporter. Vivaan laughs and says which means she fooled Kaamna and says she is impressive.

Ritesh tells Indu that he knows this earlier itself and reminds her the magazine name which she told as The Dog World. Indu apologises to them. Kaamna asks her she have common sense right then why she created the scene infront of media. Indu tells that they should have told her before this then she should have informed them to stop doing this for her and says that whatever she did is not for the gift. Ritesh tells that they know she didnt done anything for gift but they wanted to thank her by giving her gift so dont she think rejecting a gift is considered as rude.

Indu tells that her intention is to not to be rude and thank you is just a two word which is more than enough for her. Ritesh tells but he wants to say thank you with a small gift what’s the big deal here. Indu tells the problem here is his small gift is worth her one year salary. Ritesh tells she should think about the person’s emotions behind the gift not the money they spent on the gift.

Indu tells Ritesh that she is a normal middle class girl who dont or need any of this. Kaamna tells Indu that they are gifting her and there are people who is died to be in her place now. She also says that she will be famous in a night. Indu tells she dont want that. For them it’s a normal thing for them to become famous but not to for a middle class person like her because the people around her’s expectations will be too high which they may fail fulfill if they fail then their life will become more difficult. She also says that their world is different totally. Ritesh once again pleads her to accept his gift.

Indu tells that she dont want to argue about this topic anymore. She did all this for his fans also to save her friends job. Ritesh then asks her to have lunch then leave but Indu refuses saying she already informed him she will visit here for few hours and then leaves the place. Ritesh asks what kind of world is middle class people are living. Rejecting a gift rudely is their self respect? He isn’t understanding any of this. In Raina’s house Anjali calculates Rajender’s tiffin business income and tells him to collect the money from those who haven’t paid him yet.

Rajender defends and tells her he will pay it slowly. He also tells Anjali that he is helping Indu to take care of the family expenses for that he is feeling happy. He then goes inside the kitchen to help Asha who is making pakoras. Indu enters and asks Rajender to make her a cup of tea. Anjali calls Indu and shows her the last three months loses and asks her to tell Rajender to stop his business. Indu gives the money to Anjali and asks her to show Rajender its profit also tells her Rajender is happy doing this so she won’t snatch from him his happiness.

In Malhotra’s mansion Ritesh says to Rahul that he dont understand why Indu rejected his gift also about the mentality of a middle class person. Rahul tells him its because he always get what he wants since childhood unlike middle class people like them for them the car might be a dream also tells him the sufferings of a middle class family goes through. Ritesh gets surprised learning what Rahul told him. Other side Indu tells Rajender whatever happened in Ritesh’s house. She and the family members sees Sunita and Zoon entering the house. Zoon looks upset. Indu and Rajender asks the reason.

Sunita tells them tomorrow in Zoon’s school game event is conducting in which all the kids father should participate in volleyball game. Zoon apologises to Indu for not able to give her name and goes to her room. Sunita and Indu gets into an argument about Zoon learning about the truth she is not a daughter of Indu but an orphan because her mother left her after giving birth to her. Sunita warns Indu about the consequences of aftermath the truth Zoon learns through someone. Indu pleads Sunita to let her handle it on her own way.

Kadambari is a chief executive of BTimes news channel. She asks the reporter what happened and why there is no video clips of what happened in Ritesh’s house. The reporter tells Pankaj asked them to delete also made them sign a paper. Kadambari asks her who is paying her is this Pankaj or her? She then gets determined to find out what happened in Ritesh’s house.

Precap: Indu gets upset with the promise Ritesh made to Zoon and tells Vivek why these people are making promises like this to hurt someone. Vivek tells that he have an idea. Indu looks confused. Other side Ritesh and Sameer gets into a fight. Ritesh threatens to throw him out. Kaamna and Pankaj separates both of them.

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