Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 5th December 2022 Written Update: Indu teaches Zoon

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 5th December 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Zoon says that she don’t have to eat anymore. Ritesh says okay. Dolly asks Indu how did she made Kaamna agreed to let her take care of Zoon. Because Kaamna created a scene when the last day she insisted to feed food. Indu tells that she remind Kaamna certain things. Ritesh asks what are those? Indu tells that she told Kaamna that Zoon may fall ill if she don’t have food on time also it may give a bad impression about Sameer and Kadambari in the court hence Kaamna agreed. Dolly tells that she don’t think Kaamna is someone who can easily agree with all this because sue created a scene the other day so they have to be more careful. Rahul arrives there with a bag in his hand and asks Indu these are those books Anjali left here right which he will give it to her. Indu thanks him.

Rahul hurries Ritesh and the latter tells Zoon that his day is completing with her presence and he feels himself so lucky and kisses her. Zoon smiles. Ritesh then asks Zoon to tell Indu to follow doctor’s instructions. Indu also tells Zoon that Ritesh don’t have to worry about her as she knows what is she doing though. Zoon tells both of them again started their argument so suggests them to end this by kissing each other which makes both Ritesh and Indu uncomfortable.

Ritesh kisses Zoon then leaves the place. Indu also kisses Zoon. Kaamna in her room wonders how she made the mistake of dropping the tablet. She then thinks because of Sameer and Kadambari she is suffering a lot and Sameer is no use to help her and decides to ask Kadambari’s help but decides not to. She then fears if Ritesh learns the truth then he will throw her out so calls her lawyer and the latter’s words gives her hope so sue gets determined to stop Indu and Ritesh from meeting Zoon.

Rahul comes to return Anjali’s book in Raina’s house. Sunita praises him and asks him to have tea but Rahul refuses. Anjali comes there and thanks Rahul. Rahul asks her about her eyes are being red but Anjali makes an excuse. Anjali then insists to have tea so Rahul obliges. Sunita gets happy and signs at Rajender. Sunita and Rajender asks Rahul about his family and where he is from. Rahul gives them those information. Sunita gets satisfied by his answers. Anjali brings tea for everyone and asks their parents to stop boring Rahul with their questions like this. Rahul assures he didn’t get bored because the industry which he is surviving is all about money and glamor though and having conversation with her parents give him a home feeling.

Sunita asks Rahul to visit whenever he feels like. Rahul agrees. Zoon in her room tries to solve her maths homework. She wonders why she can’t able to solve it as she is following the teacher’s instructions only. Dolly and Indu enters the room. Indu helps Zoon to solve some of her homework and asks to solve it remaining on her own. Zoon complains kids in her school were teasing her. Indu reminds her about Ritesh’s words to not to pay attention to other’s words. Ritesh arrives there. Indu and Ritesh tries to explain Zoon the current situation.

Ritesh tells Zoon if he can’t meet her as her genie papa then can meet her as tau ji (uncle) and Indu is his wife so she will be her tai ji (aunt). Zoon asks what’s that means. Dolly explains Zoon. Zoon says but she wants her genie papa and mouj. Indu says they are. Ritesh makes Zoon close her eyes and kisses her two times then tells is there is any differences. Zoom says no. Ritesh says Zoon name may change but the love and care they have for her won’t change ever. Indu also makes Zoon close her eyes and hugs her twice. Zoon gets convinced.

Vivaan calls Anjali but the latter refuses to accept his call. He continuously calls her so Anjali ends up accepting his calls and asks him to not annoy her. Vivaan persuades her to talk to him. They both then ends up challenging one another when Vivaan tells her he will visit her. Anjali falls asleep and when she wakes up she gets shocked finding Vivaan there. Vivaan persuades her to become his best friend again. Anjali gives in so Vivaan leaves the place happily.

The next day Indu does Zoon’s hair. Kaamna arrives there and shouts at Indu for taking advantage of the situation. Indu ignores her. Other side Asha’s words made Sunita misunderstand Anjali likes Rahul so she prays to God. Indu sends Zoon to school. Kaamna mocks at Indu for showing attitude. Indu tells its a normal middle class Mother’s behavior. Kaamna reminds her about the court order. Indu tells her she and Ritesh is not breaking the orders. They are meeting Zoon as her aunt and uncle then leaves the place. Kaamna looks on furiously.

Precap: Kaamna asks Sameer why he wants money. Sameer tells her about booking a house in a foreign country. Kaamna taunts him. Indu tells Zoon for PTA meeting it’s her father who should attend it. Zoon says but she wants either Indu or Ritesh to attend it. Indu tells they can’t change certain things like this.

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