Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 6th December 2022 Written Update: Indu has a plan

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 6th December 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Indu teaches Ritesh how to spell a particular word correctly. Ritesh asks her to be careful while using her hand. Kamna comes there and tells Ritesh that she is becoming like sandwich between him and Sameer as both are equally important for her. Ritesh says that they can’t help but deal with the situation. He asks her to speak her heart out. Kamna says that she needs 5 lac rupees. Ritesh happily gives her the ammount. Kamna thanks her. Sunita calls Rahul and asks him to visit their home. Rahul agrees.

Rajender asks Sunita to not repeat the same thing she did for Indu and Ritesh. Sunita says that she doesn’t want to fix Rahul, Anjali’s marriage immediately but will have normal conversation with Rahul first. Kamna goes to give money to Sameer. She asks him why he needs the money. Sameer says to pay the hospital bill of Kadambari. Kamna criticizes him for being shameless. Sameer says that they invested huge ammount of money to book house in foreign. Rahul meets Sunita, Rajender and ask them the matter.

They start talking about Rahul and Anjali that they both like each other. Rahul gets shy and asks if Anjali really likes him too. Zoon comes back home and meets Indu. She informs her that she ignored all the teasing at school so her classmates stopped teasing her. Indu kisses her. They hug each other and say I love you to each other. Zoon calls Indu Ma. Indu asks her to call her as aunt. Zoon agrees happily. Deep praises Zoon’s maturity and asks Indu for how long Zoon has to do it. Indu says that it’s matter of few days only. Indu tells him that she will fix everything before Kadambari arrives. She says that it’s high time for Sameer and Kadambari to fulfill their duties. Rahul says that he wants to meet Anjali first.

Sunita, Rajender say that they are with Rahul and Anjali. Rahul leaves. Rajender asks Sunita to discuss with Anjali. Indu gives training to Zoon regarding how to bother Sameer, Kadambari and Kamna for her matters as they are parents and grandmother according to the court’s order. Zoon learns everything. They share a hug. Zoon goes to Kamna while she sleeps. She recalls Kamna’s threats to her. She calls her and asks her to change her clothes. Kamna asks her to call maids. Deep tells her that maids are on leave. Kamna mentions Dolly.

Deep reminds Kamna her own words. Kamna agrees. Deep asks Zoon to prepare a list to decide the responsibilities of Sameer, Kadambari and Kamna. Indu worries for Zoon’s safety as she is with Kamna. Anjali comes there. She asks Indu to not take stress as she did the right thing. She says that Zoon is a mature child who is capable enough to handle people like Sameer, Kadambari and Kamna. Indu gets some relief. They share a hug. The episode ends.

Precap – zoon tells Indu that she needs help for her school project as Kamna didn’t help her. Indu helps zoon. They spend quality time with each other. Kadambari stops them. Indu gets teary eyed.

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