Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 7th December 2022 Written Update: Ritesh troubles Rahul

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 7th December 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Zoon is in her room thinks what all are the responsibility of a parent and writes it down. She then recalls her moments with Indu. She recalls Ritesh feeding food and says it’s done by both parents so she will write it down in both side parents column. She also recalls having an icecream with Ritesh and went on a trip with Lonavala also Ritesh playing volleyball for her and write down in a father’s column. Zoon then wonders what else she has to write it in her note. Other side Indu reminds Anjali about her promise that once she composes herself she will tell her what made her upset right.

Anjali diverts the topic saying it’s not a big issue. She also apologises to her for leaving her in her difficult days. Indu scolds Anjali saying she has her life too and she knows she must have her own ups and downs which is completely normal. She is thankful to have a sister like her who is there for her. They both sit on the couch. Indu further adds not only Anjali but Asha and her parents also her strength. She tells Anjali that she misses those days spend with both Anjali and Asha where there is no secrets between them.

Anjali tells once all this issue comes to an end all three of them can have a pyjama party which makes Indu laugh. Indu then tells Anjali just like her family here in Malhotra’s also she get support from Dolly, Deep, Vivaan. Anjali gets surprised and asks is Vivaan too helps her. Indu says yes and says Vivaan is like Vivek to her. Whenever she needs any help he don’t hesitate to do it for her. She further adds that Sameer and Vivaan may siblings but they are totally different people. Anjali gets happy hearing it.

Indu tells Anjali she made burger for Zoon which she is going to ask the caretaker to give it to her. Anjali insists she will give it to Zoon and leaves the place. She is on her way to Zoon’s room with a tray. Vivaan calls her from behind. Anjali stops and smiles. Vivaan comes there and asks her is her misunderstanding towards him get cleared is that the reason she is here. Anjali acts and says she is here for Indu. Vivaan puts a tray from her hand aside and asks her to answer his one question. Anjali asks what it is. Vivaan asks her is she love him?

Anjali becomes speechless and struggles to reply to him. Vivaan tells he should have chosen better place to propose her but he don’t have to because for him wherever she is, is a best place and asks her to wait for a second and goes inside and brings ring for her. Anjali gets emotional and nods yes to his proposal. Vivaan makes her wear a ring and they both share a hug. Other side Sunita sees a photo and tells they both looks great together. She then receives a call from Indu. She decides to tell her about Rahul and Anjali but decides not to as there is so much going on. She answers the call.

They both inquires about each other’s health. Indu then tells Sunita that she planned something and she hopes everything works according to that. Sunita encourages her by saying it will happen as per her wish only. They both then talks about Ritesh also Rahul. Sunita gets happy when Indu praises Rahul for his dedication and calls him a trustworthy person. Indu questions Sunita for asking more details about Rahul and showing so much interest. Sunita says it’s her who started talking about Rahul nothing else. They both then cuts the call.

Ritesh and Rahul comes home. Ritesh tells Rahul to just make sure both the custody case and the upcoming film project is really important for him and he don’t want to lose in those. Rahul assures him he won’t. Ritesh then asks him a pen drive in which previously he is framed as a drug addict but he has collected the evidence. Rahul tries to take the pen drive but the ring box falls from his pocket.

Ritesh takes it and questions him. Rahul tells a lie but Ritesh catches him off guard and demands him an answer. Rahul pleads him to return him the ring also promises to tell him everything. He then reveals its for Anjali. Ritesh gets happy. Rahul says nothing is confirmed yet so asks him to not to say this to anyone. Ritesh agrees but asks Rahul to call Anjali and the latter obliges and calls her. Anjali enters her house. She is in a call with Vivaan. She promises to meet him again then says she loves him and cuts the call.

She then answers Rahul’s call and when he asks her to meet her she tells him to meet her at 7pm. Rahul agrees. Ritesh wishes him good luck. Later Anjali tells her friend over a call about the way Vivaan proposed her. She then hears a door bell and realises it’s Rahul so goes and opens the door. Rahul goes inside. He becomes nervous and acts weird. He then finally takes a ring out from his pocket and shows it to Anjali. Other side Zoon tells Sameer this is not how the project has to be done. Sameer scolds her then leaves the place. Zoon calls him a bad father and gets upset.

Precap: Zoon tells Indu about her school project which isn’t completed yet. She also shares her worry that she may face her teacher’s wrath. Indu assures her to help her. Later they both plays happily. Kadambari arrives there and glares at Indu. Indu looks on shocked.

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