Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 9th December 2022 Written Update: Kaamna regrets her actions

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 9th December 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Indu advices Zoon to have food without creating any drama. She further asks her to go to sleep and asks what if she don’t get sleep then what she will do. Zoon tells her she asks someone else to read her a story. She also says as per Dolly’s suggestion she note it down parents works in her note book. Indu praises her. Dolly comes there and asks both Indu and Zoon where they are going. Indu tells her Sunita’s health is worsened so she is going to visit her. Dolly encourages her to also assures her about Zoon’s safety. Indu and Zoon hugs each other. Kadambari arrives there and shouts at Indu asking where is she taking Zoon with her.


Indu smiles and says nowhere because Zoon is her daughter and gives Zoon to her saying its her responsibility to take care of her then leaves the place. Kadambari gets confused. Kaamna in her room recalls Sameer’s behavior towards her and cries hard. She regrets all her actions. Indu reaches the Raina’s house. Rajender informs her Sunita is stable now after getting injected. Indu gets relieved. She then asks them what happened to Sunita all of sudden to took this much stress.

Both Rajender and Asha looks at Anjali and the latter says it’s not her who created the misunderstanding. Indu gets confused and asks any one of them to tell her what happened exactly. Asha tells Indu everything. Indu asks Anjali don’t she think she has to inform about her and Vivaan liking each other. Anjali tells this is new for them too. She further adds that she don’t understand their mother who asks her to break all ties with Vivaan just because he is Sameer’s brother. Indu tells Vivaan is a nice guy and tells Anjali she will talk to Sunita and make her understand about it. Anjali thanks her.

Later Indu calls Ritesh and informs him Sunita is stable now. She also inquires about Zoon. Ritesh assures her about Zoon’s well being. Indu thanks him. He tells her he is Zoon’s father. Indu apologises to him for thanking him. Other side Vivaan receives a call from Anjali and the latter informs him everything. Vivaan insists to go to the Raina’s but Anjali stops him. Here Ritesh asks Indu the reason behind Sunita’s sudden health issue.

Indu tells him it’s a big story which she will tell him after she returns. Ritesh agrees. He then receives a call from Writer who informs him that Rahul isn’t answering his calls which surprises Ritesh. He agrees for the next day. He then calls Rahul. Rahul arrives there. Ritesh questions him for not answering the calls. Rahul apologises and says that he will talk to the writer about the meeting schedule of next day. Ritesh asks him about his proposal for Anjali. Rahul changes the topic saying he don’t want to discuss about it while working. Ritesh gets confused. The ring box drops to the floor. Vivaan arrives there on a call with Anjali. Ritesh demands Rahul to tell him what happened.

Rahul tells Ritesh that Anjali loves Vivaan and the latter proposed her earlier. He further says that he truly loves Anjali so she wants her happiness only so he didn’t proposed her. He don’t want neither Anjali nor to learn about this. Ritesh promises not to tell this to anyone but he sees Vivaan who enters the room. Rahul apologises to Vivaan. Vivaan tells Rahul he don’t have to apologise to him. Anjali also agrees with Vivaan. Vivaan forwards his hand and tells Rahul they are friends hereafter. Rahul forces a smile and shakes hands with him.

Kadambari asks Zoon to have salad but Zoon refuses. Kadambari grows frustrated. She then receives a call from Kalpana who informs her, her case is getting complicated so she is not going to help her then cuts the call. Kadambari gets furious and annoyed. She asks Zoon to go to bed hungry if she don’t want to have salad then leaves the place. Ritesh in his room gets happy finally he can able to have his entire bed.

He gets annoyed not finding the charger so he calls Indu and the latter informs him where it is. Indu then complains to Vivekv when she receives call for the second time from Ritesh asking about his towel. Vivek tells Indu they both started liking one another without realising. Indu refuses to believe it. Vivek leaves the house. Both Ritesh and Indu wonders why they are missing their partner. Zoon wakes up Kadambari and tells her she isn’t feeling sleepy so she asks her to tell her a story. Kadambari takes her with her to kitchen to give her warm milk.

She asks Dolly’s help but the latter refuses. Zoon asks she wants chocolate syrup to be added. Kadambari does but Zoon tells her teeth will get stained. Kadambari gets frustrated so she pushes Zoon away. Ritesh saves Zoon from falling down. He then shouts at Kadambari for her behavior. Kadambari defends herself. Ritesh warns her also tells her hereafter Zoon will stay with them only and asks Kadambari to do whatever she wants to. Kadambari looks on shocked.

Precap: Indu tells Ritesh that she wants Kadambari to learn not only giving birth is difficult but also being there for a kid and fulfill their every needs as they grow up is difficult which she is planning to make Kadambari realise. Ritesh asks her for that she is using their daughter? He won’t send Zoon back as she may suffer. Indu tells him that she will never use Zoon which he knows well. Zoon tells Ritesh that he wants to help Indu. Ritesh looks on.

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