Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Weekly Update: Indu becomes a mother to an abandoned child.

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This week Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai episode starts with Indu waking up hearing the baby’s cry. She and Anjali struggles to calm down the baby. Sunita comes there and sees Indu is struggling so she helps her to take care of the baby also scolds Indu for thinking motherhood is easy.

She then sings lullaby which makes everyone fall asleep. Sunita tells the baby she has to leave their life as she can’t afford her daughter’s life get spoiled because of her.

The next day Indu receives a gift from her brother Prasanth who asks her to fix the marriage date in November so that he can also get a chance to be part of her marriage. Indu breaksdown.

Indu holds the baby and makes a promise to take care of her like her own mother. Indu takes the baby to the hospital to get the baby vaccinated. She gives her name as the baby’s mother. Ritesh comes to the hospital with an injured hand.

He sees Indu and recalls the moment he saw her and smiles watching her from outside the doctor’s room. Ritesh tells Rahul that he saw the girl who he saw the other day in rain but Rahul drag him to the doctor.

Indu other hand asks Vivek to stay with the baby she will go and buy the things that needed for baby’s accusation. Sunita asks Rajender to advice Indu. She and Rajender gets shocked seeing Mahesh who asks them about Indu’s whereabouts.

Sunita alerts Vivek about Mahesh. Vivek worries and goes to search for Indu leaving the baby with the nurse. The nurse leaves the baby alone to answer a phone call.

Ritesh convinces Rahul and goes to search for Indu but he meets the baby and cleans up her after learning she needs a diaper change then leaves the room after the nurse comes there. Mahesh meets Indu in the hospital and tries to harm her.

He then learns that baby belongs to Indu so he takes it with him and threatens to kill the baby. Ritesh saves the baby and beats Mahesh for trying to hurt the baby. Indu gets relieved after Vivek informs her the baby is safe.

Rahul takes Ritesh with him meawhile Indu goes to her baby and enquires the nurse about the one who saved the baby but the nurse tells even she failed to notice who it is.

Rahul gets upset with Ritesh for the stunt he pulled in the hospital to save the baby. Ritesh apologises to Rahul. Rahul then takes Ritesh to the hospital to aid his wound. Rajender and Sunita gets into an argument after Sunita calls the baby an unlucky one.

Indu and Vivek meets Ritesh’s doctor and pleads him to let her meet him to thank him but the doctor refuses so Indu asks him to convey the message along with the Kheer she made for the saviour and leaves. Ritesh expresses how he is upset with the baby’s parents for their irresponsible behavior and refuses to accept the Kheer box.

Later Indu tells Sunita the baby’s importance in her life and pleads her to accept the baby. Sunita accepts it making Indu and the family members happy. Indu names the baby as Zoon and tells she is her Zoon.

After five years Indu tells how the life’s of Raina’s has changed in the past five years and Zoon is there to make her life a lot easier and calls Zoon. Zoon sees the kids are playing and gets happy when one kid succeeds.

Vivek comes there and questions her why she isn’t playing with other kids. Zoon tells him how the kids are making fun of her inability to walk. Vivek makes Nikhil who bothers Zoon to apologises to her and wishes the good luck for the first day of her school.

Zoon expresses her love for Ritesh and pleads Indu to take her to his movie after she returns from school. Ritesh gets excited about his new film release.

Zoon gets sad seeing the kids with both parents but Indu tells her she is special so she have both father and mother in one person. Indu gets worried about disclosing the truth of Zoon’s mother to her. In the classroom the kids makes fun of Zoon for not having a father which makes Zoon sad.

Ritesh gets his new car keys and goes to a room where his mother is seen in a paralyzed state. He refuses to meet her and let Rahul meet her on his behalf. Rahul talks to Ritesh’s mother and tells her everything about Ritesh’s life.

He then comes out and asks Ritesh when he is planning to meet her to which Ritesh tells that he is the reason behind her condition so he may never meet her.

Ritesh decides to thank Indu who helped him to get his car get an early registration. Indu thinks it’s a prank call first but after realising its indeed Ritesh who called her she also thanks him for helping her take a most important decision in her life.

They both wishes each other a bright future. Later Indu gets worried when Anjali informs that Zoon is not in the school so she and Anjali goes to where Ritesh’s movie is getting released.

Indu becomes restless thinking something bad is going to happen when she fails to find Zoon. Ritesh comes to the same theatre and his fans goes crazy seeing him.

In the next week viewers will get to see that Indu will search for Zoon in the crowded theater. Ritesh will enter the theatre. Zoon will decide to put the tilak on Ritesh’s cutout.

She will try to put the tilak but misses her balance. Indu will get shocked seeing Zoon from far. Ritesh will notice Zoon and hurries to save her.

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