Bondita’s shocking request from Anirudh: Barrister Babu

Colors show Barrister Babu is gearing up for high voltage drama.

Trilochan forces Suamti to take Bondita back with her. He asks her to somehow manage to convince Anirudh. Sumati then will fetch a plan and will ask Bondita to go and ask Anirudh’s permission to let her go with her. Bondita will stand shocked.

What next will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

In the so far episode it is seen, Suamti thinks Bondita is happy in her in-laws house but she is here to snatch her happiness. Bihari comes and tells to Sumati that Trilochan is looking for her. Bondita introduces Bihari to Sumati.

Ahead, Trilochan asks Sumati if she remember why he called her here. Sumati in the flashback recalls about Trilochan’s word. Trilochan in the flashback was seen getting angry on her for not teaching Bondita good habits. He further demands her to take away her daughter and send her back only after her habit of wetting bed is cured. Trilochan tells about Binoy and Anirudh’s challenge and scared Sumati saying if Binoy will win than Bondita never be able to come back to Roy’s house ever. He says to avoid this there is only one solution and that is take Bondita back with her beforehand. Back to reality; Trilochan asks Suamti what is her decision.

Sumati says she will take away her daughter. Trilochan then takes promise from Sumati to never disclose to Anirudh that he is behind sending Bondita home.

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