Brahmamudi: Aparna gets back to normal

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Maa TV’s popular show Brahmamudi serial is attracting audiences with its fresh storyline.
As reported earlier Kavya comes to talk to Aparna. Aparna tries to leave but Kavya stops Aparna and tries to tell her that she didn’t know about Aparna’s decision if not he wouldn’t have given money to Shanta.

Aparna asks Kavya why is she speaking as her position is already stable. Kavya says if she makes a small mistake she will fall down from a high place. Aparna makes a comment and says she will not change her decision.

While everyone sits at the dining table, Aparna sits separately. Indira asks Aparna if she will not eat with them. Aparna says that food is not prepared by her. Indira asks Aparna from when is it that they are eating food made by themselves.

Aparna says it’s from today. Indira throws the property documents on the table and says if she wants to live separately then she can also separate the property and everyone can go their separate ways. Aparna gets shocked hearing this.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Kavya says to Aparna that if she stays away from them, Kavya will not have any trouble in making Raj hers. Kavya asks Aparna to think about it. Aparna gets shocked hearing this.
The next day Aparna asks Kavya if she served everyone coffee. Kavya says it’s ready and she will serve everyone.

What will happen next?
Will love bloom between Kavya and Raj?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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