Brahmamudi: Swaraj to meet Kavya

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Maa TV new show Brahmamudi serial is attracting audiences with its fresh storyline and it’s interesting to watch how the lives of Kavya and her sister change forever once they cross paths with the duggiraala brothers.
As reported earlier, In Swaraj’s childhood he goes to his friend’s party. Kanakam also brings her family to that party as her husband works there.

Swapna takes a few ice creams and tries to leave but Swaraj stops her and asks her to take only one ice cream. Swaraj and Swapna argue about it. Kavya also tries to help Swapna. Swaraj pushes Kavya and she gets hurt. Kanakam comes and asks Swapna how did her dress get torn.

Swapna lies saying Swaraj tore it. Swaraj says he didn’t. Kanakam argues with Sandeep’s mother and asks her to pay for the dress. Sandeep’s mother pays money to Kanakam and fires Kanakam’s husband. Kavya throws a rock without seeing it hits Swaraj.

A few years later Kankakam decides to get her daughters married to a rich household. She gets to know about Duggirala’s family and decides to get her daughter married to Swaraj. On another side, Swaraj hates dishonesty and Kavya is a sculptor and takes responsibility for her family.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to Kanakam will vow to get the passes and send her daughters to Duggirala’s house. Swaraj and Kavya get into an accident. Swaraj talks rudely about her work and offers her money.

Kavya gives him money and tells him to get treatment for his arrogance of money. Swaraj gets angry and asks Kavya to shut up. Kavya also tells Swaraj to shut up.

What’s in store for Swaraj and Kavya?

Will Kanakam be able to fulfill her dream?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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