Brahmarakshas 2 10th January 2021 Written Update: Kalindi saves Angad

Brahmarakshas 2 10th January 2021 Written Update on

Angad sees Madan wheelchair empty and thinks he can walk, Uma trusts Madan so much, but he doesn’t. Angad reads the book to find more about brahmarakshas and tears few pages.

Kalindi, Madan are walking on road, Kalindi says why God choose her, a weak person to kill strong brahmarakshas. Madan says inspector Shabana always supported him in search of brahmarakshas.

Shalini is walking across home in darkness, she sees Angad shadow and fears its brahmarakshas. Paridhi, Sid come home and hide seeing Angad but Damini comes there in drunken state. Paridhi says they got stuck in traffic and shows Sid as Angad, she is not recognizing in drunk state.

Minty gets sad, jealous seeing Sakshi close to Robin. She goes to her room and sits idle. Angad comes there and cheers her up, he says he will take few things of Kalindi as he is not marrying her, he will keep them as her memory.

Shalini brings Guru maa home and tells coconut turned black, but there are so many people here and asks Guru maa to identify who is brahmarakshas. Guru maa shows a crystal and glass catches current. She says brahmarakshas touched this glass some time back. She sees Kalindi and says if there is rakshas, there’s a person to kill rakshas too, Shalini tells Kalindi that brahmarakshas is in their house, Kalindi tells Guru maa everyone has expectations on her, she fears if she will be successful or not. Guru maa says when her father lifted her first time, he had so much trust on her. She motivates Kalindi.

Kalindi tells Madan that a lady told brahmarakshas is in their house, lady knows a lot about her, more then herself. Madan looks tensed, she asks if he isn’t trusting her words. He says he has full trust on her. He is worried as a family member died, brahmarakshas occupied dead body. He says they have to go to his home and read that book to get any clues on who is brahmarakshas.

Damini, Shalini are arguing as pandit they booked isn’t available now. Angad tries to go out but few girls stop him, they have orders not to let him go out till sangeet. Angad goes in and solves the argument saying he will bring pandit and asks Prithvi to let him go out. Prithvi tells the girls not to bother Angad.

Kalindi asks Madan to read the book fast, Madan says he has to read the pages where there are mantras to control brahmarakshas. He doesn’t find the pages and wonders how they disappeared. Kalindi says she knows who did this and goes out.

Balan alerts Prithvi to leave this marriage and escape, brahmarakshas will kill them all. Prithvi says he won’t leave his wealth and go anywhere. Vikram says if they die, there is no use of wealth. Prithvi says they can go if they want, Kalindi will save him and kill brahmarakshas. Balan asks why he trusts Kalindi so much, she is their enemy, if she finds the truth about that night, she won’t leave them alive. He will go away from here.

Angad tells Pandit to read mantras and gives him money, pounds which he won’t earn even doing 50 marriages. Pandit starts reading the mantras. Balan car stops and he sees tyre punctured. Brahmarakshas captures him and takes to forest and feels current shock, a trap set by Angad. Later Angad suffers current shock, Kalindi comes and saves him. She asks if he thought he can kill brahmarakshas by current shock. They save Balan and brahmarakshas disappears.

At home, Paridhi creates a fuss of Angad not being there, he would have gone out with Uma. Angad, Balan come home injured with Uma. Paridhi doesn’t care ab injuries and shouts at Angad. Shalini says Paridhi doesn’t see anything in anger. Paridhi shows fake concern. Angad says he went to bring fake pandit and saw Balan chacha’s car broke. He saved him and Uma also reached there to save them. Prithvi appreciates Uma for always being ready to help others. He tells Vikram to check Balan. Vikram does injection to Balan and wonders how he survived after brahmarakshas attack.

Kalindi tells everything to Madan, Madan asks why they brought the man home whom brahmarakshas attacked.

Balan wakes up and goes to kitchen in trance, he holds knife and attacks the chef who talks to him.

Paridhi, Angad sangeet starts and everyone dance, Sakshi gets angry seeing Minty, Robin dance. Angad feels jealous seeing Madan, Kalindi talking and makes Pari fall down during dance. Kalindi is going to check on Balan, Angad stops her and dances with her. Paridhi shouts suddenly and everyone sees Balan with knife. Balan came to give brahmarakshas message and says they all will die, he attacks Prithvi, Kalindi stands in front of Prithvi to save him. Angad tries to go to them but Paridhi stops him saying she is afraid, he says her father may die, but she is concerned about her life. Angad comes in front of Kalindi and hits Balan. Balan kills himself.

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