Brahmarakshas 2 14th March 2021 Written Update: Angad reaches Yug’s house

Brahmarakshas 2 14th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Paridhi coming out of gym and before she gets into car Brahmraksas comes to attack her but buaji stops him saying he won’t kill her as people will get to know about her. Brahmraksas harms Buaji.

Kalindi sees the dog and gets afraid. She says to Yug that she can’t stay here anymore. She feels suffocated here. Yug says we’ll take you to safe place. Kalindi notices Buaji’s wound. Buaji hides it. Angad thinks to offer money to Yug so that he leaves Chandni alone.

Yug stops car in the middle saying the car has technical problem. He goes outside leaving Kalindi alone. He transforms into Brahmraksas and tries to attack Kalindi. Kalindi gets petrified. Buaji stops the Brahmraksas. Yug comes with gun acting to save Kalindi. Kalindi requests him that she wants to stay in his house as the Brahmraksas is trying to attack me whenever I am out.

Kalindi apologises to Buaji saying she didnt know that she got injured because of the rakshas. Kalindi goes to take first aid box. She overhears that Yug is risking his life to save Kalindi. Angad rings the doorbell. Kalindi was about to open the door but in real Angad gets wrong address. Angad says means Yug has lied about his address.

Buaji manipulates Kalindi saying she doesnt even look at Yug. Yug is doing this for humanity only but you are heartless. Yug is getting backlashes because of you. But if you want to leave then go. Kalindi says sorry to her. She promises her to not disappoint her.

Shona tells Chandni that you will live a good life if you leave this house. Angad calls Chandni. He tells he needs help from her. Angad asks what she thinks about Yug. Chandni says Yug is loyal and fulfills his duty properly. He got transferred 8 times. Angad wonders then he gave wrong address in police record. Angad tells Chandni to book her tickets for leaving. Shona says to Chandni that there’s no chance of patch up. You please leave. Chandni gets shocked.

Minti calls Chandni and she gives good news to her saying she is pregnant. Chandni gets happy and Minti says Chandni will stay by her side from now on. Chandni starts melodrama saying I won’t be here to see the child.

Angad gets doubtful about Yug saying he doesnt believe that Yug is loyal. He has some mystery for sure. Why he is behind Chandni. Minti asks Angad why does he want to throw Kalindi out of the house? Angad says I am doing right. Don’t give me advice. Minti doesnt tell Angad about her pregnancy. Chandni says it was slip of my tongue. I didn’t want to say anything to her. Angad says your tricks will get failed.

Seeing Kalindi doing household work Yug gets impressed and gives her some pocket money. Buaji says Yug is slowly trusting you Kalindi as he is allowing you to touch his stuffs. Kalindi says she also started trusting him. She opens the drawer and sees something.

Chandni was about to leave. Everyone tries to stop her. Robin says Kalindi saved me. I can’t let her leave this house like this. Chandni says don’t take stress Minti. Angad gets to know from Robin that Minti is pregnant. Angad gets happy and asks why Minti didnt inform him before. Minti says I tried to tell you first. But you did this drama by getting Kalindi out of the house. Chandni thinks now Angad will stop her for sure. Angad stops Chandni. Chandni smiles and agrees. Minti thinks to bring Angad and Chandni together.

Chandni happily tries to have food but Minti says they will keep fast today. They suggest Chandni to keep fast as well for Angad. Angad says she can’t do it. Chandni takes up the challenge saying she won’t eat anything now. Kalindi here doesn’t feel like eating something.

Angad tries to find out about Yug’s truth. He meets Yug and offers him money. Yug says I can’t take this. I am loyal officer. I will put you behind bars for doing this. Angad says then why have you given wrong address? What are you trying to hide?

Yug thinks Angad is interfering too much. He feels before he finds out that he is a devil he should take the money from him. He takes the money and in return Angad tells Yug to stop chasing Chandni. One officer says to Angad that he has some other motive. He always rules over us. He is corrupted and thinks about himself only. That inspector gives real address of Yug to Angad. He tells him to find out Yug truth so that his true colors get revealed. Yug comes and Angad diverts his mind.

Paridhi eats food and breaks the fast. Chandni catches her and tells she is hungry too.

Yug meets the inspector. Inspector says he doesn’t want to work here. He knows Yug is planning something else. Yug transforms into Brahmraksas. That inspector gets afraid and tries to run away but gets killed by Yug.

Buaji pours water on ground and keeps electric wire on it to punish Kalindi. She send Kalindi there. Minti prays for Kalindi and Angad. Angad reaches Yug’s house and knocks at the door. Buaji opens the door and tells him to wait for Yug. Kalindi was about to walk on the electrifying water but hears some noise. Buaji hits Angad’s head with stick and he gets unconscious. Kalindi comes to see what happened.

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