Brahmarakshas 2 20th March 2021 Written Update: Kalindi gets emotional seeing Angad in the hospital

Brahmarakshas 2 20th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Buaji hitting Angad. Minti says seeing the bad weather something is wrong. Kalindi wonders where did Buaji go?

Buaji was about to kill Angad but Yug stops her saying Angad can’t be killed. As everyone knows him and they can get caught easily. Yug tells buaji to leave him in the jungle.

Angad’s family get shocked knowing Angad’s condition. They rush to see him in the hospital. Kalindi gets hurt while picking up a glass part. She feels Angad’s pain and thinks why is she getting such a weird feeling as if her loved one is hurt.

Chandni gets tensed for Angad and goes from the hospital to do some work. Kalindi prays to Kali ma. Here Chandni too reaches temple of Kali ma and rings temple bell. Angad’s condition gets worse. Chandni says to God that she broke her fast that’s why maybe Angad is in that condition. She asks for apology. She prays for Angad’s well being. She says she’ll change herself fully. She promises that she will try to be worthy for getting Angad’s love. She says please save Angad. Kalindi here also prays and says why does she feel like something from her past is calling her.

Angad gains his consciousness. Shakti says because of Chandni Angad got better. He won’t waste time anymore. He will get them married soon.

Yug gives present to Kalindi as she is doing so much for him. Kalindi says means you don’t have problem that I do job. Yug shows fake care for her saying he is worried for her whenever she goes outside. A bangle falls from Yug’s pocket. He tells it belongs to his mother. He says no girl will marry me as my job is risky. Buaji brainwashes Kalindi saying Yug really likes her and wants to marry her. Kalindi asks Yug do you want to marry me? Yug starts acting that Buaji can’t force her to marry him. He gave her shelter that doesn’t mean she has to marry him. Kalindi says she didn’t refuse to marry him but she needs time. Atleast one month. Kalindi asks Yug about her name and past life as she has no idea of it. She also wants to be independent. Yug says you will get job. Kalindi says you wont be there. I will handle my job on my own. Buaji gives a new name to Kalindi saying Your name is Gauri.

Chandni wakes up from sleep and wishes good morning to Angad. She says she can’t wait to marry him.

Kalindi and Yug put luggage in car. Kalindi sees bag filled with money. She asks you are also corrupted? What’s the truth. Yug says it’s stolen money. Yug puts the blame on Kalindi saying she was thief and stole the money. He thought of not sharing this with her now he couldn’t hide it anymore. Kalindi gets shocked. She says I have hurt many people’s emotions. I should be caged. Yug says he trusts her. She has now changed and should move on with her life. Kalindi develops a good impression about Yug. Yug tells Kalindi’s job will be giving tuition children. Its not that easy as many teachers didn’t succeed before. Kalindi says she can handle them. Its a challenge for her.

Angad wakes up and Chandni tells him to calm down but Angad says he wants to go to police station, he knows who attacked him. Chandni goes outside and bumps into Yug. Yug says he is here for some vital work. He is not here to arrest her.

Kalindi tells children that they will have fun today they won’t study. Children bring snacks. But Kalindi gives them dry fruits as it’s good for memory. They eat them happily.

Angad says Yug is himself a disaster. He gets shocked knowing Yug saved him. Yug tells a fake story to him and says how he saved him. He says I know you came to my house. He reveals that Angad gave him money. Chandni gets upset over the fact that to get rid off her Angad offered money to Yug. Angad says for Minti only he offered money to him so that Yug leaves Chandni alone.

Kalindi reaches hospital with the girl. She says nut got stuck in her neck. She calls doctor to treat her. She tries to cure her and gives her water. Nurse praises Kalindi for giving CPR. She says Kalindi is experienced for sure. That girl’s mom comes angrily and accuses Kalindi for being careless with her child. She fires Kalindi.

Chandni drinks alcohol thinking about Angad’s words. She hears the chaos and Angad too hears it. Chandni feels sad and was about to leave but a nurse gives her a job of a nurse. She tells her to fill up the form. Angad suddenly feels uneasy and Kalindi comes there. She calls doctor. She holds his hand. Angad murmurs that he doesn’t want to live. Kalindi keeps her hand on his forehead. She cries. Angad tries to open his eyes and doctor comes.

Chandni and Kalindi were about to come face to face but they don’t see each other. Angad asks where is Kalindi. Chandni says I am here. Angad says I saw her. She was here. Doctor says its his delusion.

One girl doubts on Yug. She says why he doesn’t release them at one go. Why he is releasing them one by one. Rest of the girls support Yug saying their lives are in danger thats why Yug is doing it slowly. Yug comes and takes one girl with him. That girl who said against Yug disappears from that place and watches Yug with the other girl. Yug transforms himself into Brahmraksas and eats her. That girl gets shocked seeing Yug’s truth. She starts running.

Kalindi recalls Angad. She wonders why is she worried for him so much. That girl bumps into Kalindi saying that devil will kill all of us. Kalindi tries to calm her down. She takes her to Yug’s house.

Robin checks Minti’s BP. He becomes possessive for her. He thinks to call a caretaker. Kalindi tells Yug that she got fired. She got one nurse job. But she doesn’t care anymore. Yug says police can catch her she can’t be careless. Kalindi says she covered her face. Kalindi says about that girl who told her about Brahmraksas. Yug gets shocked. Kalindi says come with me and meet her. That girl also gets shocked seeing Yug there.