Brahmarakshas 2 27th March 2021 Written Update: Kalindi takes care of Minti

Brahmarakshas 2 27th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kalindi entering Angad’s house with her face covered. Angad looks at her. Chandni says today is our engagement and you are looking at other girls. Yug enters with another girl. Chandni asks Angad why he invited Yug. Angad says behave properly, dont think much. Party starts. Shona says to Chandni that she won’t drink today. Yug’s fake fiance behaves indifferently. Chandni doubts her. That girl starts dancing and drinks in front of her. Chandni gets the fact that its Yug’s fake girlfriend. Yug changes the topic and takes her with him outside. Yug loses his control and tries to become bramharakshas. Kalindi hand touches Yug’s hand. He feels Kalindi’s presence. That girl goes to washroom to vomit.

Yug tries to attack her there. He transforms into Brahmraksas. Minti knocks at the washroom as she is feeling uneasy. Kalindi comes there to give her support. Yug comes out of the washroom. His fake fiance also leaves. Kalindi goes to a room and sees her portrait. She thinks why her portrait is in this house. She opens a box and alarm starts ringing. Kalindi runs from there. Angad asks Chandni why she has stolen the necklace. Chandni says she didn’t do it. Everyone goes to see who is the thief. While running Kalindi hits one vase and it falls down. Angad’s brother sees her and tries to catch her. Everyone sees that the thief is missing. Minti looks for the nurse there. Kalindi starts walking on road and gets scared.

Yug tries to kill that girl in the forest by becoming Brahmraksas. She screams. Kalindi hears her voice and bumps into the guy who is Chandni’s partner. He thinks its Chandni. Kalindi tells him to leave her. He says he will handover her to police. Angad arrives and saves Kalindi. He says he will drop her. Kalindi hides her face.

Brahmraksas kills the girl and later Yug says to Angad that he will drop Kalindi. Angad mentions about Yug’s fake fiance. Yug lies and says why is Angad getting worried about her. Angad says he was just asking. He has his Kalindi. Kalindi thinks, that was the portrait of Angad’s fiance. Whose name is Kalindi. Kalindi tells Yug to drop her.

Robin says to Angad that he finally accepted Kalindi. Angad about Minti’s nurse. Minti comes and praises Kalindi. She tells that the nurse covered her face. Angad smiles and recalls he saved the same lady then. Robin wonders why Angad is smiling.

Kalindi says that portrait was not hers. She says when she first saw Angad she felt a connection with him. But she is not Kalindi. She remembers the promise she made to Yug. She says Yug saved my life. Yug comes and says Angad misunderstood after seeing me with another girl. Kalindi says you don’t need to explain. She asks Yug for how long he knows Angad. Kalindi says are you two friends? Yug thinks did Kalindi remember everything? Yug says he doesn’t know about Angad much. Kalindi asks he got engaged to whom? Yug tells her to take rest. Kalindi thinks how come Yug doesnt know about Angad’s fiance.

Chandni plans for Holi celebration with Angad’s mom. Angad asks about the nurse in the hospital. Chandni wonders why Angad is worried for that nurse. Kalindi talks to Priyanka that she is really scared to enter Mehra house again as Angad’s fiance is her lookalike. People will question her. Kalindi tells the nurse that she wants to quit. Even if she works but she has some conditions. Angad tells about Kalindi’s conditions that she needs privacy, Noone will talk to her when she will be with Minti. Chandni grows suspicious and thinks she will get Kalindi out of the house as she finds something fishy. She won’t work properly.

Shalini and Prithvi get mad at Chandni and plan to get her out of the house Prithvi says because of Minti Kalindi got permission to stay here. We will destroy the reason and she will be out.

Shalini tells Chandni that dried cow dunks are ready. Chandni says why are you behaving sweetly all of a sudden. Shalini says she will become Angad’s wife. How will she hate her. Chandni teases Shalini and gives her more work. Shalini mixes papaya powder in the milkshake which Chandni gives to Minti. Shalini thinks now everyone will blame Chandni for Minti’s miscarriage.

Minti tells Chandni to do champi before drinking the milk shake. Minti gets emotional. She says she spent her childhood with Kalindi. Chandni gives the milkshake to Minti but she hears nurse has come. Minti meets her and says her voice is familiar. She says they accepted her conditions. Kalindi tells Minti to change her clothes first. Chandni warns Kalindi that she will stay in her limits. She tells Kalindi to show her face as she doubts her Kalindi stops Chandni from removing the dupatta from her face.

Angad takes Chandni aside. He says why you talked rudely to her. Chandni says she was just trying to see her face as she can hide something. She hasn’t give any details. Angad tells you don’t need to worry. You are unknown and suspicious to me not that nurse.

Minti was about to drink the milkshake but Kalindi saves her saying fly has fallen on the milkshake. Kalindi does champi of Minti. Minti feels happy and falls asleep. Kalindi thinks why she feels a connection with Minti.

Holika dehen starts. Everyone dances. Yug tries to find Kalindi. This side Kalindi feels uneasy seeing the fire. Her dupatta catches fire and Kalindi starts running. Angad notices and rushes to save her. Dupatta removes from Kalindi’s face and Angad sees her from behind. Kalindi gets shocked.

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