Brahmarakshas 2 28th February 2021 Written Update: Chandi makes preparations for Ishaan and Sona’s marriage

Brahmarakshas 28th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yug calling Chandni as Viper. Robin states that she’s his Babs but he doesn’t listen. He brings handcuffs for her but Angad stands on her way. He says that he’s her fiancée from a reputed family. He asks Yug to bring court order in order to arrest her. Yug agrees to do the same. Angad holds Chandi and takes her with him. Chandi feels like it’s her dream and gets happy.

Maya says that it’s her who convinced their parents to separate them as they were born in same star. She says that the moment they get united both Iravat and his brother Brahmarakshas will be dead. Iravat was getting ready when suddenly he stops hearing her words. He says now he will do whatever he says and hypnotises Maya. He says that she will now listen to only his words. She goes to get food for him.

Chandi and everyone are at car along with Angad. She’s still happy as Angad took stand for her. Kalindi still hears voices calling her. She shouts for help. Angad hears it and stops the car. He gets down from the car and goes to check despite everyone’s protests. Angad hears gunshot and everyone takes him with them.

Kalindi finds Yug at the start of tunnel and pleads him that she’s not Chandi. He says that he knows it and apologizes for doubting her. He asks her to trust him but she still doubts him. Angad’s family comes home and Minty excitedly tells Shalini and Prithvi about goons. The whole family notices Ishaan and Sona stealing glances. They tease them and Minty gives her ring for him to propose. Ishaan proposes Sona in front of the everyone and she accepts. Angad takes Chandi aside and warns her ro leave right after Ishaan and Sona marriage.

Kalindi is at Yug’s place and recalls him saving her from cave. He says that he will take her to his home and she can stay with his family until he catches the real culprit. Kalindi is confused and lost in thoughts. Chandi is in love with Angad and wants to become Kalindi for him. Yug introduces Maya as Surekha didi to Kalindi and she believes him. Maya is controlled by Iravat who answers Kalindi’s questions as instructed by Iravat.

 Kalindi recalls Maya saving her and asks about her family. Maya assures her that she will soon get her memories back. Chandi wakes up Angad for marriage preparations. Angad finds Chandi completing almost all the works and gets irritated. Pari swears to find Chandi’s truth somehow. Chandi takes Angad’s measurements for sherwani while admiring him. Angad’s mother gives her money for shopping but Angad snatches it before Chandi could eye it. He accompanies her for shopping.

Iravat haves her food with Yug and Yug mocks a hypnotised Maya. Brahmarakshas reveals his intentions to marry Kalindi so that he could be alive forever. Yug leaves to hunt human for his food while Iravat asks Maya to bring pan. After they leave, its revealed Maya is out of the hypnotism and decides to say the truth to Kalindi before the hypnotism takes over her again.

Angad is keeping an eye on Chandni and makes sure she doesn’t steal the money. They both bicker while Chandni helps Sona with her shopping. A driver and his ally is kidnapping a group of girls for girl trafficking. Suddenly their vehicle stops and one of the girl Palki goes to check. Brahmarakshas kills and eats her. The other girls get down and search for Palki. Brahmarakshas comes as Yug and pretends like rescuing them.

Pari finds police keeping an eye on their home and informs her parents about it. Prithvi goes dressed as a vendor and asks them the reason for eyeing their house. They say that they are here to catch Chandi. The police are about to identify Prithvi when he bribes them. Robin hears news about Brahmarakshas roaming around. Robin panics and calls Minty but she doesn’t pick up. He informs Angad about Minty and Chandi leaving for parlour. Minty comes home and says Kalindi has gone somewhere. Angad goes in search of her.

Precap : Brahmarakshas attacks Kalindi and shouts Angad’s name. Angad runs to her rescue while Kalindi falls unconscious.

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