Brahmarakshas 2 2nd January 2021 Written Update: Brahmarakshas is alive

Brahmarakshas 2 2nd January 2021 Written Update on

Brahmarakshas brings unconscious Kalindi to marry, Prithvi, Shalini are tied to a wall. Gehna asks him to bring Kalindi to mandap, time has come after 16 years, today is Amavasya Diwali. Brahmarakshas turns as Vardhan and starts wedding rituals. Kalindi becomes partially conscious and remembers flashes of childhood, she prays kali maa to save her or send any ansh to save her. Angad gets conscious and proceeds to save Kalindi. Gehna tells Prithvi to do kanyadaan, Shalini says they are not Kalindi parents, why should they do. Gehna warns to throw them in havan fire, Prithvi hand shivers but places Kalindi hand into Vardhan’s. Gehna says now she will do gathbandan, then they can take wedding vows. Angad stops Uma.

Guru maa comes to kali mandir, Kalindi’s father and she pray to mata rani to give strength to Kalindi to kill Brahmarakshas.

Angad pours milk on Kalindi and she becomes fully conscious. She says this marriage will not open, Gehna warns to kill her. Kalindi opens gathbandan and says she will die but won’t marry Vardhan. She and Angad remove ropes and free Prithvi, Shalini. Angad hugs Kalindi, Vardhan turns Brahmarakshas, everyone get afraid. Angad gives mata rani kadak to Kalindi and motivates her to kill Brahmarakshas, she has the power to do it. Vardhan bends on his knees and requests Kalindi not to kill him. Angad asks her not to believe Vardhan, its his trap, he found everything about Vardhan, Brahmarakshas killed him and took his body, Vardhan turns Brahmarakshas and Kalindi attacks him and kills him.

Shalini thanks Kalindi for saving all their lives risking her life, Kalindi says she didn’t do it alone, Angad has big part in it, he came in time and poured milk on her, otherwise she wouldn’t have had power to think and act, he brought mata rani kadak and made her realise her power to kill rakshas. Angad says she killed rakshas, he didn’t do much, both credit each other.

Minty says she should have been in same car as Kalindi, they separated for a while and so much happened. Kalindi tells her not to worry, rakshas died and her sister is fit and fine. Kalindi sees Angad injury and asks Paridhi if there’s first aid kit in car, Angad says he is fine, Kalindi says pain will increase if she doesn’t treat now and takes him near car. Paridhi hugs her parents and says she realized her love for them when they were on verge of death.

Kalindi asks Angad where he was when she came to his room. Angad says its a long story, Madan said she is born to kill rakshas and told about mata rani kanjar, it was in temple but few years back, due to toofan, it got scattered somewhere and Madan also don’t know its location, so he went to forest and digged the ground near temple, after lot of digging, he found kanjar but its connected to a tunnel and it fell on him. Kalindi asks if he was buried in mud, how he came out.

Angad says he tried a lot, but couldn’t come, a man helped him, that man was weak and old, but his heart is strong to save him. A pillar fell on the man and he tried to save him, but the man told him to go and give it to girl who will kill brahmarakshas. So he came out, Kalindi asks he left the man in trouble who saved him, Angad says that man took his promise and said to leave. Kalindi says the man seems to be living in temple for years, he saved her when she went to temple escaping from rakshas. They have to go and see the man.

Angad shows the pillar and says man is supposed to be under it and lifts it, they don’t see anyone, Angad says he was not in position to go himself, some one must have helped him.

Police recover Vardhan body and officer feels bad that his body is badly used by rakshas, she tells them to hand over the body to his family and make sure his final rituals are done with respect. They find a bangle and officer says she saw the same bangle with Vardhan’s aunty, she asks if they found her body, inspector says may be aunty escaped fearing the fight here.

Gehna and Brahmarakshas are in forest. Gehna says no one knows his secret, he will only die when his heart is broken into 2 pieces.

2 months later, Angad, Paridhi wedding rituals are happening, Kalindi brings haldi. Angad and Kalindi look at each other and remember flashback how Paridhi was about to jump from terrace as she won’t get Angad, Prithvi brings her down but Paridhi puts knife to her neck and says she will die without Angad. Kalindi stops Paridhi and says Angad will be hers, she won’t come near Angad, she promises to Shalini. Angad hears it and feels disappointed. He confronts Kalindi that she has no right to sacrifice his love.

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