Brahmarakshas 2 3rd April 2021 Written Update: Prithvi and Shalini’s ploy against Kalindi

Brahmarakshas 2 3rd April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with doctor telling Angad that Chandni is alright. Nothing is serious. Chandni gains her consciousness and feels is she dreaming that Angad is taking care of her. Chandni says how can that speaker blast? Shalini and Prithvi try to make excuses. Angad says he will call police. Prithvi got scared.

Yug behaves rudely with other constables. He says he will go to the Angad’s house alone for investigation.

Chandni says she couldn’t experience the feeling while Angad lifted her up. She tells Robin and Minti to romance with each other so that she can remember something. Chandni feels good. She gets to know from Minti Yug has come for blast investigation.

Yug investigates saying noone should touch the stuffs which were there during blast. Angad says no outsider was present. Angad says Yug is finding ways to catch Chandni. Kalindi behind cover gets shocked. She feels she can’t get caught because of Yug. Her truth can’t be revealed. Shalini and Prithvi got tensed as well. Yug takes everyone’s pictures. Chandni tells about Kalindi that she can’t avoid showing her face. Its part of investigation. Yug supports Chandni. Angad says nurse has certain conditions. He decides everyone will turn around and won’t see nurse’s face. Yug gets shocked seeing Kalindi. Yug doesnt tell anyone about this.

Kalindi meets Yug. She thanks him for hiding her truth. She says she is feeling guilty. Yug says everything happens for good only. He says she did good by covering her face. Yug mistakenly says he knows Chandni is her lookalike. Kalindi says why he didn’t tell her before. Yug says he just met Chandni casually. Yug says Kalindi should quit the job as she can face problem due to her lookalike. Kalindi thanks him again.

Angad feeds Chandni food. Chandni gets romantic with Angad. She tells him to clean her face again and again. Angad gets irritated. Robin teases Angad saying he really cares for Kalindi.

Iravat tells Yug Kalindi met Chandni finally. Though we tried hard to stop her. Yug tells how he is trapping Kalindi. She is feeling free and I’ll take advantage of it. He then kills two passerby being Brahmraksas.

Shona tells Chandni that Angad took care of her by staying awake whole night. Chandni gets surprised and she thanks Shona for telling her such a good news.

Yug gets worried regarding Kalindi working in Angad’s house. Its not a good sign for him. Forensic report of the blast comes and Prithvi enters in the meantime. He asks about the report to Yug. Yug suspects him saying means Prithvi is behind this. Prithvi pleads with him saying please save me. Yug agrees and tells him that he will get the nurse out of the house. Prithvi agrees.

Kalindi gets to know Priyanka is alright now. She was looking for Kalindi. Nurse gives credits to Kalindi for showing care to Priyanka. Kalindi meets Priyanka and asks what happened to her. Priyanka tries hard to speak. Kalindi sees symbol of wolf on paper. She says she will find out what Angad is hiding as she saw same picture in Angad’s house. Informer informs Yug about Kalindi’s arrival in hospital on different time. Yug grows suspicious.

Angad says to Robin he cant trust Yug. He will find out how the blast happened. Paridhi thinks in order to save Prithvi she has to divert Angad’s mind. She says she will give Angad head massage as he is exhausted. Angad gets ready.
Chandni interrupts saying she needs make up kits etc. Angad tells Paridhi to do it for Chandni. Chandni gets irked and warns Paridhi she won’t mess up anything.

Prithvi says he has to do something to destroy Kalindi. He says everyone loves that Kalindi. We became servants. Prithvi says he needs Paridhi to get their job done. Shalini says Paridhi is doing make up of Chandni. Prithvi says he has one idea.

Paridhi does bad make up of Chandni. Chandni gets shocked. Paridhi calls Angad saying he will hate her after seeing her like this. Kalindi comes to Chandni and saves her from getting electric shock. Chandni gets scared. Prithvi and Shalini notice them. Prithvi says he can harm Chandni by using nurse. Due to this Chandni will be dead and nurse will lose her hob.

Kalindi gets inside the secret room and tries to find out the truth. She thinks to take Angad’s help but hesitates. Angad turns on the light and asks Kalindi why is she here? He asks what is she searching. She can tell him. He will help her. Kalindi says sorry for disturbing you. She leaves. Angad says nurse is really weird. He sees symbols which Kalindi left. He thinks to go to hospital to know about that.

Kalindi hears Chandni’s voice. Chandni asks for food. Kalindi brings her food. Shalini smirks. Chandni says she wants Angad to feed her. Kalindi insists and she was about to feed the poisonous food but Chandni smells something bad. She throws the food. She gets shocked seeing dead poisonous insect in food. Chandni blames Kalindi. Shalini calls everyone. She instigates everyone against Kalindi. She says this nurse is really weird, who gives such conditions. Minti takes Kalindi’s side. Chandni rebukes her. Kalindi apologises to everyone. She quits the job. She leaves from there.