Brahmarakshas 2 5th December 2020 Written Update: Paridhi asks Sid to marry Kalindi

Brahmarakshas 2 5th December 2020 Written Update on

A newly married couple come to hotel as they booked honeymoon suite. Vardhan sees the bride from window, she is unable to walk suddenly due to Brahmarakshas. Her husband comes and asks why is she waiting here. She says her legs are not moving, he lifts her and takes her to room. She asks if he heard any sound, he says may be its from couples in next rooms.

Brahmarakshas breaks their room wall and takes the girl, her husband faints seeing animal attack his wife. Vardhan wife asks what did he do, she asks him to go, she will take care of the boy and girl. She goes to the boy room and asks what happened, he calls her Dadi and says demon killed his wife. She beats him and bell rings, she opens the door and boy escapes.

Shalini is pacifying Paridhi, she scolds Kalindi as Minty disguised as demon and made Paridhi afraid. Minty says she didn’t do any such. Kalindi says Minty came to party as she loves food like burger. Shalini says the amount of food Minty ate, Paridhi vomited that much in fear.

Kalindi is cleaning car, Angad pours water on her, she gets angry. Minty says she gave Paridhi number to Angad, her revenge will be taken. Minty says they have car and keys, they can escape. Kalindi asks her to stop.

Paridhi is working out as girls fall behind Angad, she wants Angad to fall behind her. She gets Angad voice message, calling her pretty, shy girl. Paridhi feels happy and puts chunri acting shy, she sends voice reply to Angad asking him to meet. Angad sees message and goes out. He sees Kalindi and sits in car beside her annoying her.

Prithvi and his friends are waiting for Vardhan, Vardhan comes and apologizes them for being late. He asks if his staff work well. Prithvi says they are his staff. Vardhan says he hired them for double salary. He says if he takes anything, he will return in double, he asks them to check their pockets. They see car keys, Vardhan says he is gifting them brand new cars, they feel happy but Prithvi says he doesn’t take gifts from strangers, he asks what is his intentions behind gifting them, what does he want.

Vardhan asks kali mandir trust, Prithvi asks what’s the price, he says he will give 3 times the amount they earned all these years. A man says they won’t give trust even if he gives 10 times more. Prithvi asks for 5 times the price, Vardhan agrees. Prithvi praises him to be good business man and invites him to dinner at their home.

Gehna is searching for boy, waiter comes and asks what are they doing, Vardhan controls waiter senses making him go away, boy runs out. Gehna asks Vardhan what did he do, controlling senses makes him power less, he says he couldn’t have let anyone harm her, she smiles. Brahmarakshas goes out and kills the boy. Vardhan is weak, Gehna says he can’t go to Prithvi house like this, he says he will gain his powers back. He goes to some den and applies something on body, he stands between fire and gains powers.

Prithvi tells about doing Angad and Paridhi roka tonight, Shakti and Damini say Angad is moody, he talks something in night and opposite in morning. Prithvi says Angad agreed for roka. They all feel happy, Shalini comes there with Paridhi, Angad is shocked as he is thinking Kalindi is their daughter till now.

He goes away and talks to Kalindi holding her hand, Shalini sees it and comes there, she scolds Uma, Angad says he thought she is their daughter, Shalini says Uma and her sister Rama are their servants, they treat servants as family giving them good clothes, so he might have misunderstood. Angad goes away. Shalini warns Kalindi to stay away from Angad.

Shalini asks Prithvi if guest eats veg or non-veg, Prithvi says he looks like vegetarian. Vardhan is eating meat, he praises Gehna cooking. She says she arranged it as Prithvi family may feed him vegetables. Shalini orders Kalindi to cook all vegetables. Kalindi starts chopping vegetables, Angad comes there and talks lovingly, she scolds him she is not that type of girl who falls for his money, she lives with self esteem. He goes away hurt.

Priest sees people mourning a boy’s death, he feels another bride is missing, he sees hotel card in the boy’s pocket and thinks what’s brahmarakshas connection with this hotel.

Paridhi hears Angad telling his brother that he wants to marry Kalindi. She calls her ex-boyfriend Sid and says she will continue her relationship with him after marriage if he marries Kalindi.

Kalindi is feeling bad for talking rudely with Angad, she shows anger on worker, Minty makes her realize her mistake. Kalindi says she will serve food to guest. Prithvi welcomes Vardhan, Shakti wonders who is he, Prithvi says he is working hard to repay Raghav bhai loans, what if something happens to him, so he is doing partnership with Vardhan, he will pay loan if anything happens to him.

Shakti praises him. Vardhan  asks where is Raghav family. Shakti says he is feeling sad to say this, but his best friend Raghav and his daughter died. Vardhan is shocked, Kalindi comes there. Vardhan skin turns into brahmarakshas partially. Kalindi hand shivers.

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