Brahmarakshas 2 6th March 2021 Written Update: Kalindi stops Angad from reaching Brahmarakshas

Brahmarakshas 2 6th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Angad going in search of Chandi. Kalindi dreams of her family calling her. Angad senses her presence. They both are very close to each other. Angad calls out for Kalindi when Robin calls him. Robin says that Chandi is back home and asks him to come back. Chandi gets affected by Angad’s voice and faints while Angad leave .

 Iravat is trying to make clay materials and asks Mahamaya to get rid of the waste clay. He hears the chants from dargah and starts dancing forgetting himself. In the meantime, Mahamaya enters Kalindi’s room and wars her to leave the place ss they are not good people. She opens the window and sends her out of it. Iravat stops dancing and finds Mahamaya missing. He goes to Kalindi’s room and finds Mahamaya lying on the floor wounded. She says that Kalindi escaped after beating her.

Kalindi is running on streets and finds Kali Maa temple. She runs there. Angad comes home and Chandi ones dressed there. She asks how’s she looking. Everyone praises her and asks Angad to say something too. Angad leaves without a word and runs sensing something. Angad and Kalindi are running towards each other.

Brahmarakshas follows Kalindi and is about to attack her. Kalindi faints shouting Angad’s name. Angad calls out for Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas rushes to him leaving unconscious Kalindi. Before Angad attacks Brahmarakshas Chandi takes him aside. He says that he needs to go as he heard a girl’s shout. Chandi stops him from getting near Brahmarakshas. Kalindi wakes up and wonders what happened to her. Angad is upset that he couldn’t save the girl and leaves angrily. Kalindi is walking alone when Brahmarakshas appears as Yug in front of her. Kalindi recalls Mahamaya warning her but Yug convinces her against it. He gets angry when she takes Angad’s name and injects her with drug. Kalindi loses her consciousness. Yug takes her with him.

Chandi tries to get romantic with Angad while Yug is taking Kalindi with him in car. He finds Angad and Chandi asking lift and immediately covers Kalindi’s face. They asks for lift in Yug’s car. Yug asks them to go in their own way. Kalindi starts getting conscious while Angad sa about hearing a girl’s shout. Yug gets in car and leaves. While leaving Kalindi’s hand touches Angad and Angad feels weird. Kalindi gains conscious and asks if she fainted and Yug says yes. Iravat doesn’t believe Mahamaya’s story. Iravat tests Mahamaya and believes that she’s still under his control.

 Kalindi comes there and hugs Mahamaya and expresses her trust on them. Mahamaya understands Kalindi is still not aware of their true colours and swears to stand by her side no matter what. Kalindi takes Mahamaya inside. Brahmarakshas doesn’t trust Mahamaya but Iravat says that she’s still under his control. Brahmarakshas warns that whatever happened now shouldn’t repeat. He says that now all he needs to do is keep Kalindi away from Chandi and marry her.

Angad installs CCTV cameras around the house ro catch Brahmarakshas. Chandi says about how she prevented Angad from fighting with Brahmarakshas. The family praises her. Angad takes her aside and warns her to hand over to police if she embarrass him one more time. Prithvi and Shalini find out that Chandi is a viper. Sona calls Chandi for haldi while Chandi plans something according to her style. Chandi finds Angad ready to cook. She decides to make use of the situation. Chandi offers to help Angad and goes with him to kitchen. She tries romancing with him in kitchen but Angad paid no interest disappointing her. Chandi uses Minty to convince Angad for playing with her.

Haldi function starts and the first game is paper dance. Angad participated uninterested with Chandi but Chandi tries getting close with him. Prithvi and Shalini plan something while Chandi invites Angad for challenge. Angad acts like getting hurt and Pari takes him aside irking Chandi. Brahmarakshas attacked another girl.

Prithvi meets with Yug to arrest Chandi as she’s a thief. He asks him to come back with proof that she’s not Kalindi but Chandi. Prithvi agrees and is about to leave when he spots a women’s ring. Yug scares and makes him leave. Precap : Prithvi mixes drugs in everyone’s juice. Angad blasts out at Chandi. Yug attacks Chandi.

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