Brewing doubts to expose of truth, the equations of relationships are about to change: Find out the happening of Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 this week

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 Weekly Update

The discussion about popular and cult TV shows set up against a rural backdrop with a social issue will never be fulfilled if we don’t discuss Pratigya. Star Plus one of the most popular shows, which made a huge impact on the minds of viewers during on air was – “Mann Ki Awaz – Pratigya”. After almost nine years the show is back on the sister channel Star Bharat and is made and produced by popular maker Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Cut production. Like the previous season the cast of the show remained unchanged in this season as well. As a result people are free to enjoy the same flavour and rawness off the show. Not to forget the onscreen couple of Pooja Gor and Arhaan Behl are also back as Pratigya Singh Thakur and Krishna Thakur. The show has already picked up its pace and is intense enough to make you feel thrilled.

Wellness today’s revolving around a murder mystery and everyone and the show is getting connected to it unnowingly. In the upcoming episodes, spelling for the first share of climax where the enforcement of gulf is going to come in forth of many people apart from Krishna and now Komal. Also on the other hand, Balwant Singh is on his own mission find out the agendas of Krishna behind helping him out in Chandan murder case.

Well the week started dramatically when Balwant had the first seed of doubt for the Singh family with Garv. He is not only a mafia person but also a very attentive human being who can find out the odds if it is really odd. Garv getting scared of him in the holi party made him wonder what made that little boy shake up the moment he spotted me. As usual he tries to know the reality of it and tries to interrogate Garv in private. Garv, who is already scared due to his own fault , panicked. However, Pratigya saves the day for him as she is reached there on time. Krishna gets more impulsive and protective about his son when he comes to know about this incident later on.

Amidst all the tensions and pressure, Pratigya arranges for a romantic night with her husband. She is not happy to see the way Krishna is being so not attentive towards her these days. However, Krishna was still not able to enjoy the most beautiful thing of his life due to the tension of Garv and Pratigya can clearly see that.

The real blow comes on Krishna when his entire plan to shut the case for once and all goes extremely wrong. Radhe, who went to confess his crime of hitting Chandan with his car, was murdered by Balwant and his men without any clue for any sign. It was like an unresolved incident. Krishna is really heartbroken and guilt ridden after getting to know that Radhe got killed only because of him.

He couldn’t hold on to this burden anymore and finally there was a point when he opened up and Komal also got a doubt regarding something mysterious happening with Garv and Krishna. On the other hand Pratigya gets evidence from the place of crime which actually made her scared. Balwant comes down to the haveli of Sajjan singh to get hold of Shakti. Shakti, who has no idea about the reason for his arrival, got really offended by the way he was dragged outside of his house.

However for the first time after 9 years Sajjan Singh again takes up weapons in his hand for the sake of his family which really foreshadows the upcoming events where he will again go back to his old self not for destruction but for protection of his family members. Pratigya, who gets really scared to see Sajjan Singh in his old form, tries to bury the topic on the carpet in front of her daughter. Krishna is mentally extremely disturbed due to the incidence of Radhe, comes back home drunk after nine years making Sajjan and Pratigya more worried about the unknown truth. Shakti, who is on hold of accusations for the accidents due to a small piece of evidence in the crime scene, discovered a shocking truth from his son Samar. On the other hand, Balwant finally discovered that Krishna is very much connected to the same Singh family and most importantly he is the husband of Pratigya who is actually fighting his case in the court. So much of coincidences from the same source which is the Singh family made Balwant doubt more strong that somehow this family has some or other deal with Chandan murder case. He decided to keep an eye on the family members specially on Krishna and also try to find out about the backdrop of this family.

Well in the upcoming week Shakti will get to know about the accident case from his son. He will be vocal about the fact that the son of the lawyer who is fighting for the victim is the culprit here. In short, we are in some nail biting and explosive episodes. Pratigya will also meet with an accident while trying to save a lady also foreshadows the conflict she is going to face and suffer while managing a balance between blood and responsibility.

To know what happens more in the story, keep watching Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 only on Star Bharat and Hotstar.