Chand Jalne Laga 15th November 2023 Written Update: Palash abducts Malik’s workers

Chand Jalne Laga 15th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tara praying to God. She asks the god to help her escape from the haveli contract. Meanwhile, Malik is discussing with his manager about the deal. He asks him to upload some motivation video at their website. He wishes to get Ananya’s help for it. Meanwhile, Tara arrives there. She brings a few people along with her. She greets him. He asks her about them? She says that he didn’t even greet her back. We can’t stand each other. He says that she didn’t even answer him. She tells him that they work under her. They will obey his orders. He gets irritated with her attitude. Later, Tara prepares juice for him. He keeps questioning her. She isn’t giving heed to him. She is running the mixi to irritate him. She is busy preparing juice without giving heed to her. He says that she isn’t listening to him. He is talking with her. Tara asks him why he is shouting? She is listening to him. He says to her that he is her boss. Tara gives his juice to him.


Tara asks him not to get stress. She has already finished her work. She shows the blue print and schedule chart to him. She asks him if he doesn’t get the details? Why does he look like he drank bitter gourd juice? He doesn’t look good while laughing a lot either. She is making fun of him and leaves. Meanwhile, Vanraj received a parcel. He thinks that his daughter ordered it. He takes that parcel inside his room. It’s torn a little. He didn’t notice it. Meanwhile, Malik looks at himself in the mirror. He checks different facial expressions in the mirror. Kakka says that he is trying different facial expressions. He asks him if he looks ugly while smiling? Kakka denied it. He praises his smile. He keeps a close watch on Tara while feeding Badsha. Palash and his friends are spying on him. They broke the gate lock and entered inside. Meanwhile, Tara is giving wall painting color suggestions to the workers. Tara feels someone is behind her. She is surprised to see Soni there.

Tara asks her why she is there? Soni says that they are going to celebrate Diwali. She isn’t going to accompany them for shipping. So she brought these clothes here for her. She can choose from them. Tara says that she can select it from home. Soni selects a dress for her. Tara paid money to her. Soni says that it’s her gift for her for Diwali. She shouldn’t forget this Diwali. Tara excuses her. Soni learns that the parcel has been delivered. Meanwhile, Palash informs his father that his plan is going well. He appreciates him. His wife asked him not to commit a mistake. He shouldn’t encourage him. He slaps her and scolds her. She prays to god to help her. She notices the phone. She is about to take it but falls down. Tara notices the workers are missing. She is surprised to see the workers playing cricket with Malik. She caught the call. She asks him what he is doing? He says that he is playing cricket.

Tara says that they are her workers. Malik says that she works for him. He is paying them directly or indirectly. He is super boss to them. He can order them. He asks her to return the ball to him. He appreciates her for preparing a juice for him. He asks her to prepare it for the workers. Palash and his friends abduct the workers one by one. He hides them in the hut. They act like his workers there. Tara challenged him to play with her. He hits a six on her ball.

Episode end

Palash to threaten Malik

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