Chand Jalne Laga 22nd November 2023 Written Update: Tara gets suspicious

Chand Jalne Laga 22nd November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tara thinking that Malik said something to her but she can’t remember anything. Malik felt the same. He couldn’t remember anything. Badsha makes a noise. Malik hugs him and cries. Tara notices it. Palash’s mom comes to meet Tara. She says that she saved her and that’s why she came to meet her. Tara says that god will definitely send someone to help good people. Malik walks away from there, taking Badsha. Tara goes behind him. She thanked him for saving her. He says that she saved him too. He thanked her. Tara says to him that she is thinking about their conversation. She felt like they talked about something important. She couldn’t remember anything. Malik says that he can’t remember anything either. Ananya comes there and takes her from there. Malik leaves from there along with Badsha. Tara keeps starting him.


Tara recalls the way Malik worried about Badsha. He often shows how important Badsha is to him. She wonders why he is giving importance to Badsha. Meanwhile, Malik recalls the way Tara came to save him at the right time. He smiles and recalls the way she fought for him. He tried to call her. Ananya asks Tara what happened to her? She isn’t talking with her. Tara says that she can’t remember anything. Ananya says that they were stuck in a minus degree temperature. She can’t remember anything. She needs time to recover. Tara asks Ananya if she knows Malik’s name? He may have some name. Ananya asks her if she doesn’t know his name? Tara says that everyone mentioned him as Mr.Malik, so she used to call him like that. Ananya says that his name will be Raj. She can call him Handsome. What happened inside the freezer? Tara says that nothing happened. She was just curious.

Tara says to her that they have an agreement with him. Definitely, his name was registered in that agreement. Ananya says that she kept it on the table. Tara notices that she had Malik’s missed call. She calls him back. She asks him if he called her? Malik lies to her that he called her mistakenly. He asks her about the paper work? She tells him that she doesn’t remember anything. He asks her to give him the papers. She tells him that she kept it in the drawer. Badsha gives a sound. She asks him if Badsha is with him in the glass house? Malik says that he is a glass house. Badsha is outside. He feels hungry. He needs food. Malik tells him that he will give food to him. Tara says that she will cut the call. He stops her. She asks her to drink something like juice. She may be feeling cold. She said that he was also with her. She asks him to drink it too. He says that he is used to the cold temperatures. She asks him if he was locked in the freezer already. He denied it. He says that he was used to the cold. She is about to cut the call. He blabbers to her and disconnected the call. Ananya says that she didn’t ask his first name, Malik.

Soni pretends to care for Tara. She tells her that Ananya said to her that Palash locked her inside the freezer. She asks her to take a rest. Vanraj wakes up from his sleep. Tara feels something fishy. Soni signals Sardaj to give an injection to him. He shouldn’t wake up until Diwali. Later, Malik says to Badsha that he can’t remember anything that happened inside the freezer. He says that he is blank in front of her. He wouldn’t mention her as his enemy. He notices that Badsha is romancing with Begam. He makes faces. Later, Tara checks the documents and finds Malik is Deva. She is happy. Ananya notices that she is silent. She brings Deva’s shawl there. She remembers Deva protecting her. Meanwhile, Tara calls Kakka and he confirms Deva’s death in the juvenile jail. He nodded to her. She asks him if he saw his face? He says that he saw his belongings. She says that he can’t confirm it’s his body seeing his things. Tara thinks that Malik is Deva.

Episode end

Tara to confront Deva. But a girl hugs him.

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