Chand Jalne Laga 2nd February 2024 Written Update: Deva gives a stern warning to Madhav

Chand Jalne Laga 2nd February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with the blackmailer asking Deva to pay him 50 lakh. He warns him not to inform this to anyone or else he will release this video to everyone. Deva punched his hand on the wall. Tara stops him. Preethi leaves from there. She tells him that Jyothi made him understand that it’s an accident. She assures him that nothing happened to her. Deva asks her if she believes him? She assures him that she believes him more then herself. Deva asks her if she believes him whatever happens? Tara tells him that she is with him. Something is bothering him. She asks him to share it with her. He says that her support is enough to him. He excuses her. Savithri lights the Diya and says that no one evil eyes shouldn’t fall on them. She says that bad omen happening. She asks the God to save Tara’s life.

Deva calls the commissioner and shares the incidents with him. He says that he doesn’t know whom to believe in this matter. The commissioner assures him that he will caught that culprit red-handed. Deva asks him not to share it with Tara. He assures him that he will do anything for Tara. Tara comes there and tells him that she is aware he is here. She won’t ask him anything about his work. If he needs anything to eat. Preethi touched his shoulder. He says that he is alright Tara. Tara comes there. He tells her that he misunderstood she was here. Tara says that it’s just an misunderstanding. He is acting like he hide something from her. Deva thinks that she is trusting him a lot. Tara leaves from there. Preethi says that he looks nervous. Deva shows the video to him and says that someone is blackmailing him with this video. He says that he asked the help to Commissioner. He will help him to catch the culprit.

Deva is waiting for the blackmailer. The commissioner asks him to give the money to him he will catch him red-handed. He shouldn’t raise his hand on him. The blackmailer calls Deva and says that he is trying to be over smart. He took the police help. He will be punished for it. He wanted to save his life at any cost. Deva rushes from there. He tried to call Tara and Jyothi. The blackmailer calls Deva and tells him that he put everyone’s phone in silent. Deva thinks that whatever he do he can’t harm his family members. Tara prepares tea for everyone and gives to them. Jyothi coughs so Tara gives water to her. Madhav leaves from there to take his medicine. Deva imagined like Tara was poisoned and fainted. He makes sure that everyone is safe in home. A cat died after drink the tea. The blackmailer send the message to him to listen to him. He shouldn’t think over smart.

Deva shares it with Preethi. He asks her how did he find out that he contacted the police. Preethi says that Madhav did it all. She shares with him what happened? Deva beats Madhav. He complaints that a woman isn’t feeling safe because of him. Everyone received a video of Preethi.

Episode end

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