Chand Jalne Laga 3rd February 2024 Written Update: Tara loses her cool

Chand Jalne Laga 3rd February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Deva asking Preethi to give the punishment to Madhav for whatever he did to her. He never thought about anything before misbehaved with her. Deva asks her to punish him without thinking about anything. Preethi says that Tara advised her to voice out for her. He taught her to fight for herself. She beats him. Deva demands Madhav to give the video to him. He asks him which video? Deva asks him to give his phone. They checked him phone but video isn’t in it. Preethi says let’s check in his room. May be he can find the laptop there. Deva asks him to hide about it to everyone.


Tara asks Deva how many lies he said to her? He lied to her on the temple. He didn’t shares it with her. She asked him about it but he didn’t reveal it to her. Jyothi says that she trusted her. She never thought she will do like this. Tara asks Preethi to answer them. Deva asks her if she watch the video? Tara says that everyone watched the video.

Deva asks Tara then why she is questioning her? Tara says that her hairline were filled with a Vermilion. She has to answer her. She asks Preethi to answer her. Deva asks her to show the video. Deva thinks that only Preethi’s face is shown in it. He thinks that someone is playing behind it all. Preethi hesitates to answer. Rekha says that she is a widow. She forgot about it. She says that she already eaten her husband. She ruined their family reputation. She isn’t allowed to go out of this house. Savithri slaps her. She lashes out at her. Tara stops her and says that she is doing the wrong. She shouldn’t treat her in this way. She has the rights to live her life. She shouldn’t snatch her rights. If she want to see her death? Tara says to Preethi that she asked her about it because she has all the rights to move on in her life. She asks her to reveal who married to her. She will unite her with him. Jyothi supports her too.

Savithri says that they are playing with her family reputation. She drags Preethi from there and locked her inside a room. She poured kerosene on her and try to burn her alive. Tara and Jyothi asks her to release her. She asks Deva to help her. Deva breaks the door. He asks Savithri in which era she is living? Who give her the rights to do it all? Savithri asks him if he has the rights to stop her? Deva says that he has the rights. He was the one filled Vermilion on her hairline. He was in that video. Everyone is shocked to hear it. He tried to talk with her but she ignored him. Deva explains to her that few devotees tried to kill Preethi in the temple reasoning she is a widow. He did like that to save her. Jyothi tells him that he did the wrong. Tara shows her anger with him. Deva says that he thought she will understand him at least. He did it to save her. He doesn’t has any other option there. Tara says that she always supported Preethi but she returned it to her. Prakash makes fun of Deva and complaints that he ruined their reputation.

Prakash says that he has two wives now. If he has guts then he would have said that he doesn’t want to live with Tara because he is bored of her. He threatens to break his head. Jyothi supports Prakash. Tara says that he took revenge on her. He separated her from her family. She asks him to go far from her life. Tara lashes out at him. The blackmailer makes fun of Deva. He says that he kidnapped his wife.

Episode end

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