Chand Jalne Laga: Will Malik save Tara from Soni’s plan?

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Chand Jalne Laga is the newly launched of Colors TV. Chand Jalne Laga traces the journey of two childhood sweethearts, Dev and Tara, who once brought solace into each other’s lives, but a turn of fate leads them astray. It will be interesting to watch whether destiny brings them back together or whether they end up as an enemy.


In the previous episode we saw Tara exposing Palash. Everyone supported her. Soni got furious when she ruined her daughter’s wedding. Palash’s mom appreciated Tara. But the relatives badmouthed Tara. Later, Tara learns from Kakka that Malik is furious. He isn’t listening to anyone.

Palash notices Malik and thinks about taking revenge on him. Badsha pushes him down. She stopped Malik. He vented out his anger at her. She tried to give first aid to him. She apologized to him for misunderstanding him. She thanked him for saving her. He shows his hate for her. Later, Tara motivates Ananya.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Soni will swear to ruin Tara’s life. Deva will swears to make Tara realise her mistake and admit that she gave him all the pain and will bear the pain. Tara will cry because of the recent incidents.

What will happen next? Will Tara recognise grown up Deva as her childhood friend? Will Dava find Tara innocent?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions. Stay tuned to our space for more updates.