Channa Mereya 13th August 2022 Written Update: Sam manipulates Aditya against the Grewal’s

Channa Mereya 13th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the room door opens and Aditya goes inside and asks Sam what happened why she looks so stressed. Sam recalls how she made a promise to Ginni and send her out. She lies that she get confused. Aditya tells her to take her own time and come out to go for a shopping with Gurleen and Marleen then leaves the place.

Aditya sees the Halwa made by Ginni. He recalls Rajvant’s words then takes the Halwa in his hand then have it. Ginni who tries to walk away from there notices this and scolds him for enjoying the food/sweet made by her yet don’t have a heart to praise her. She then sees Aditya is walking towards her so Ginni runs from there. On her way she drops her bag and things falls to the ground. She fails to see and take the photo with her and runs away from there. Aditya notices the photo and takes it in his hand. He gets shocked seeing the photo of Sam and Goldie.

He recalls everything that related to the Grewal’s and Sam. Sam comes there and asks Aditya what is he doing here and asks him to come then walks past him. Aditya calls Simran Preet. Simran responds yes. She then gets shocked and turns around. Aditya asks that means she is Simran Preet Kaur Grewal right. Simran gets tensed. Aditya takes Simran with him to the room and asks her whether she is going to tell the truth to him or he wants to call her sister in law Ginni to expose her lies. He also shows her her wedding picture with Goldie. Simran gets tensed.

Aditya reminds Simran that she knows very well the hatred he have for the liars and asks her to tell him the truth. Simran sees the door is unlocked so she goes and closes it. She then comes to Aditya and tells him that she is helpless that’s the reason she hide this truth from him. She also adds that he knows Ginni that means he also know about Goldie also right. Aditya says yes and tells he is stupid but he is good at heart. Simran tells Aditya that Goldie is nothing but an useless man.

Aditya looks at her. Other side Goldie cleans the table and calls himself useless. He also says instead of Goldie they should have named him as an useless man. He then tells that he will become like a real gold after all Ginni made a promise to him. He then goes to other table to check and get their order. One man comes and asks Goldie whether he can have drink while having food. Goldie tells him it’s a not a right place for him also advices him. Ginni comes there and gets happy seeing Goldie’s change in behavior. Ginni goes inside.

Goldie follows her. He tells her that he realised that he was troubling her a lot but as a brother from now onwards he will be there for her ups and downs and support her. He also adds that he will help them grow financially. Other side Aditya tells Simran it’s not a court where she will tell her side of story to prove her innocence and demands her to tell him the truth why did she hide it from him. Simran tells him its because she herself is running away from her past then how did she can able to tell him or anyone about her past.

She then tells that he may think Goldie is a good guy but those who are with him knows the person who he is. He always consume alchohol and used to trouble her a lot. She has done everything to help the Grewal’s. She adds that she worked here in Amritsar to support the Grewal’s but the moment she gets her salary Goldie will take the half of the salary and she suffered a lot. She then says that Ginni treated her and Goldie like a servant when they all worked to improve the dhaba.

In the dhaba Goldie says to Ginni that he will go and bring the things which she is needed for the next day today evening itself. Ginni tells him that he is not going anywhere and someone special is coming to meet him today. Goldie gets shocked and surprised realising Simran is coming to meet him. Ginni smiles seeing his happiness. She prays to God to keep their happiness protected like this always. Other side Simran tells Aditya she wanted to take Goldie with her to Canada but her every efforts went vain because of Goldie’s habits and that’s one of the reason she went to Canada alone.

Aditya tells her because of which the Grewal’s are in huge debt. Simran defends herself saying even she suffered a lot and she did send the Grewal’s money from Canada and shows him the proof. Aditya asks her why did she hide this though. Simran says she has to because she has no other option. She wanted to move on from her past but failed. She then also says that she hide this for their unborn child too.

Simran further tells Aditya when they were together in Canada through him only she learnt how a guy is supposed to treat his woman. She may not have fell in love with him that time but her carrying his child made her to fall in love with him. She also tells that he dont care whether he accepts her and their child or not either way she is going to take care of their child. She also tells if Goldie learns she is carrying his child he wont accept her at all. She dont want to be in a relationship which suffocates her the most like his mother. If she had got rid off the relationship then she is sure she should have been with him now.

Aditya gets shocked hearing it. Simran asks Aditya to now choose his decision wisely. Other side Shampy and Dimpy counts the times Goldie checking whether Simran arrived or not and they jokes at him. Ginni asks them to help Goldie to decorate the dhaba to welcome Simran. Goldie decorates the dhaba. He then sees that Ginni is making Simran’s favorite dishes and shares memory of him and Simran with her to Ginni. Goldie then goes and checks up whether Simran arrived or not. Ginni looks on worried.

Precap: Gulraj and Shampy Dimpy along with one of the Goldie’s friend plead Goldie to open the door. Ginni comes there and demands Goldie to open the door. Goldie’s friend tells her that Goldie learnt Simran and Aditya is getting married. Ginni suggests to break the room door. They all goes inside breaking the door. Ginni shouts Goldie’s name and other’s looks on shocked.

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