Channa Mereya 13th September 2022 Written Update: Ginni receives a gift from Aditya

Channa Mereya 13th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with in the morning Ginni wakes up. She gets up and find herself in different clothes. She then recalls the previous night. Aditya comes there. They both stares at each other. Aditya goes to take his things from his cupboard. Ginni goes to him and asks him is he the one who changed her clothes. Aditya looks at her but doesn’t say anything. Ginni persuades him to tell her the truth. She gets annoyed. Aditya tells her that her dress was wet and he dont want her to caught cold that’s the reason her clothes changed.

Ginni asks him is he only changed the clothes right and nothing happened. Aditya gets annoyed and angry and calls her crazy for thinking this low of him. Ginni asks him to answer her questions and starts blaming him he is the reason behind her previous night shenanigans. Aditya reminds her that he asked her to have brandy as medicine. He never asked her to have the whole bottle and it’s her mistake. He also murmurs the whole family can’t handle a drink. Ginni gets annoyed and tells Aditya this is how he trapped her previous night.

Aditya takes a deep breath and tells Ginni he is the one who made all the mistakes which he shouldn’t have done from providing her drink to get rid off her cold to help her change her clothes which are wet so that she wont catch cold for that he is sorry and then put his clothes on the bed then leaves the room. Ginni screams. Shailaja comes there and scolds Ginni for her previous night behavior. She then tells her it’s her who changed her clothes as per Aditya’s request and demands her thanks. Ginni gets relived and thanks Shailaja. The latter leaves. Ginni tells why Aditya is unnecessarily turning the entire conversation which confuses anyone and everyone for a simple question thrown at him.

Aditya on his way tells himself Ginni has problems in everything he does so he should stop everything to help her in the first place. Marleen comes there and shows him the video of Ginni puncturing Akash’s cycle and tells Aditya that Shailaja is right both Ginni and her family do unnecessary things and put blame on them in order to get whatever they want. Aditya recalls his conversation with Ginni about Akash and sends Marleen saying he will take care of this matter.

Amber looks at Kushwant’s diary. He tells himself that he knows why Rajvant kept this diary locked all this while because he felt responsible for Kushwant’s state but if they keep this diary here anymore then Ginni may find out the truth and she will definitely demand a share from them from their business/property which he won’t let that happen so he planned to destroy the diary. Shailaja comes there and asks Amber why he looks scared seeing her. Amber hides the diary and forces a smile. Shailaja takes the diary in her hand and asks him what is in it that hiding it from her. She then decides to open but Amber snatches it from her and shouts at her then leaves the place.

Shailaja gets determined to find the secret behind the diary. Ginni in the kitchen makes pickle. Aditya comes there the time Ginni turns around and his dress gets ruined by Ginni’s hand print which is covered by pickle. They both accuses each other. Ginni jokes at Aditya about her hand power. Aditya asks her why she isn’t taking his words seriously about stay away from his personal life and family matters and keeps interfering it.

Ginni gets confused and tells Aditya if he wants to pick up a fight with her do it if that’s make him happy but asks him to make sure he doesn’t confuses her though. She then goes to wash her hands. Aditya goes behind her and questions her why did she punctured Akash’s cycle. Ginni gets shocked first. She then defends her actions and tells because of what she did yesterday Akash hugged him and thanked him. Aditya tells her it all happened because of her lie and actions. Ginni defends herself again.

Ginni also says no one can stop or control her. Aditya catches her both hands and tells her now she is under his control. They both stares at each other. Ginni fools Aditya by pretending Rajvant is there and she complains that Aditya is troubling her which leads Aditya to leave her hand. Ginni laughs and says no one can control her because she is like a free air which can go anywhere at any time.

Aditya meets his uncle. His uncle praises him for taking a stand for Akash the previous day. Aditya tells he would have taken a stand for anyone who was in that position because what wrong is wrong and he will definitely raise a voice against it. His uncle then talks about Ginni. He praises her saying the way the marriage has taken place even after everything that happened in this house with her she was there for Aditya when he was ill and made a promise to Rajvant to take care of the family members until he returns and determined to fulfill the promise she made to Rajvant by taking care of the family members. Aditya is really lucky to have a partner like Ginni in his life.

Aditya compares marriage life with business and tells his uncle he will repay the favors Ginni did to help him. His uncle tries to make him understand marriage isn’t like business but Aditya refuses to listen and leaves the place. In the dhaba Gulraj gets happy seeing the customers after so long. She urges Santu to teach Simran how to cook also. Goldie takes proper care of the customers. The customers gets upset with the food that served to them. They all leaves the place which upsets and makes Gulraj sad. Ginni decides to call Gulraj but Aditya comes there and gives her a box and asks her to open it. Ginni gets surprised seeing an expensive necklace. She tells she dont want this.

Aditya asks her to consider this as her payment or gift whatever she wants because she helped him in so many ways. Ginni gets angry and shouts at him saying she didnt help him with an expectation to get all this though. Aditya asks her to name him what makes her happy so he will definitely bring her that to her. Ginni tells him he has to get to know about this on his own. They both looks at each other.

Precap: The flours falls on Aditya which makes Ginni laugh at him. Later Amber takes Kushwant’s diary with him to burn it so that Ginni won’t get any help to find the truth. Ginni runs towards him. Amber looks on shocked.

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