Channa Mereya 14th September 2022 Written Update: Ginni questions Gulraj about the dhaba

Channa Mereya 14th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ginni tells Aditya if he really wants to make someone happy then he has to learn on his own what makes them more happy. She then decides to leave but Aditya stops her and asks her to blank cheque and buy whatever she wants. Ginni leaves the place angrily. Aditya wonders what he did wrong now. Ginni bumps into Akash while thinking about Aditya’s words. They both falls then stands up. Akash apologises to her. He then says he is thankful it’s not his father but her if it was him then he would have snatched his skateboards.

Ginni remains silent. Akash asks her why she is acting like monster now. Is she also become like him by being with him. Why she has changed this way. He has seen Aditya become nice being with her but now her whole demeanor has changed being with him and tells Aditya is a monster but she is an Angel. She is not supposed to act like him and become like him though. Ginni realises what Akash told her and agrees with him that he is right. Akash leaves the place.

Ginni thinks that she shouldn’t become like Aditya. In the Grewal’s house Simran shouts at Shampy and Dimpy for fooling the customers by giving them false hope that they will get food made by Ginni that’s the reason why the customer’s left the dhaba by humiliating them. She then asks Goldie to tell Gulraj that they can’t run this dhaba without Ginni’s help so asks Gulraj to inform Ginni about the dhaba’s condition and visit here everyday and spend time helping them. Gulraj gets furious and shouts at Simran that her kids may lied but they will never stoop too low like her at all.

Also about Ginni she is married now she has responsibilities to take care of her in law’s and tells Goldie to tell Simran to not to take Ginni’s name. They both gets into an argument which Goldie tries to stop but fails miserably. In anger Gulraj takes firetorch in her hand and approaches Simran which lead Goldie to come between Gulraj and Simran and throws the firetorch from her hand. He then pleads both of them to stop arguing and let him talk to them. They all gets interrupted by Gulraj’s mobile phone ringing.

Gulraj sees Ginni is the one who calling her so she goes to her family and warns them not to say anything to Ginni about the dhaba’s condition. If anyone of them went behind her back then she wont spare them and answers the call of Ginni. She tells Ginni she will visit her. Ginni waits for Gulraj in the house. She recalls Aditya’s words and gets upset.

She then sees someone is putting their hand on her shoulder. She thinks its Aditya so asks to remove the hand from her shoulder and she wont accept his apology. She then gets shocked seeing Gulraj there. Gulraj asks her who she thought she was and who she isn’t willing to accept their apology. Ginni tells its Aditya and they both had a little argument.

Gulraj says between husband and wife these kind of arguments are natural and this is what bring them closer too. Ginni changes the topic by telling Gulraj that she received a call from Mrs.Randhawa and she has seen a guy with her father and she thinks he is her father’s business partner. She then says once she gets to know who he is and get hold of her father’s diary then they can able to change their dhaba’s fate just the way Kushwant dreamed. Gulraj recalls what happened earlier in the dhaba and gets emotional. Ginni asks her what happened.

Gulraj tells her that she got emotional recalling her father’s attachment with the diary. She also tells her her father’s memory loss increased after he lost the diary and she is sure the one who have this diary is responsible for her father’s death too. Ginni realises Gulraj is hiding something so questions her what it is but the latter tells her nothing such she needs to worry because she was worried about her father’s diary. Ginni tells Gulraj at any cost she will find the diary and looks on with determination.

Amber comes downstairs with determination to burn the diary to destroy the proof against him so that Ginni can’t able to reach him. He forwards his hand to put the diary on fire but Ginni comes there and gets shocked seeing the diary on Amber’s hand. Amber hides the diary behind his back. Ginni asks Amber about the diary but the latter tells her he dont have one and shows his hand.

Ginni gets shocked seeing the diary isn’t in his hand. Amber recalls how he hide it in a sweet box behind himself. He then asks Ginni to go and take rest because she was consumed by the diary’s thought which make her think like this. Shailaja orders the worker to put the sweet boxes in the car which they are going to serve it in the temple. The worker obliges and takes the sweet boxes with him. Ginni goes to her room in a confused state. The FB shows in which Kushwant asks her not to make any mistakes while writing on the diary.

Ginni tells him sometimes mistakes do happen but Kushwant tells her this diary is so important for him and questions him is she even know the cost/value of it? Ginni tells the diary is Rs.50 which he bought it in the nearby shop. Kushwant laughs and tells her the diary’s value is equal to his life. If anything happens to it then he will definitely die. Ginni pleads with her father to not to talk about dying because she is scared. Kushwant obliges and kisses her forehead. The FB ends. Ginni cries hard. Aditya comes there and asks Ginni to tell him the reason behind her crying.

Ginni refuses saying for him everything is business so she wont share with him anything. Aditya gets frustrated and tells her she is his responsibility so he should take proper care of her or else for one her stay here will extend also he will get questioned by Gulraj so pleads her to tell him what made her upset. Ginni remains stubborn and decides to leave the place but Aditya pulls her towards him and demands her to tell what’s making her cry. Ginni stares at Aditya.

Precap: Ginni laughs at Aditya when the flour falls on Aditya’s head. Aditya goes near her. Later Ginni goes to meet Mrs.Randhawa. Amber follows her to the dhaba. He overhears that Mrs.Randhawa Mrs.Randhawa telling Ginni she will recognize her father’s partner if she once again gets the chance to meet him. His phone starts ringing. Ginni walks towards Amber.

The episode starts with in the morning Ginni wakes up. She gets up and find herself in different clothes. She then recalls the previous night. Aditya comes there. They both stares at each other. Aditya goes to take his things from his cupboard. Ginni goes to him and asks him is he the one who changed her clothes. Aditya looks at her but doesn’t say anything. Ginni persuades him to tell her the truth. She gets annoyed. Aditya tells her that her dress was wet and he dont want her to caught cold that’s the reason her clothes changed.

Ginni asks him is he only changed the clothes right and nothing happened. Aditya gets annoyed and angry and calls her crazy for thinking this low of him. Ginni asks him to answer her questions and starts blaming him he is the reason behind her previous night shenanigans. Aditya reminds her that he asked her to have brandy as medicine. He never asked her to have the whole bottle and it’s her mistake. He also murmurs the whole family can’t handle a drink. Ginni gets annoyed and tells Aditya this is how he trapped her previous night.

Aditya takes a deep breath and tells Ginni he is the one who made all the mistakes which he shouldn’t have done from providing her drink to get rid off her cold to help her change her clothes which are wet so that she wont catch cold for that he is sorry and then put his clothes on the bed then leaves the room. Ginni screams. Shailaja comes there and scolds Ginni for her previous night behavior. She then tells her it’s her who changed her clothes as per Aditya’s request and demands her thanks. Ginni gets relived and thanks Shailaja. The latter leaves. Ginni tells why Aditya is unnecessarily turning the entire conversation which confuses anyone and everyone for a simple question thrown at him.

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