Channa Mereya 15th September 2022 Written Update: Aditya persuades Ginni to learn what’s bothering her

Channa Mereya 15th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya asks Ginni to tell him what’s bothering her. Ginni tells she dont want to tell him and tries to walk away. Aditya pleads with Ginni to tell him what’s the problem because he can able to help him. Ginni tells him she dont want his help because she can’t able to afford his fees. Aditya tells her why she is talking about fees when he was talking about helping her. Ginni taunts him saying this is how he works right? Aditya asks Ginni to not to unnecessarily create a drama. Ginni tells him she isn’t creating anything such.

Meanwhile Amber stops his driver and gets into the car to search for the diary in the name of putting shagun inside each sweet boxes. He gets shocked not finding the diary. Here Aditya follows Ginni and persuades her to tell him what’s the problem she is facing her. Ginni refuses to tell him and remains silent. She also asks him to stop acting like his husband because he is the one who told her to stop acting like his wife. Aditya defends himself saying he isn’t acting like husband but she is acting like a wife by creating such scene. They both gets into an argument.

Amber comes inside the house but fails to see Aditya and Ginni’s argument. Shailaja takes four sweet boxes inside her room in which one of them has Kushwant’s diary in it. She says that she did send the sweet boxes that much needed to the temple so it doesn’t matter how much she takes to her room and it’s not wrong too. She then starts having the sweet. Aditya and Ginni Ginni enters the kitchen. Ginni taunts Aditya by asking him to learn the basic rule of help what the person he wants to help is need help in which part when Aditya opens the box instead of closing it. Ginni decides to leave.

Aditya gets frustrated so he closes the kitchen cabinet forcibly. The flour box which was put in the cabinet opens and falls on Aditya. Ginni laughs seeing Aditya’s state. Aditya goes towards her angrily and shakes off the flour which lead Ginni have flour in her too. Ginni gets shocked. Aditya tries to walk away from there but misses his balance but before he could fall down Ginni stops him on time. They both shares an eye lock.

Later Ginni is in the kitchen. She receives a call from Mrs.Randhawa. She requests her to meet her in the dhaba now because she wants to talk to her about her father related information. Mrs.Randhawa agrees to meet Ginni in the dhaba. Amber overhears the conversation and thinks the one who Ginni is talking is the one who talk to the another day. He also realises the person Ginni is talking knows something about him and he needs to find who it is. In the dhaba Gulraj questions Goldie and Simran for buying noodles to the dhaba which is against of what they do. Simran tells they need customers so the Chinese noodles can only help them attract the customers.

Gulraj glares at her but before she could say something she sees Mrs.Randhawa is there. She asks Mrs.Randhawa about her sudden visit. Mrs.Randhawa tells her that Ginni called her. Gulraj gets shocked and surprised. She asks Mrs.Randhawa to sit until Ginni arrives here and gives her a glass of water. She then goes to Goldie and Simran and warns them to hide the noodles packets before Ginni comes here. Simran tells Gulraj if she allows both of them in her house to stay then she is willing to hide the noodles packs. Gulraj gets furious but tells her she is helpless so she is agreeing to her condition and asks both Goldie and Simran to leave the place before Ginni comes there.

They both takes the noodles in a bag. Ginni comes there. She gets emotional seeing the dhaba. Goldie and Simran leaves the dhaba before Ginni could see them. Ginni opens her mouth to ask Gulraj about something related to the dhaba but Gulraj stops her by diverting the topic by pointing at Mrs.Randhawa who is waiting for her. Ginni greets her and thanks her for agreeing to meet her. She then enquires Mrs.Randhawa about her business partner.

Amber reaches the dhaba and sees Mrs.Randhawa with Ginni and Gulraj. He recalls meeting Kushwant and the latter introduces him to Mrs.Randhawa. He gets worried. Mrs.Randhawa says to Ginni if she again get to see her father’s partner then she will definitely help her for sure. Ginni and Gulraj gets hopeful. Amber overhears the conversation. His phone starts ringing. Ginni and the other two hears the sound. Ginni goes to see who it is. Amber hides himself. Ginni fails to notice Amber then goes to Mrs.Randhawa and Gulraj.

Amber realises that Ginni doesn’t have any idea who is her father’s supposed to be business partner and he has to do something before she could find him. He calls someone and asks him to harm the person who he wants to but make it look like they went to steal things but it happened without planning. The person on the other line obliges. Ginni tells whoever is behind all this that person’s bad time has started. Shailaja praises the sweets and decides to have another box before she could open other Marleen comes there and tells her Supreet wants to talk to her about something that related to the sweet boxes.

Shailaja hides the sweet boxes and thinks to herself is Supreet learnt she took four boxes with her? which makes her worried but nevertheless she follows Marleen out. Mrs.Randhawa agrees to let Ginni know anything that related to het father. Ginni comes to the Singh’s house. She wonders why Kushwant didn’t tell anything about his business partner to neither her nor Gulraj.

Amber comes there. He acts and asks Ginni where she went also asks her to take the car with her. Ginni tells him she went to the dhaba. Amber points out at her worried face and asks her is she still thinking about her father’s diary. Ginni nods yes. Amber tells even he lost his grandmother’s ring from that day he has a void in his heart so he can completely understand what she is going through. He then tells her he is willing to help her in finding her father’s diary and asks her to reach out to him anytime. Ginni tells him she needs his help and asks him is he know anyone who is good at sketching if someone describes how a person looks like. Amber looks on shocked.

Precap: Aditya shows Amber his mother’s painting and asks him he do remember right that he called this painting as useless few days back now he is planning to send this sketch as Amritsar’s best theme dhaba to make his second wife as a successful business woman infront of everyone and asks his does he stoop low than this? Supreet and Ginni comes there. Both Aditya and Amber holds each other’s shirt. Amber asks him not to create a scene over a piece of paper. Aditya tells him it’s his mother’s dream and glares at Amber. Supreet and Ginni looks on worried.

The episode starts with Ginni tells Aditya if he really wants to make someone happy then he has to learn on his own what makes them more happy. She then decides to leave but Aditya stops her and asks her to blank cheque and buy whatever she wants. Ginni leaves the place angrily. Aditya wonders what he did wrong now. Ginni bumps into Akash while thinking about Aditya’s words. They both falls then stands up. Akash apologises to her. He then says he is thankful it’s not his father but her if it was him then he would have snatched his skateboards.

Ginni remains silent. Akash asks her why she is acting like monster now. Is she also become like him by being with him. Why she has changed this way. He has seen Aditya become nice being with her but now her whole demeanor has changed being with him and tells Aditya is a monster but she is an Angel. She is not supposed to act like him and become like him though. Ginni realises what Akash told her and agrees with him that he is right. Akash leaves the place.

Ginni thinks that she shouldn’t become like Aditya. In the Grewal’s house Simran shouts at Shampy and Dimpy for fooling the customers by giving them false hope that they will get food made by Ginni that’s the reason why the customer’s left the dhaba by humiliating them. She then asks Goldie to tell Gulraj that they can’t run this dhaba without Ginni’s help so asks Gulraj to inform Ginni about the dhaba’s condition and visit here everyday and spend time helping them. Gulraj gets furious and shouts at Simran that her kids may lied but they will never stoop too low like her at all.

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