Channa Mereya 16th August 2022 Written Update: Ginni saves Goldie from his suicide attempt

Channa Mereya 16th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulraj Shampy and Dimpy asking to open the door. Pasha also pleads him. Ginni comes there and asks what happened. Gulraj tells that Goldie locked himself after he comes from outside. Pasha tells that he will tell her the truth. The FB shows in which Pasha asks him to have alcohol but Goldie refuses saying Simran is here in Amritsar but she don’t understand why she refused to come to meet him and the family. Pasha asks him to stop blabbering about Simran always.

One man comes there and informs Marleen called him and informed him about Aditya’s marriage preponed and she want for them to do some customized products and she sent photo of Aditya and his fiancee too. Pasha asks Goldie to see Aditya’s fiancee and shows him the photo of Aditya and Simran. Goldie gets shocked and tells its Simran. The men around him taunt him by calling him useless also he is living under the shadow of his sister so Simran left him.

The other men and Pasha tells hereafter they won’t able to call Simran as their sister in law because she is going to be Aditya’s wife. The FB ends. Ginni and the family members once again pleads Goldie to open the door. Ginni recalls Goldie decides to commit suicide if he can’t get Simran so she urges Pasha to break the lock. They all opens the door and gets shocked seeing Goldie hanging. Ginni goes to rescue. Gulraj looks on shocked.

Simran goes to Rajvant’s room and tells him she wants her marriage to happen according to her mom’s wish who wants it to happen as per Hindu rituals. Rajvant tells her Hindu and Sikh are same. It’s the people’s around them who made the differences also assures her that the marriage ritual happens according to her mother’s wish. Simran thanks and leaves the place.

Rajvant hopes Aditya is happy in his decision to marry Simran. In the Grewal’s house Ginni and Gulraj tries to wake up Goldie but fails. They both cries hard and pleads him to wake up. Pasha brings doctor and the doctor checks up Goldie he then pumps Goldie’s heart. Goldie gains his consciousness. Both Gulraj and Ginni gets relived seeing this. Ginni asks Goldie to talk to her and tell her why he did this. Gulraj also expresses how much she is scared of what he has done.

Ginni asks the doctor why Goldie isn’t responding. The doctor tells that Goldie is under shock and they have to take proper care of him and not to leave him alone because anything can happen. Pasha takes the doctor with him. Ginni tells hearing Simran’s marriage with Aditya put her brother in this situation what will happen if the marriage takes place. She then tells Goldie that she will stop the wedding at any cost. In Singh’s house Aditya asks the worker to make the arrangements properly.

Armaan comes there and asks him to do it on his own because no one here is understanding what he is up to. Aditya tells him that he preponed his marriage with Simran from day after tomorrow to tomorrow. Armaan gets shocked. Aditya leaves the place. Rajvant gives the storeroom key to the servant and asks him to make sure they gets things they are in need from there.

The next day Ginni comes out of Goldie’s room and asks Gulraj to take care of Goldie if he does anything asks her to call her and she will return. Gulraj tells her that Ginni is always there for her follows and her burden is increasing each day like her other siblings she is also her daughter and she wants her happiness to and want her to be safe not to put her life in danger. She then asks her what is she planning to do inorder to stop Simran’s marriage with Aditya.

Ginni tells Gulraj she has no idea what she is going to do but she has to do something as she don’t want to lose her brother then leaves the house. Rajvant have the sweet and advices the server to make sure everyone get everything. Supreet and Shailaja talks about the wedding arrangements also everything happening according to Simran’s wish. Rajvant calls Shailaja and tells her it’s a private ceremony so asks her to make sure media isn’t aware about this. Shailaja obliges.

Rajvant urges Gurleen and Marleen to get ready for the wedding. He then goes to Aditya’s room where he gets emotional seeing Aditya as a groom. He asks Gurkeerat to bless her son. He then asks Aditya being sad also reminds him it’s his own decision but the marriage has not taken place so asks him to back away if he isn’t happy with this decision. Aditya forces a smile and tells Rajvant that he is happy with his decision also he cant able to tell him the actual reason behind his this decision.

Rajvant blesses him to be happy and urges him that the time of mugurat may past but Aditya tells both struggles and happiness wont come into their life according to auspicious time which shocks Rajvant and Armaan. Before Rajvant could ask Aditya both Gurleen and Marleen comes there and demands Aditya to fulfill his brothers duty to give shagun to his sister’s. Aditya obliges. All three of them hugs. Rajvant gets emotional seeing them.

Precap: Ginni tells Rajvant that Sam is none other than Simran who is a wife of Goldie and asks him to stop the wedding. Rajvant apologises to her and tells her he is helpless to stop this wedding and goes inside. Ginni gets shattered and cries falling on the ground. Inside the house Aditya looks sad in the mandap while surrounded by his family.

The episode starts with Sam tells that she get rid off the relationship which isn’t good for her unlike his mother. She told what she wanted to now he can decide whatever she wants. Aditya leaves the place. Goldie waits for Simran. Ginni watches this worriedly. She pleads God to help her. Simran follows Aditya. Goldie goes to Ginni and asks her is she told him the truth because Simran isn’t here yet. Ginni tells why she would lie to him especially in this matter.

Goldie asks then why Simran isn’t here yet. He then demands Ginni to take him to where Simran is because he dont want to wait any longer. He drags Ginni with him forcibly. Gulraj scolds Goldie and asks him to wait but the latter refuses. Ginni pleads him to leave her hand but Goldie refuses which leads Ginni to slap him. The Grewal’s looks on stunned. Goldie apologises to Ginni for his behavior. Ginni also apologises to Goldie for slapping him and tells Goldie that she is going to bring Simran until then asks him not to bother the family members then leaves the place.

Pasha calls Aditya and asks him what is his next plan to get the dhaba. Neither him nor Armaan is telling him anything. Aditya cuts the call without saying anything. He then recalls whatever happened in his life and his moments with his mother. Akash comes there and asks Aditya to play with him because no one is in the house also challenges him to defeat him in ludo game.

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