Channa Mereya 16th September 2022 Written Update: Ginni persuades Aditya to forgive her

Channa Mereya 16th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ginni tells Amber he must knows everyone in the Amritsar and vice versa so she wants him to find help her sketch artist who can draw a person with the instructions given to him. Amber gets shocked. He then tells Ginni that he will arrange a person to come home the next day. Ginni gets happy and thanks him. Amber leaves the place. Ginni thinks Singh’s men are totally different. Outside they are not approachable but by heart they are too sweet.

Amber sends a message to his man that his target will be here in his house the next day. Aditya comes there. He asks Amber the one who considers himself the most responsible one then he wants to know how come stealing things that too inside the house will come under which responsibilities. Amber gets tensed and wonders whether Aditya learns about him stealing Kushwant’s diary. He then taunts Aditya for being responsible and questions Aditya what did he steal? Aditya shows him his mother’s sketch and asks him he do remember it right? Amber recalls Rajvant’s words.

Aditya tells Amber that he didnt let Gurkeerat live peacefully when she was alive but atleast now stop bothering her though. Amber tells he creates big hotels not something like this small dhaba then why he is going to steal it. Aditya tells it’s not him but Rajvant created this hotel. He also adds that he saw the file which is Supreet’s best theme dhaba in which he saw his mother’s painting which is useless for him few days back but now he wants to prove Supreet as a most successful business woman infront of the world using his late mother’s sketch. Is he going to stoop low than this?

Amber holds Aditya’s shirt. Ginni and Supreet comes there and rushes to the men. Amber asks Aditya to not to create a scene for a piece of paper also he is a businessman who will always try to find an opportunity to do something useful. Aditya holds Amber’s shirt and tells him it’s not a piece of paper but his mother’s dream. He also says that business shouldn’t be made on the base of cheating. Amber raises his hand at Aditya. Both Supreet and Ginni holds their men.

Ginni pleads with both of them to calm down. She also tells father son duo looks great when they hold each other in a friendly way not like this. Aditya loses his cool so he asks Ginni to shut up saying he didnt asked her opinion. He also says they have no relationship and he asked her to stay away from his life though then why she is keep bothering him unnecessarily? He then leaves the place. Supreet gets shocked hearing Aditya’s words. Ginni looks away and leaves the room.

Supreet stops Ginni. She asks her is she and Aditya didn’t accepted one another as a life partner yet? Ginni remains silent. Supreet tells her if that’s the case then Aditya is right in his place for whatever he told to her infront of them. She then asks Ginni why they both aren’t ready to accept one another also asks Ginni why she wants to unite Aditya with his family members when she have no desire to form a relationship with Aditya?

Ginni tries to say something but Supreet stops her and reminds her she and Aditya is married and they should accept their wedding or else there is no use in being with one another then leaves the place. Amber calls his men and tells him this is just a reminder call that his target will be in this house the next day and asked him to reach the house on time and complete the work he gave him. He then turns around and gets shocked seeing Supreet. He scolds her for not knocking the door before entering. Supreet apologises to him and tells him about the Cheema’s invited them to their house.

Amber asks her to go and take Akash with him but he cant able to come because he have some important work to do. Supreet tries to change his mind saying this is a good opportunity to get into the good sides of Cheema’s. Amber warns her and makes her leave the room. He then says to himself after everyone left the house when Mrs.Randhawa comes home he will use the opportunity to kill her. Ginni goes to the room and finds Aditya in his bed. She writes a note for him in which she states she is sorry.

Aditya turns here and there so Ginni writes another note that she will bother him like this if he refuses to accept her apology. Aditya gets annoyed and questions her for not speaking to him. Ginni writes he is the one who asks her to not to talk. Aditya asks her to speak and asks her is her mother didnt tell her her torturous behavior will not let him sleep peacefully though and says that he is going to sleep because he needs to wake up early then lays on the bed.

In the middle of the night Ginni wakes up to have water. She notices Aditya is not in his room so thinks he must be in the washroom and goes back to sleep. She then wakes up after sometime and finds the bed is empty so wonders where Aditya must be. She calls Armaan and the latter tells her today is an important day of Aditya he will return home eventually so asks her to stop worrying. Ginni falls asleep. The next day Ginni prays to God for Aditya’s peaceful mind also seeks God’s guidance to find why Aditya behaves this way. She opens the door and Gurkeerat’s sketch falls from the cupboard.

She gets shocked and surprised seeing the sketch similarities with her dhaba. She gets emotional learning Aditya’s stubborn behavior behind buying her dhaba. Armaan comes there and informs her today is Gurkeerat’s birthday. Ginni gets an idea so she calls Santu to follow her instructions. Later Amber waits for Ginni. Ginni tells him to send the sketch artist to the dhaba in the evening because Mrs.Randhawa is busy. Amber looks on.

Precap: Aditya gets surprised when the dhol are being played and the Grewal’s also comes to the dhaba. He gets teary eyed when Ginni presents the cake infront of him. He cuts the cake and feeds it to her. He also thanks her. Ginni gets shocked seeing the arm men pointing gun at Aditya. They shoot but Ginni takes the bullet. Aditya and everyone gets shocked.

The episode starts with Aditya asks Ginni to tell him what’s bothering her. Ginni tells she dont want to tell him and tries to walk away. Aditya pleads with Ginni to tell him what’s the problem because he can able to help him. Ginni tells him she dont want his help because she can’t able to afford his fees. Aditya tells her why she is talking about fees when he was talking about helping her. Ginni taunts him saying this is how he works right? Aditya asks Ginni to not to unnecessarily create a drama. Ginni tells him she isn’t creating anything such.

Meanwhile Amber stops his driver and gets into the car to search for the diary in the name of putting shagun inside each sweet boxes. He gets shocked not finding the diary. Here Aditya follows Ginni and persuades her to tell him what’s the problem she is facing her. Ginni refuses to tell him and remains silent. She also asks him to stop acting like his husband because he is the one who told her to stop acting like his wife. Aditya defends himself saying he isn’t acting like husband but she is acting like a wife by creating such scene. They both gets into an argument.

Amber comes inside the house but fails to see Aditya and Ginni’s argument. Shailaja takes four sweet boxes inside her room in which one of them has Kushwant’s diary in it. She says that she did send the sweet boxes that much needed to the temple so it doesn’t matter how much she takes to her room and it’s not wrong too. She then starts having the sweet. Aditya and Ginni Ginni enters the kitchen. Ginni taunts Aditya by asking him to learn the basic rule of help what the person he wants to help is need help in which part when Aditya opens the box instead of closing it. Ginni decides to leave.

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