Channa Mereya 20th September 2022 Written Update: Supreet calls Ginni a Singh’s family’s strong pillar

Channa Mereya 20th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulraj pleads with Aditya to give her assurance that he will save Ginni. Aditya feels helpless. Gulraj leaves. Aditya sees the treatment of Ginni through the door from outside. He stares at Ginni sad and worried. He saw the pulse rate of Ginni was not normal and the doctors are trying to treat her back to normal and Ginni is struggling too. Gulraj tells Ginni’s fate is she always fight for other’s. But today she is fighting death or life. In this situation no one from Singh family is here to check up on her too. She further adds that Ginni get married not even a month back but she took such huge step and put her life in danger.

Supreet Amber and his brother comes there. Supreet sees Gulraj is crying. She goes to her. She asks her not to cry. She tells they are here to see Ginni. Aditya’s uncle says the moment they leant about Ginni’s condition they rushed to the hospital. Amber enquires Ginni’s state to Armaan also asks him is she told anything about the shooter’s before she fell unconscious. Armaan says no also the doctors are treating her but there is no improvement. Supreet tells Gulraj if it’s not Ginni then it would have been Aditya in her state.

Gulraj asks Supreet to not to say such things. Supreet tells what she said is true. She also tells as a wife Ginni fulfilled the promise she made on her wedding. She crossed all the limits and put her life in danger in order to save her husband Aditya. They are so lucky to have Ginni as a part of family members as she proved that for her the family is everything and she would go to any extend to save her family members. She also calls her the strong pillar of the Singh family and they are so lucky to have her as a family member. Aditya hears this then leaves the place.

Aditya goes and stands nearby the staircase. He recalls Supreet’s words about Ginni also Ginni’s words about family who will be there for them if they are in trouble. Aditya’s uncle comes there. They both sits on the staircase. His uncle tells him that Ginni is indeed brave to took such step in order to save his life and he did a right thing by taking her to Amritsar’s best hospital to get her treated. He then says its Ginni who helped him in so many things especially helped him to reconcile his relationship with Akash and saved him from Sam. I’m return he gave her an expensive necklace as a gift or payment to return her favour because for him everything is business. But today Ginni has go to an extend and put her life in danger and struggling in the hospital.

In return what he is going to pay or gift her he don’t think whether Ginni will be here to receive it from him though. Aditya gets shocked. His uncle further adds that he wishes Gurkeerat is here and make him understand the value of relationship which he Rajvant and Armaan failed to make him understand. He also wishes if Gurkeerat is here then she would have told him the husband and wife relationships importance. This husband and wife relationship is full of trust and love which they have to protect it for a life time. Aditya remains silent.

Aditya’s uncle says that he hope Ginni recovers fast then leaves the place. Aditya comes out of the hospital. He recalls everything that happened and punches his hand in the nearby wall. His hand starts bleeding. Armaan comes there and informs him that Ginni’s health condition is worsening so the doctor asked for some injections which he is going to buy and asks Aditya to not to lose hope then leaves the place.

Aditya thinks to himself why Ginni took such decision. Why she didn’t let him take the bullet. He would have been happy if that happened though. He then sees few people are on their way singing songs for God and going past him. He goes with them recalling Ginni’s earlier advice. A little girl in that group sees Aditya. When the group of people crosses the Gurudwara Aditya stops there. The little girl goes to Aditya and asks him not to be sad and pray to God who will help him get what he want then leaves the place.

Aditya stands infront of the Gurudwara. He says to God he visited here often with his mother Gurkeerat. After her sudden demise he refused to come here but today he is here and its because of Ginni. He also tells God that Ginni is the one who saved him and helped him realise the meaning of relationship also made him realise that he is angry at himself because he thinks he failed to save his mother.

He then says if anything happens to Ginni then he will never forgive himself and pleads to God to save her and breaksdown outside the Gurudwara. In the hospital the doctor tries hard for Ginni’s recovery. Aditya goes inside the Gurudwara. He tells God that he will stand here in one leg and pray for her recovery until unless she recovers he wont leave this place neither stand in two legs and starts praying to God in one leg.

People comes and goes in there even seeing Aditya’s dedication the priest prays to God and leaves after some time. Aditya struggles to stand in one leg. He then fall unconscious. Ginni opens her eyes in the hospital. The next day Aditya imagines Gurkeerat asking him to wake up and take care of Gurkeerat. He opens his eyes and finds Armaan. Armaan tells him that Ginni gained her consciousness so asks him to thank God then they can go to meet Ginni. Aditya struggles to stand in his legs.

Armaan helps him. Aditya thanks God and with the help of Armaan he comes out of the Gurudwara. Armaan makes him sit nearby the bench and tells him he have seen him since childhood and he is aware of his every emotions and asks him why he took such hard atonement to save Ginni. He do know that he is guilty seeing Ginni’s state but they will also feel guilty if that person held some meaning in their life right? Aditya looks on.

Precap: Aditya meets Ginni in the hospital. He scolds her for doing all this and asks her why did she did this for him. He demands her to answer his questions. Ginni tells reasons may be so many but in relationship there needs to be no reason to do this. They both stares at each other.

The episode starts with Ginni takes the bullet and fall unconscious. Aditya shouts Ginni and the Grewal’s and Amber looks on shocked. Gulraj shouts Ginni’s name and rushes towards her. Aditya pleads Ginni to open her eyes and asks for glass of water. Amber watches this from far. Dimpy brings a glass of water. Aditya asks Armaan to call the ambulance. Armaan obliges. Gulraj pleads with Aditya to save Ginni.

Aditya recalls Ginni’s words about family who will stay with him and be there to never allow him go through the sufferings. Gulraj shouts at Aditya to do something. Armaan gets frustrated that the call isn’t getting answered. He says Aditya to come with him and gets into the car. Aditya carries Ginni in his arms just then Gulraj falls unconscious. Shampy urges Aditya to take Ginni to the hospital saying they will take care of Gulraj. Aditya gets inside the car. He urges Armaan to start the car. Armaan gets frustrated that the car isn’t starting.

Aditya pleads with Ginni to talk to him saying she always says something to him. She taunts him but why she is silent now and asks her to say something. He then asks Armaan what’s the problem why he isn’t starting the car. Armaan says he is trying but its not starting. He then sees the motorbike. He goes out and starts the bike. Aditya gets into the bike with Ginni in his arms. Both Armaan and Aditya reaches the hospital with Ginni. Aditya rushes the nurses to treat Ginni right away. The nurse tells Aditya that he need to complete the formalities. Aditya pleads with her to treat Ginni first then he complete the formalities.

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