Channa Mereya 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Aditya shares his childhood memory with Ginni

Channa Mereya 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya gets worried seeing Ginni’s condition. He calls the doctor and tells him that Ginni is struggling to breath. He then follow the doctor’s instructions and gave her medicine. Ginni have it. Aditya asks her to stay calm and take rest. He then looks at the soup and smells it and gets shocked. He then have a spoon full of it and gets furious. He then asks Ginni to take rest he will return. He goes to the cook and shouts at him for mixing tamarind in it. Supreet sees this. Shailaja asks what happened.

Aditya tells what happened. He then tells here after he will cook for Ginni and without his knowledge no one should do give anything to Ginni and asks them to leave. Supreet gets happy but Shailaja gets shocked. Aditya then starts cooking for Ginni. He gets happy with the food he made for her. Later Ginni struggles with her dress. Aditya comes there before entering the room he enquires Armaan about the shooter’s information and asks him to find out soon.

He then sees Ginni is struggling with the dress. He scolds her for not listening to doctor’s advice to take rest. He then insists to help her and goes behind her. They both hesitates first. Aditya then helps Ginni with her dress. They both gets closer to each other a little. Later Aditya and Ginni creates a distance between themselves. Aditya then take her to the bed and help her with the remaining things. They both stares at each other.

Aditya asks Ginni to take rest and he will be here also if she needs help she can call him anytime. Ginni remains silent. Aditya smiles and leaves the place. Ginni stares at Aditya’s retreating back. Later Aditya and Ginni is running from there. A person comes there with a gun and points at Aditya. Both Aditya and Ginni looks shocked. The man fires the bullet at Aditya’s direction. Aditya falls to the ground unconsciously. Ginni shouts Aditya Ji and wakes up. Aditya rushes to her and tells her he is fine and asks her to calm down.

Ginni tells Aditya in her dream she saw someone is shooting him. Aditya asks her to calm down. Ginni cries and hugs Aditya. Aditya gets surprised but hugs her back. Ginni shares her worry about him that he may get hurt again. Aditya asks her to relax saying that he and Armaan is trying to find out who the shooter is. Ginni tells him but they didn’t find who it was yet and she is worried that the shooter’s might make him his target.

Aditya tells her with good people the good things that comes in their dream will only come true and assures her that he will find out who is the shooter and who is behind it. Ginni tells him to find out soon. Aditya nods then puts her into sleep. He then caresses her head and thinks to himself that he dont care about him but Ginni is worried about his safety so he will find out the person and his motive behind this.

The next day Aditya and Ginni is sleeping peacefully on the bed together and Ginni’s head is in Aditya’s chest. Ginni wakes up and gets shocked and surprised seeing their sleeping position. She tries to wake up without disturbing Aditya but the latter wakes up and stares at her. Aditya helps her sit on the bed.

Ginni apologises to Aditya for sleeping close to him like that saying she was in deep slumber because of the medicines. Aditya stops her from talking. He then tells her that its better if she sleeps like this so that when she wakes up she dont have to search for him if incase she get disturbed by a dream and wanted to see him immediately. He then tells her as a kid he struggled to sleep due to nightmares so he knows the feeling well.

Ginni gets emotional. Aditya looks away. He then asks Ginni to fresh up and he will cook food for her. He then sees Ginni is staring at him so he tells her he will cook food for her in her dhaba style but Ginni tells she likes the way he cooks so she is perfectly fine with what he makes for her. Aditya asks her then what she is waiting for. Ginni tells that she used to both first before having food. Aditya jokes that he will help her which made Ginni to scold him and throw a pillow at him. Aditya tells her he is just kidding then leaves the room. Ginni thinks to herself Aditya looks so beautiful when he acts this way. The cook informs Aditya that the doctor is here for Ginni’s treatment.

Aditya asks the doctor to go to Ginni’s room and start her treatment which the doctor obliges. Ginni follows the doctor’s instructions but have trouble. She also get hurt while trying to follow the doctor’s instructions. Aditya comes there with food in his hand. He gets angry at the doctor for hurting Ginni so he shouts at her and makes her leave. He then sees Ginni is smiling at him so he asks her the reason behind it. Ginni tells him that she used to be at the receiving end of his anger but today he scold someone for her which made her happy.

Aditya goes near Ginni and takes her hand in his. He slowly lifts it with his hand. Ginni lifts her hand. Aditya and Ginni shares an eye lock. Ginni tells Aditya when she fall sick in her childhood her father takes care of her and his care for her now reminding him of him. Aditya smiles at her. He then receives a call from someone. He tells Ginni to have food and he will return soon and leaves the place. Ginni looks on.

Precap: Aditya comes to the living room where Pasha waits for him. Pasha points the gun at Aditya and the latter questions him why he is having gun in his hand. Pasha tells him that Ginni get shot by similar gun only. Amber hides himself and overhears the conversation of Aditya and Pasha. Aditya tells Pasha that they have to find out the shooter’s identity in order to help Ginni comes out of her fear. Amber gets shocked. Aditya turns around and Ginni comes there.

The episode starts with Aditya touch the vermilion box and looks at Ginni recalling his marriage with her and whatever happened between. Ginni looks shocked. They both stares at each other. Ginni looks down. Aditya also looks away. He then takes vermilion in his hand and brings it near to Ginni then hesitates first but fills her hairline eventually. Aditya and Ginni stares at each other. Ginni then looks awa and gets emotional. Aditya sees the vermilion on her hairline then Ginni in a loving way.

The next day Aditya comes out of the hospital room then recalls Ginni’s struggle for her life. He thinks to himself that when Gurkeerat died he forget to get scared but for the last two days he worried for losing Ginni after her demise. He then recalls his moments with Ginni then Armaan’s advices. Aditya looks at Ginni from outside the room and thinks to himself that he wants to realise the relationship he have with her. Later Aditya brings Ginni home. Akash welcomes Ginni and tells her that he missed her a lot and prayed God everyday for her recovery. He also apologises to Ginni for acting like a monster. He then calls her a real Angel for saving Aditya.

They both hugs each other. Ginni thanks Akash. Aditya tells Akash that Ginni needs to take rest. Akash advices Aditya to not to trouble Ginni. Aditya and Ginni hides their smile. Aditya obliges Akash’s words. Supreet goes to Ginni and tells her that they all are happy she recovered and they can’t thank God enough for this. She further adds Ginni to never think that she is alone as she is part of the family and the family will be there for her always. Ginni thanks her.

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