Channa Mereya 25th August 2022 Written Update: Simran provokes Aditya against Ginni

Channa Mereya 25th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Supreet tells in an eye of media Ginni is Aditya’s wife so they can’t able to do anything also they have to make sure Simran is not creating any scene using her pregnancy. Aditya comes there and tells Supreet to not to interfere in all this and she should never interfere in any of this. Shailaja supports Aditya and taunts Supreet. Rajvant asks her to shut up and concentrate on how to handle this situation. He then tells that he agrees with Supreet they have to keep both Ginni and Simran. Aditya calls Dadji but the latter tells they have to give chance to this idea as they have no other option left. He then leaves the place.


Supreet tells keeping them both in a house will let all of us know who is right and who is wrong. Aditya glares then leaves the place. Ginni cries in her room. She receives a call but ignores it. Simran comes to the room and claps her hand in mocking way. Ginni wipes her tears and stands from her place. Simran mocks at her and tells her that she will make sure that she is thrown out of this house in few days for sure. Ginni asks her to not to fly high with the lies because her lies validity period may come to an end and her truth will come out for sure.

Simran gets angry and insults her. She taunts her saying all these years instead of focusing in cooking food only she should have improved her knowledge then it would have been benefited by her now. Ginni tells Simran that truth always remains silent and same one day when everything about her lies comes out she will suffer a lot for sure also asks her to tell everyone the truth before everything goes out of hand. Simran mocks at her and challenges to throw her out for sure then hears a footstep so she goes out of the room.

Simran acts like about to fall to the ground but Aditya catches her and asks her to be careful or else she will get hurt.. Simran acts by pulling her hand angrily from Aditya’s hand and asks him to stay away from her. Ginni watches this from her room.

Aditya gets confused by Simran’s behavior so asks her why she is acting this way. Simran asks him why he didn’t told anything when Ginni raised question about her pregnancy. She feels insulted and humiliated by the way he remained silent so she is going to leave the house because its better to go out and live outside than to be in this house where she is get questioned by her unborn child’s father. Aditya asks her where she will go. Simran tells him there is so many hotels in this Amritsar also asks Aditya to take care of his legal wife Ginni.

She is capable of taking care of her child without a father eventhough his/her father is alive and decides to leave but Aditya stops her and tells her that he knows what he is doing also he told Ginni to stay away from them and he don’t want her to go out and suffer in this situation. Simran hugs Aditya and thanks him all the while smirking at Ginni. She then suggests Aditya to take her to temple as she feels suffocated inside the house. Aditya agrees and takes her with him.

Ginni watches this and thinks to herself that Simran’s plan is not to go to temple she has some other motive behind her this action to trouble the Singh’s. She can’t able to go out and wonders whether she should take Gulraj’s help or not. She then decides not to as she can’t risk Goldie learning about Simran’s pregnancy. Aditya and Simran comes out of the house. Shailaja asks Simran to walk slowly and carefully because in this situation she has to take care of herself more carefully. She also praises Sam for her idea to go to temple. Amber asks his employee to postpone his meeting over the phone call.

The reporters comes inside the house. They starts taking photos and videos of Aditya and Simran which shocks Aditya Shailaja and Amber. They asks the media to go away but the reporter questions Aditya for marrying someone the day before and holding totally different girl’s hand today to go out. Aditya warns the reporter to not to cross his limits. Amber sends them all out. Simran gets happy.

Aditya says to Simran the media will pressurise them more if they goes out so they can go to temple the next day. Simran agrees so Aditya takes her inside followed by Amber and Shailaja. Amber stops Aditya and asks him why he is doing all this. They did told him about the situation yet he decides to go out this house with Sam.

Aditya tells he is not a prisoner who has to stay in this house. He also asks Amber to find out who informed the media that he and Simran is going out. Simran sends a reporter good job from her phone. Amber scolds Aditya for making mistakes again and again because of which the entire family is suffering. He then warns Aditya to not to do something to put the family members reputation at stake. Simran thinks to herself that Supreet told Aditya and Ginni’s wedding photos went viral but her and Aditya’s photos will be viral also so Singh family will have no other option but to accept her infront of public.

Ginni in Sam’s room searches for proof against Sam but Marleen accuses her for entering the room without anyone’s permission and calls out everyone. They all comes inside the room. Marleen tells them that Ginni is planning to steal something. Ginni denies it but Shailaja slaps her. Aditya gets shocked but remains silent. Akash enters the room calling Aditya as a monster and asks have some brain and see that Simran is a cheater and Ginni is an Angel. Aditya advices not to say such things against elders and takes him out of the room. Simran creates a scene for Ginni entering her room without her knowledge.

Supreet goes to Ginni and tells her that she knows she entered the room for proof right. Simran asks Supreet instead of throwing out she is talking to her this way. Supreet tells Sam to shut her mouth and tells her it’s not her who will decide what will happen in this house also she also made mistakes by going out with Aditya even after the warning. They are keeping the both in this house to think what is right and wrong in a peaceful way it doesn’t mean it’s their weakness and warns Simran.

Precap: Aditya tries to hurt himself using the fire torch but Ginni stops him by doing it. Ginni asks him not to make Sam fool him like this but Aditya asks her what she did till now to make him believe her words. Ginni looks on.

The episode starts with Supreet asking Ginni where is Prasad. Ginni tells that Aditya went to serve everyone the prasad and she told him they have to serve it to Rajvant first because he is an elder of this house. She then tells now she will go and get prasad for everyone in the kitchen.

Aditya gives the prasad to Rajvant. Rajvant praises it and says the one who made the prasad has God’s blessing with that person. Aditya says to Rajvant that he wants to tells him something and asks even after they all know this marriage happened without his knowledge so why did Supreet asking Ginni to make the prasad for everyone. Rajvant laughs and tells now he understands why this prasad is tasty. Ginni comes there and tries to get his attention. In Simran’s room Simran tells Shailaja that she is feeling weak. Shailaja worries and help her get water. She then asks what else she wants.

She also tells that she is happy now she is awake so she and Aditya both can throw Ginni out of the house. Simran thinks to herself that she can take care of what she has to do with Ginni but for now she wants Shailaja to see her pregnancy report so that she can trap everyone in her plans. She acts and asks Shailaja to bring her her tablets which she kept in near by the reports which Shailaja fails to notice and give the tablets. Shailaja decides to leave. Sam gets upset. She then asks Shailaja to bring her hair clip which she kept it above the report. Shailaja goes to take and sees the report. She gets shocked and Simran smirks happily.

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