Channa Mereya 26th October 2022 Written Update: Aditya is in dilemma

Channa Mereya 26th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Amber entered Rajvant’s room and asked him what happened seeing his condition. He then shocked finding the photo of Rajvant and Kushwant. Amber asks Rajvant that he finally did what he shouldn’t do by telling the truth to Aditya. Rajvant tells all these years he hide this truth from everyone and got tired. Amber tells Rajvant he made a huge mistake and soon he is going to face the consequences by watching his family suffer. Rajvant tells he is supposed to rectify the mistake he made and he took the first step towards it today. Amber tells after all this years he get to reconcile his relationship with Aditya. If he stayed silent then it would’ve remained the same but his truth ruined everything. He then tells that Aditya is going to hate him and blames Rajvant for everything.

Rajvant says that he won’t fall in to his trap at any cost. Amber gets angry and leaves the room. He then goes to Aditya’s room and gets shocked seeing the rooms state. Aditya glares at him. He then decides to leave but Amber stops him. Aditya asks him to leave his hand. Amber leaves the hand. Aditya tells him he ruined everyone who comes near him. First Gurkeerat then him. Why he didn’t spare the people from outside the family though? Why did he ruined Ginni’s family happiness.

Amber asks Aditya to stop giving him lectures and says that he did what a business man do also he did all this for his family. Aditya tells him this isn’t called business but cheating also he didnt done any of this for his family but for his own benefits. He also tells that he loves money only. Amber tells that he doesn’t care about anyone except from his family. Aditya asks him to realise his mistake and be ashamed of it instead of justifying it. He then tells that he will tell this truth to Ginni then leaves the place. Amber gets angry.

In Grewal’s house Gulraj scolds Shampy and Dimpy. She then hears someone calling Ginni’s name and thinks she is imagining. Ginni comes out and tells Gulraj that Aditya is here. She then goes and opens the door. She then insists Aditya to come inside and takes him inside. She also questions him about his bleeding hand. Aditya lies then goes inside and takes his place on the couch.

Aditya tells Ginni that he is here to tell her something important. Ginni encourages him. Santo arrives there with snacks and all. Aditya tells all these formalities are not neccessary. Gulraj arrives there and questions Aditya is he came here to pick up Ginni as a part of ritual? Also where is his family? Aditya tells her he is here to talk to something important to Ginni. Gulraj gives permission for the same. Ginni tells Aditya she planned to call him to come here earlier and signs at Gulraj. Gulraj takes Kushwant’s ring and shows it to Aditya and tells him its Kushwant’s. She also tells that how they all feel protective by his presence by their side.

She also expresses her gratitude towards Aditya for saving them even before they barely know one another. She further says if Kushwant was alive then he would have been so happy to do all this for him. She then tells him that he is not only a son in law of the house but son then gives him the ring. Aditya thinks to himself how to tell the truth to Ginni and family. He then tells them that he is leaving. Ginni stops him and asks him what he wants to tell her. Aditya tells her when he comes to pick up her he will tell her that time then leaves the place. In Singh’s house Amber accuses Rajvant and asks him what is the need to reveal the truth to Aditya which is going to destroy them.

He also tries to emotionally manipulate Rajvant but the latter tells him that he can’t manipulate him anymore also he is ready to face the consequences. They both gets into a heated argument. Amber tells that there is no reason for him to live anymore and takes the pistol and puts it under his chin and says that he is going to end his life but the sole responsibility for his this step is on Rajvant. Rajvant gets shocked and pleads with Amber to not to take such decision.

Marleen makes a vlog for Aditya-Ginni’s first ritual after marriage. She introduces everyone including Aditya and tells he is the one who most excited one. Akash tells her Aditya seems stressed. Marleen agrees him but teases him. In Grewal’s house Ginni makes pasta and rasamalai for Aditya and tells herself Aditya’s favorite is her. She then imagines Aditya is getting romantic with her. Santo teases her.

In Singh’s house Marleen questions Aditya about the Kushwant’s ring which he is wearing it in his hand and troubles him to tell her viewers about its importance. Aditya asks her to not to trouble him. The Singh’s gets shocked when they hear Amber shouting at Rajvant to not to do this. They all rushes and gets shocked finding Rajvant pointing gun at himself and Amber is on his knees. The family members pleads with Rajvant to drop the gun. Rajvant refuses and tells that he is the reason behind the Grewal’s state right now and he is going to punish him self for that. Aditya pleads with Rajvant to drop the pistol but the latter refuses and tells that he deserves to die.

Amber pleads with Rajvant to not to shoot him saying he is the one who made the mistake. He is supposed to give work to Kushwant. It’s the least he could have done it but Kushwant’s health worsened so he didn’t give him any work. Rajvant tells Amber to not to justify his actions and reveals he is the one who steal Kushwant’s diary and using that recipe they become rich so he don’t deserves to live. Aditya uses an opportunity to go near Rajvant and tries to snatch the gun from him. Amber also joins him. All three of them fights for the gun and a bullet fires from it and the family looks on shocked.

Precap: Santo saves Ginni from the fire and scolds her for not being careful. Ginni tells her how she is always thinking about her father’s burnt diary. Other side Aditya demands Kushwant’s Kushwant’s diary from Amber and the latter warns him about the consequences he might face in his relationship with Ginni. Ginni gets shocked when her and Aditya’s photoframe falls to the ground and breaks.

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