Channa Mereya 27th October 2022 Written Update: Shailaja decides to create a misunderstanding between Aditya-Ginni

Channa Mereya 27th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya and Amber struggles to take the gun from Rajvant’s hand. Aditya snatches the pistol and asks him what is he doing. He then tells that Rajvant always taught him to how to walk and asks him to take his hand and walk on the path in which he is going to take him. Still they have time to make some of this normal. Rajvant tells he is ashamed of his doings and he don’t think he deserves to live. Aditya calms him down.

Rajvant breaksdown infront of the family. He the praises Aditya for his decision to tell the truth to Ginni and tells him that Gurkeerat indeed gave him good upbringing. Amber gets upset and angry. Rajvant encourages Aditya to tell Ginni the truth. Supreet tells him if Ginni learns the truth then nothing will be the same. Rajvant tells he knows that but he needs to go through this consequences and tells Aditya to tell the truth to Ginni.

Aditya tells Rajvant that he is right that he needs to tell the truth to Ginni which he will tell her for sure. Also tells in a relationship respect and trust comes first even before love but Amber and Gurkeerat’s relationships were not like that. Because of which they suffered a lot. He won’t let the same mistakes happen again. Aditya then demands the diary from Amber. Amber remains silent. Rajvant pleads with Amber to return the diary to try to rectify the mistake they made. Aditya once again demands the diary from Amber.

Santo complains how the guests will be here at any minute at this time the gas fuel ended so they have to use normal stove using wood. She then receives a call from someone. She sees Ginni there so asks her to see the food then leaves the place. Ginni sits near the stove and gets lost in her thoughts. Santo returns but gets shocked seeing Ginni is dupatta is about to catch fire. She alerts her and scolds her for being careless. Ginni expresses her helplessness to Santo for unable to recall anything related to the diary before she get attacked. Santo assures her everything will be back to normal soon. Amber gives the burnt diary to Aditya and the latter gets shocked seeing it’s condition and taunts him for trying to remove the proof against him.

Amber defends himself then tells Aditya if the truth comes out his relationship with Ginni may impact so requests him to return the diary to him. Aditya refuses and tells he is going to tell the truth to Ginni. Just then Supreet arrives there and notifies them about Rajvant’s health is detoriating so Aditya and Amber rushes there. Shailaja who is hiding behind the pillar smirks and tells herself that she will use this opportunity on her favor and create a misunderstanding between Aditya-Ginni then goes to Rajvant’s room.

Doctor checks up Rajvant. Shailaja takes the diary without anyone’s knowledge and brings it to Aditya’s room. She tells herself that she should never let Aditya and Ginni’s relationship to grow because if that happens then her and her children’s has to suffer so before Aditya could tell Ginni something she has to do something that will lead Ginni to learn the truth on her own. She further adds after learning the truth there will be a rift which will create between Aditya and Ginni’s relationship.

They both fight alone and against that will definitely make them tired in that way she and her family can survive in this house and puts the diary inside the cupboard of Aditya then leaves the place. Doctor informs that Rajvant suffered a mild heart attack so asks the family members to not to stress him more then leaves. Rajvant calls Aditya and asks him not to worry about him and tell the truth to Ginni and bring her back. Aditya feels helpless. In Grewal’s house Dimpy gifts Aditya-Ginni’s wedding photo as a gift which makes Ginni happy. She hugs both her siblings.

Gulraj talks to Kushwant’s photo they all are happy now after Aditya entered their life and praises the Singh’s and Aditya also expresses her joy to Kushwant seeing their children’s happiness. They all then hears the vehicle sound so Shampy and Dimpy rushes out. Ginni also looks eager. Both Shampy and Dimpy comes inside and teases Ginni and the latter scolds them. Due to wind Aditya and Ginni’s wedding photo falls to the ground and breaks which upsets Ginni but Gulraj assures her nothing will go wrong. Aditya is on his way to the Grewal’s house with Shailaja Gurleen Akash and Marleen. Akash urges Aditya to drive fast which leadd Shailaja to joke. Aditya recalls Rajvant’s words and decides to tell Ginni the truth at any cost.

They all reaches the Grewal’s house and Ginni asks Aditya the reason behind not bringing the whole family. Shailaja indirectly tells her a big surprise is awaiting for her. Singh’s then goes to have food. Aditya have a bite and tells he isn’t hungry and decides to leave the place. Gulraj comes there and tells him he is their family member too. She also praises him and talks about Kushwant and his diary which makes Aditya upset and uncomfortable. Gulraj hugs her kids and gets emotional.

Precap: Ginni expresses her love to Aditya. Later Shailaja acts that she is suffering with a sprain so asks Ginni to find the spray from Aditya’s cupboard. Ginnj obliges and goes to take the pain killer but gets shocked finding the burnt diary of Kushwant’s also Rajvant and Kushwant’s photo together. She wonders is Rajvant is Kushwant’s business partner? Shailaja watches this everything from her hiding spot and smirks happily.

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