Channa Mereya 28th October 2022 Written Update: Ginni surprises Aditya

Channa Mereya 28th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya comes out of the house and Ginni goes to him and asks him the reason behind his weird behavior. Shailaja sees this from. Aditya tells Ginni he wants to tell her something. Ginni says okay. Aditya takes her hand and tells that she knows how much he loves her right? Ginni tells him that she loves him as much as he loves her. Shailaja makes faces.

Ginni tells Aditya that Shailaja told a surprise waiting for her in house same way here also some surprises waiting for him. She then takes him to the decorated place. She kneels infront of him and takes Aditya’s hand in her’s and tells him that he is the most important of her life. With him she feels that everything is right and will be right always. Aditya becomes speechless. He recalls Rajvant’s words. He makes Ginni stand up and tells her that he wants to tell something important. Ginni gets confused and looks at him.

Aditya opens her mouth to tell her the truth but Shailaja who watches this from far gets worried and interrupts them both saying that she is receiving continuous calls from Supreet so they have to return home soon and urges them to come. Ginni smiles and tells Aditya that they can continue their talks after going to the house. Aditya once again tries to tell her the truth but Shailaja arrives there and tells they can continue their romance after going to home now asks them to go with her home. Later Aditya and Ginni reaches the house. Supreet welcomes her.

Amber and Supreet blesses Ginni to be happy. Ginni asks them both why they looks sad or upset is everything okay? Amber lies and tells her in her absence their family didn’t feel completed may be thats the reason she feels they are not looking happy but now she returns everything will be back to normal. Akash tells Ginni is busy so asks Marleen and Gurleen to play with him and they both obliges and takes him from there.

Aditya tells Ginni they can meet Rajvant now. Shailaja Amber and Supreet gets shocked and worried but doesn’t say anything. Shailaja thinks if Aditya brings Ginni to Rajvant’s room then her plan will be spoiled so she stops both of them and tells she wants to give Ginni a gift from her side.

Aditya asks her to give it to Ginni after she meets Rajvant but Shailaja refuses and forcibly takes Ginni with her. Supreet looks suspiciously at Shailaja. Ginni asks Shailaja whether everything is fine in the house. Shailaja acts and says everyone and everything is fine. She then acts like that her ankle is sprained so asks Ginni to bring the medicine from Aditya’s cupboard because he is the only person in the family keeps everything in its place.

Ginni obliges and goes to Aditya’s room where she takes the first aid kit but doesn’t find the hearing pad so wonders where it is. Shailaja watches this from outside and says herself like Ginni watch out properly then she will get what she is searching for her entire life though. Ginni decides to close the cupboard but feels a pull towards it so she searches the other side just then few things falls from it so she takes the shirt but from that Kushwant’s burnt diary falls which shocks Ginni. Shailaja gets happy but leaves the place when she hears Aditya is searching for Ginni.

Ginni takes the diary in her hand and recalls Gulraj’s words and gets happy finding the diary. She thanks God for helping her find this diary. She then gets shocked finding it in burnt state. She also sees Rajvant and Kushwant’s photo and wonders whether they are friends. If they’re friends then why did Rajvant hide it from her. She then sees behind the photo Singh and Grewal is written so thinks may be its Rajvant who is Kushwant’s supposed to be business partner and gets shocked realising if what she thinks is true then the person who she thought and respected like her own father is the reason behind her father’s death also a traitor of the family. Ginni wonders why this diary is in Aditya’s room. She thinks to herself whether Aditya is also involved in this conspiracy. She then denies it saying Aditya won’t never do this to her because he loves her so much.

In Rajvant’s room, Rajvant tells his family members that he wants to tell them something important. Aditya asks him to take rest. Rajvant refuses and tells what he is going to tell them is more important that his rest. He tells the family members he made a sin by betraying Kushwant and his family. He wants to make some of the things right so he is planning to give the Grewal’s their share of rights by doing this he can somewhat feel a little less burdened. Amber tells he is with his side in his decision. Rajvant gets happy. He then tells Aditya that he is ready to face the wrath of Ginni but pleads him to take Ginni’s side if there is a situation comes because of which he has to choose his family or Ginni. He then asks Aditya to tell Ginni the truth.

Aditya obliges and leaves the place. Ginni recalls the promise Aditya made to her also Gulraj calling Aditya as her son and the promise she made to Kushwant and cries. She tells that she thought she got someone like Aditya as her partner because of her father’s blessing but she realised now that her father’s blessing only made her learn the true faces of the Singh’s family and blames herself for believing them also falling in love with Aditya and feels that she destroyed her father’s dreams by doing all this.

Aditya searches for Ginni and says himself the time has arrived to tell the truth to Ginni. Amber in his room throws things angrily and tells because of him only they have created a business which he wont let Rajvant give it to the Grewal’s. Ginni cries and tells herself that how she is going to tell Gulraj that Aditya who she considers as a son is involved in the conspiracy because of which they lost Kushwant also suffered a lot. She then looks on with determination.

Precap: Ginni shows the burnt diary of Kushwant’s to Aditya and tells him that she loved him whole heartedly also done everything with whole heart. Aditya pleads with her to listen to him once. Ginni tells him that she don’t want to listen anything but she wants an answer for her one question and asks him whether he knows about this diary or not. Aditya says yes. Ginni gets furious and slaps him hard which shocks Aditya.

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