Channa Mereya 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Aditya blames Ginni for Rajvant’s condition

Channa Mereya 2nd November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ginni tells Gulraj that she is the one who taught them to win the battle by playing fair. Gulraj asks her is her lessons are over then she should go with them to temple to thank God. Ginni feels helpless. Gulraj receives a call from Gurleen. Gurleen tells her that Rajvant’s health condition is worse and they brought him to hospital. She tried to call Ginni but unable to reach her. She asks her to inform about Rajvant’s condition to Ginni. Gulraj tells Gurleen to not to contact them hereafter also Ginni don’t care what happens to Rajvant. She also asks not to disturb them at all then cuts the call. She then smiles. Ginni comes to the Singh’s house and calls out Aditya. Akash comes and hugs her. Ginni gets worried seeing his condition so asks him what happened.

Akash explained what happened also about Rajvant’s health condition. Ginni calms him down and tells him that she won’t let anything bad happen to him then asks where the family members are. Akash says that he dont know. One of the worker comes there and tells Ginni the Singh’s taken Rajvant to the City Hospital. Ginni decides to go to the hospital. In the hospital doctor comes out and informs Aditya and family about blockages in Rajvant’s heart because of which he has to go through a surgery. He also asks to complete the formalities before they start the procedure.

Aditya obliges and goes to the reception. Ginni comes to the hospital. She rushes to where the Singh’s are. She enquires Shailaja about Rajvant’s health condition but the latter refuses to tell her anything. Ginni then pleads with Gurleen so the latter inform her about Rajvant’s surgery. Ginni prays to God for Rajvant’s speedy recovery. Aditya comes there and tells Ginni nothing will happen to Rajvant so she dont have to act like this. Ginni gets shocked by Aditya’s words.

Aditya goes to Ginni and asks her what is she doing here and the latter tells that she is here to meet Rajvant. Aditya asks her is she here to check whether Rajvant is alive or not right? Ginni gets shocked and hurt by Aditya’s words. She pleads with him to listen to her once but Aditya refuses. Aditya tells her when Gurleen contact Gulraj the latter informed her they don’t care about what’s happening to Rajvant. Ginni gets shocked. She then pleads with Aditya to trust her that she isn’t aware of any of this also Gulraj is furious so she is doing all this. Aditya asks Ginni to leave the hospital but Ginni pleads with him to listen to her. Aditya asks her why he should listen to her now? Is she and Gulraj listened to his plea once?

All he asked from her is some time to fulfill her demand but she refused to give them that because of which now Rajvant is hospitalized. Amber takes Aditya with him when the doctor comes out of Rajvant’s room. The doctor informs inorder to do surgery Rajvant’s pulse and BP has to be normal so in this condition they can’t able to do the surgery. Aditya lashes out at the doctor for failing to treat Rajvant. The doctor asks him to calm down then leaves the place. Ginni goes towards Rajvant’s room to meet him but Aditya stops her and tells her she is the reason behind Rajvant’s this condition so he wont let her meet him.

He further blames her for lying to him that she dont want anything from the Singh’s except justice to her father but she took her revenge on them for which he won’t forgive her. Ginni pleads but Aditya warns her and tells her that he wont let her shadow also touch Rajvant though. He also asks her to stay away from him, his family and shouts at her to leave. Ginni gets sad then leaves the place.

Ginni comes out of the hospital and sits near a chair. She cries and tells that she is stuck between both Aditya and Gulraj’s anger. She expresses her helplessness. She then tells that she always considered Rajvant is like her father. She is surely upset with him but never wanted to hurt him though. She also tells that she don’t want to lose Rajvant at any cost and cries. She then decides to meet Rajvant at any cost.

In the hospital Aditya sees Rajvant through outside the room. He pleads with him to recover as he have no one with him other than him. Amber pacifies Aditya. Shailaja tells Aditya that whatever he did with Ginni is right. Aditya warns her. Ginni learns through the nurses that Rajvant is taking her name in his unconscious state so she gets determined to meet him at any cost.

She gets stopped when she saw Amber and Aditya is outside Rajvant’s room so wonders how to meet Rajvant without his knowledge. Just then the doctor arrives and calls both Aditya and Amber and they both goes to the doctor. Ginni uses the opportunity and enters the house. She tells Rajvant to recover fast because just like him she wants to talk to him a lot. Rajvant folds his hand infront of her which makes Ginni cry and looks on.

Precap: Ginni sees Rajvant’s difficulty to breath also someone detached the oxygen mask tube from its place so tries to put it in its place just then the Singh’s enters and Shailaja asks her what is she doing. Outside Aditya lashes out at Ginni by accusing her of trying to kill Rajvant then tells her everything between them is over. Ginni looks at him with tear filled eyes.

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