Channa Mereya 4th November 2022 Written Update: Amber provokes Aditya

Channa Mereya 4th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulraj sees her photo of and Kushwant cries. She tells the daughter who he roamed around by carrying her in his shoulder but now she betrayed him by going and checking up on the Singh’s. Ginni comes there and takes the photo which Ginni dropped in the floor. Gulraj asks Ginni to leave the house by dragging her out saying even after she refused she went against her wish and met the Singh’s by doing all this she proved for her Singh’s are her priority not the Grewal’s. Ginni pleads with Gulraj to listen to her. She says that she knows what she is going through what happened to Kushwant because of the Singh’s but the path which she is choosing is not a right one.

Gulraj refuses to listen to her and asks her to choose Grewal’s or the Singh’s because she can’t able to be with both the family. She also reminds her that the Singh’s Singh’s betrayed Kushwant who is already suffering and because of what they did he suffered so much so she wants to punish them at any cost. Ginni calms her down and assures Gulraj she is with her in this battle but they should make sure whatever they are doing in order to get justice for Kushwant they shouldn’t let Kushwant down by their actions. Goldie hears this and tells through a video call over Simran that he wont tolerate this anymore so he is going to ask Ginni what is she doing.

In Singh’s house Rajvant shifts to his home. Aditya worries about him. Amber tells Aditya that he thinks they made a mistake by shifting Rajvant to their house. Aditya tells that shifting Rajvant to house is the good idea because someone attempted to kill him so he can’t take any risk. In house Rajvant will be safe because he is going to be with Rajvant all the time. He also says that he is taking best doctor’s advice and as per the doctor’s instructions only Rajvant’s treatment will take place. He then tells an unconscious Rajvant he will recover soon.

Amber tells Aditya that Rajvant is in coma so he can’t able to hear anything they says. He then tells that he is happy for the care and love he have for Rajvant. Gurleen arrives there and says that her father is calling both Amber and Aditya so they both goes to the living room where already all the family members are there. Amber asks his brother the reason behind calling them. His brother tells that he paid Rajvant’s medical bills through his personal account. Amber asks his brother why he used his personal account instead of their business account. His brother tells that he tried but the transaction is declined.

Aditya tells there must be some technical issues or server down. Amber suggests his brother to contact the bank. His brother tells him any of these are the reasons behind the declined transaction and tells Rajvant made Ginni is their business partner also named half of their property on her name which shocks everyone. Shailaja asks why did Rajvant named the property on that dhaba waali. Amber tells its not true but his brother says this is the truth and hereafter they can’t able to use the money without Ginni’s signature. Other side Ginni takes Gulraj with her to have food. She asks Shampy and Dimpy to joine them which they both obliges.

Gulraj asks Ginni to add an extra plate by signing at Goldie. Ginni gets furious seeing him and decides to leave the place but Gulraj stops her and says that Goldie is with them also he left Simran for them. Ginni mocks hearing it but Goldie acts and says whatever Gulraj told is true. Ginni swears on God that if she ever found out him and his wife Simran wanted to use this opportunity to do something evil then she won’t spare them. Gulraj also signs at Goldie and the latter assures them nothing such is his plan.

In Singh’s house Shailaja asks how could they ask Ginni’s permission to use their hard earned money. All of sudden Amber laughs and says that he thought Ginni is innocent but she is clever. She trapped Rajvant and made him forcibly name half of the property on her name. She might have told that she don’t want their property and fooled them in the beginning only to do this all and says because of this move of her Aditya can’t get the ownership of the business.

Shailaja gets furious and says that Ginni is using the diary and creating all this troubles for them for which she wont never forgive her. Amber tells Aditya that he agrees with Rajvant’s decision to name half of the property on Ginni’s name but the path which Ginni chose is not acceptable at all. Aditya looks confused. Supreet also supports Amber. Aditya leaves the place.

Amber tells the he is going to file a case on Ginni’s name but his brother says that Rajvant did all this when he is in his conscious state that too infront of their legal advisor so they don’t have any chance in the court. He further adds that because of Kushwant’s diary only they become this rich so he supports Rajvant’s decision which angers Amber. Amber goes to Rajvant’s room and asks him why did he done this. He tells he put so much hard work and he betrayed him. He then demands an answer from him.

Supreet gets shocked seeing Amber’s crazy behavior so she calms down Amber saying Rajvant is in coma so he can’t able to answer any of their questions. Amber leaves the place angrily. Ginni cleans the dhaba and thinks how she is going to make Gulraj realise her decision to send media to the Singh’s house is a huge mistake. She also wonders who tried to kill Rajvant. She then decides to leave but Aditya arrives there and taunts her for confusing him with her personality. He also expresses the love once he had for her and looks on.

Precap: The Singh’s hears the dhol sound. Grewal’s enters the Singh’s mansion which shocks the Singh’s. Amber calls the security to throw them out but Ginni shows him the business deal he made with her father a long time back also now she is their business partner so he can’t able to throw them out. She also goes to Aditya and taunts his manner to not to welcome his business partner and the latter looks on angrily.

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